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(A Must Hear) Interview with “The Ruiner”

The RuinerDEUS NEXUS: I have already posted a link to this interview under Kerry Cassidy’s Interview with Shane “The Ruiner,” however this interview is far superior, and it deserves special recognition. While Ms. Cassidy’s interview aspired to be a waste of time, Thomas Williams succeeds in navigating a myriad of difficult and thought-provoking questions, covering nearly every angle of what The Ruiner has posted about the illuminati and their hidden structure (with the notable exception of anything directly related to Secret Space Programs).

For those who have been paying attention, two (self-proclaimed) former deep-level insiders have come forward with astounding stories, setting the internet on fire. One is Milab GoodETxSG Corey Goode, and the other is Shane “The Ruiner.”  It was Shane who drew the distinction between them, inadvertently outing himself to the public, when he commented upon Corey’s story about Blue Avians. And ever since truth-seekers have fallen into one camp or the other concerning these two whistleblowers. I seldom affiliate myself with any internet “camp.”  However, this time I’m making it clear that I fall into The Ruiner’s camp, and I urge readers to listen to this interview in it’s entirely. It covers far more information than I could ever repost.

Shane’s information resonates with what I have been discovering on my own, and it matches the complex picture that my own guides have been painting for me (that I have been writing about.) Corey’s information does not.  I was surprised to discover that The Ruiner is so young.  I find a much deeper and more mature understanding of spirituality in his words that seems absent from Corey’s information.  Of course, this is just my opinion. Corey’s many fans will no doubt be quite irritated with me.  But we are all free to listen to whomever we choose. Just because Corey is on Gaiam TV with David Wilcock doesn’t give him a monopoly on disclosure.

Shane claims that he was given the name “The Ruiner” as a young boy by his illuminati handlers who were unable to break or mind-control him, thus “ruining” their plans for him. That they would then continue to further his esoteric education seems quite odd to me, but then I don’t claim to understand such a mindset.  Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer, I suppose.

I’m also a little puzzled as to why Shane discontinued his blog, yet is now suddenly doing interviews. Perhaps if he is reading this post he can explain. Obviously, the alternative media is seeking him out.

Recorded live on Drake Bailey’s Cosmic Voice Radio, September 15, 2015, this is Shane’s second public interview, aka The Ruiner, the name of his now closed blog and nickname he was given by the Illuminati for ruining the plans they had for him!

This is really a comprehensive diverse interview, wonderfully moderated by Thomas Williams on Drake Bailey’s Cosmic Voice radio show. Shane has a wealth of knowledge that is discussed in this interview in the most balanced of ways as some of the darkest aspects of our current situation here on Earth is explained with solutions, and more importantly inspiring hope and the assurance of human potentials and strengths far greater than the ones who would have us think we are not as well as our amazing potential abilities if humanity gets off our knees and reconnects with Her and the organic spiritual way.

Shane speaks about the Dracos, the Parents and their covens, disclosing the disorder within the ranks of the Illuminati. His encounter with the Giants awakened from stasis and the different civilizations of Lemurians and Mu-ians, the story of Atlantis and the cosmic war which caused the destruction of Tiamat. He also speaks about A.I. including what he calls source A.I. and the Wave and Her Spiritual Love for all life forms and how humankind can activate their full potential.

Listeners will come away form listening to this interview with a sense of empowerment and upliftment that together we can do this!

Big thanks to Realeyes, Chloe and Thomas for creating the questions for Shane.

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15 thoughts on “(A Must Hear) Interview with “The Ruiner”

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  2. I do get how there were definitely up to 24-foot tall giants as evidenced by the HUGE skeleton photos on the internet, but, what actual “evidence” is there of ACTUAL giants that are alive “today” and can communicate OTHER THAN “just” Shane/Ruiner’s “words”?

  3. Drake, polish up on your interview skills! Nothing new here that can’t be found on the internet. Why now Ruiner? Suspicious to say the least.

    • First off, I don’t know if you bothered to listen to the interview, but Drake does not do the interview. Second, it’s comments and attitudes like this that make me wonder why I even bother to continue this blog. If you are not part of the solution, then you are part of the problem.

  4. Look forward to listening to this, but what I have already read of Ruiner’s blogs from Project Avalon were filled with language that seemed less than empathetic and more in line with the kind of histrionic shaming practiced by those behind the scenes: the “illuminati” are “rolling in laughter” at our stupidity and gullibility, splitting their pants, passing out in hysteria, etc…. ironic that we are supposed to feel ashamed for not clearly seeing through the ruses put forth by the same characters who have perpetrated these evils the past several hundred years.

    I have only my intution to go by, since no one is offering any proof at this point, but Ruiner’s presence smacks of a controlled response to the enthusiasm generated by Corey Goode’s appearance. When comparing the 2 reported histories as youths involved in MiLab/Illuminati training, Ruiner’s history and exposure sounds the more likely of the two to have involved programming, given his exposure to ritual (although he is careful to curry favor with readers by claiming that he personally never had to actively participate in torture or murder.)

    He is clearly a bright individual with something to say, but let’s be cautious about both perspectives. Until someone shows up in the skies, or Snowden’s files are decrypted or some other form of hard evidence is presented, we are left with our feelings. I personally get a better sense of honesty from Corey, but that’s just me. I do like his story better, and in the absence of evidence, I guess that’s good enough for now. Choose the one that feels good, or at least feels “right”, whatever that is. I don’t think anyone has complete control over our intution, but that doesn’t mean we do, either.

    Thanks for your blog, it’s a good one!

    • Amen, DMW. I literally spend 5 hours a day reading anything and everything. I avoid bias against any source because that will only kill “finding out the truth”.

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