Free Energy Full Disclosure. The QEG Chronicles. Part 1

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QEG chronicles part 1

It’s time to share our story. While we have indeed reported many things throughout the years on our blog, there is a lot more in-depth and more personal information that has occurred around the creation of our Free Energy device. Some of these stories are so diabolical that there are times I think they only happened to us because they were meant to become a book one day. Well that day has arrived.

I would like to introduce you to a dear friend of ours, Wilhelmina, a 75 year old widow from Canada who wanted to play a role in helping bring Free Energy to the world. She came across the story of our family and our QEG through watching our Youtube videos. She then made a sizeable donation to our project and the conversation moved into a place we could only have dreamed about.

This beautiful soul had $120,000…

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