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The Ruiner Unplugged ~ Shane Inside Out

This intimate conversation comes from a friendship, a result of getting to know each other over the course of a year or more. Christine and karelia have spent many hours talking with Shane, sharing and exploring our perspectives with him and listening deeply to what he has to share.

This is not solely his story, it is our story ~ the one we are all responsible for. Some are here from other times, some from distant galaxies and some are Earth born, what we share is a recognition that the time of awakening calls for acts of responsibility.

As our Cosmic egg has cracked and more are finding they have wings, so it is an imperative of creation that we find ways to share with each other outside of the right-wrong paradigm.

It is with honor of Truth and love of Beauty that we share The Ruiner Unplugged.

With love,
Christine and karelia


3 thoughts on “The Ruiner Unplugged ~ Shane Inside Out

  1. Definitely some truth here, mostly a message about personal responsibility, defining your own reality, the undesireable effects of looking outside of ourselves for answers/ roadmaps/ saviours, etc. I’m not sure how Ruiner’s advice would be helpful to the PTB, given that he is admonishing us to “vote” to create a new group reality, unless there really is one, coherent set of activities that we need to perform together in order to throw them off. That seems counter-intuitive.

    As with the Law of One, he side steps judgement on good/bad, able/unable and points out that the negative influences in our history and through to the present can function as “catalyst”, though he does not use that LOO term.

    All in all, worth a listen. Take from it what you can. If there is a subtle mind control message at work here, I cannot detect it. The women who sponsored the interview seem very much aware, as well.

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