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Time Magazine Cover: “Unlimited Energy. For Everyone. Forever.”

“Unlimited Energy. For Everyone. Forever. It might actually work this time.” – Time Magazine Cover for November 2, 2015

From: Ascension with Mother Earth  | by enerchi | October 27, 2015

Time-fusionNo mention of MT Keshe, Paramahamsa Tewari, or any other alternative scientists who are promoting/invented over unity technologies.  Coincidence that days after MT Keshe free energy device, TIME magazine decides to run with “unlimited energy” story.  It is said that, TIME magazine is managed by the Illuminati/New World Order Crime Syndicate under the umbrella of Time Warner Inc.

So is this just a distraction to get people to learn about Fusion technology instead of Plasma Technology?  Or is this an attempt at disclosure and introduce to people that free energy technologies are in the near future?

It is interesting to see main stream media/mind control organizations attempt to disclose this type of taboo subject at the same time line as when Keshe, QEG, Tewari, are all making alternative news headlines.

Lets not forget Stanley Myers, Tesla and dozens of other alternative scientists have already discovered unlimited energy for everyone, forever, decades ago.



Unlimited energy. For everyone. Forever. FUSION (cover Time magazine)

From: | 26 Oct 2015

Inside the Quest for Fusion, Clean Energy’s Holy Grail

by Lev Grossman, Oct. 22, 2015

Start-ups are behind the new push

Hydrogen, the universe’s most abundant element, is the fuel for any potential fusion reactor

The machine lives in a white building in an Orange County office park so uninteresting-looking that not even the person who’s supposed to be taking me there can find it. We literally drive right past it and have to double back.

Though there are a few clues if you look closely. A towering silo of liquid nitrogen out back. A shed that turns out to be full of giant flywheels for storing energy. The machine, which is the size of a small house, draws so much juice that when they turn it on they have to disconnect from the public grid and run off their own power to keep from shorting out the whole county. If you had X-ray vision you might notice that all the iron rebar in the building’s foundations has been pulled out and replaced with stainless-steel rebar, because iron is too magnetic.

The machine is a prototype fusion reactor. It is the sole product of a small, secretive company called Tri Alpha Energy, and when it or one like it is up and running, it will transform the world as completely as any technology in the past century. This will happen sooner than you think.



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  1. Yeah, I think they do that to redirect attention and cause static during the announcement, as fusion is still something they feel that they can control easier, for it’s more “sophisticated” than overunity. If people’s awareness is focused on what they think is possible, rather than what is actually easier, more efficient, and been readily available for over a century, then it will be easier to maintain their monopoly on power over the people.

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