The New ‘Star Wars’ Posters Are All About The One-Eye Sign

deusnexus_100Thanks to Vigilant Citizen for another great catch. In the old days of the original Star Wars, there was only one movie poster for a film. These days, there are often several different posters designed to advertise a blockbuster, and one of the more recent trends of Hollywood film promotion is the character series.

There’s something ‘Photoshopped” about the look of these posters – not that they are fake. They are most certainly not. Look closely at the eyes behind the weapon. Look at Han Solo’s hand. I don’t think the actors actually posed for these photos. They were specifically created… for a specific reason, and not simply a trendy artistic style. Don’t believe me? Go to The Vigilant Citizen. Every month, he features a new batch of illuminati one-eye-covered symbolism in the fashion, music, and film industry. And it’s not just the Kardashians, Lady Gaga, and Beyonce.

Ever since the first trailer, I’ve suspected that the new Star Wars film would likely be used for the same agenda we’ve seen presented in nearly every major recent blockbuster, from Captain America and the Avengers franchise to the newest Batman film. These posters make it pretty clear that hidden messages and occult symbolism will be present in Disney’s new Star Wars film as well.


From: The Vigilant Citizen

Disney released five character posters promoting the highly anticipated movie ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’. All five of them prominently feature the one-eye sign, indicating that the movie is part of the elite’s Agenda.

In 2012, the Disney Company acquired Lucasfilm for $4.05 billion and announced three new Star Wars films. On top of acquiring the rights to the tsunami of Star Wars merchandise that is about to flood the markets, Disney gave itself the luxury of molding these new movies to its liking.

Knowing Disney, its ramifications and its elite ties, you better believe that the “messages” in these new movies will closely conform to the occult elite’s Agenda. The new character posters released by Disney are early proof of this fact. Every one of them – the good guys and bad guys – feature one eye clearly hidden by a weapon. No matter what side they’re on, they’re owned by the elite.






In my series of articles Symbolic Pics of the Month, I regularly highlight the one-eye sign in popular culture as its omnipresence reflects the stronghold of the occult elite has on mass media. It is their sign. In the case of Star Wars, things take giant proportions due to the extreme anticipation of the new movie, the series’ massive fan base and the fact that die-hard fans will embrace every piece of media associated with the movie. In short, it is yet another step into turning popular culture into one big tool of propaganda for the occult elite.

– VC



5 thoughts on “The New ‘Star Wars’ Posters Are All About The One-Eye Sign

  1. Yeah, we saw these earlier today… very disheartening. I actually had to go through a small grieving process earlier this week about Star Wars, as a part of me must have known that there was a hidden agenda embedded within the new film(s). Just as the industry will take a Disney child star, and then turn them into a licentious adult (see Miley), they’ll also take beloved stories that people grew up with and use them for their own means. While I will still watch the movie when it is released, I will keep BOTH eyes on the lookout for what they’re trying to program into us. Thanks for the repost, and for your commentary at the beginning. 🙂

    • I’ve had a bad feeling about Star Wars: The Force Awakens ever since finding out that JJ Abrams would be directing. He’s not overtly associated with elite occult-themed material, however after what he did to the Star Trek franchise, I was certainly not hopeful. In fact, it’s the 2nd film title, Star Trek Into Darkness, that gives the agenda away. Star Trek, both the first and the second TV series, were fundamentally responsible for giving the world a very optimistic vision of the future (during the dark periods of the cold war), a future that we could all work towards. Star Trek, like Star Wars, was inspirational for so many people, myself included, at a very young impressionable age. Optimistic visions of the future are now almost non-existant in the media that young people are exposed to. In their place, we have works like The Hunger Games.

      There has been a lot of internet speculation as to why Luke Skywalker was not featured in the latest film trailer (and also absent from these character posters, or is he?). I suspect his absence, and his fate within the film, may be a hint to the agenda. We shall certainly see. How many little boys grew up wanting to become the hero of the Lightside that Luke Skywalker represented? I’ll most likely write up an analysis of Star Wars: The Force Awakens when the film comes out.

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  4. The Illuminati are like the Sith working behind the scenes pushing for a universe controlling empire. Clouding the minds Jedis and also corrupting them by turning them to the dark side of the force.

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