Columbus Day – Celebrating the Conquest of America

The Pope and Vatican Connection, Brutality and Occult Ties of Christopher Columbus

Source: Stillness in the Storm | by Justin

Columbus DayColumbus Day is traditionally the second Monday of every October, a day of remembrance for the man who allegedly ‘discovered’ the Americas; but is this true?

One need not be a tinfoil hat wearing conspiracy theorist to recognize the historical evidence suggesting Leif Ericson; a Viking explorer most likely landed in Newfoundland half a millennia earlier. Not to mention the fact that Native Americans settled the area at least 10,000 years ago. Is it just an antiquated misnomer to say Columbus discovered the Americas, or is there a more insidious aspect of history the powers that be are secretly celebrating? The following compilation of articles seeks to answer this question.

The Roman Catholic Church, centralized by Vatican Papal bulls creating an Express Trust between the self appointed victor of god (the Pope) and all living beings in perpetuity, promoted an ecclesiastical imperial foreign policy some 600 years ago. In several papal bulls between 1300 and 1700 AD, the Vatican literally claimed all living things on the planet as property, establishing missionaries through their vassals Spain, Portugal and England to go out and claim it’s property for mother church.

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In 1493, one year after Christopher Columbus allegedly discovered the Americas, Pope Alexander VI issued Inter Cetera, the 1493 papal bull that split the New World between Spain and Portugal. The shear arrogance to presume a group of elites can divide up the planet for themselves in and of itself is enough to realize our history is marred by greed and tyranny to it’s core. This is in stark contrast to the near utopias, Columbus and other explorers discovered in the native tribes of America.

What followed was a series of power plays between the vassal nations who came under the influence of the clandestine Roman Catholic Church, with the victor becoming one the most powerful nations on Earth; the British Empire, in the late 17th century.

In other words, because the Vatican and Roman Pontiff are the self appointed masters and ministers of the whole planet, they had a ‘duty’, under the church, to find and reclaim all the ‘lost followers of Christ’. Of course this was all an elaborate fraud to further the imperialist agendas of the Roman Catholic Empire. The church outsourced their conquering directives to vassal nations, Spain, Portugal and England who by way of social contracts and treaties were beholden to the Roman city-state.

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The first item in this compilation is an article of historical events detailing the once secret history of the power play between these vassal nations, the Medici family connections to Christopher Columbus and more.

The second article details the brutal practices of Christopher Columbus in dealing with the native peoples he encountered in the Caribbean, as well as many other rarely spoken of historical events.

The final article is a piece discussing the occult connections of Christopher Columbus, the history and hidden ties of this historical figure.


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