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Media Campaign Suggests America Taken Over By Nazis


deusnexus_100In light of what we know about the elite’s use of symbolism, we have to seriously ask if an eye-catching viral ad campaign is perhaps more than an ad campaign. Case in point: the oversaturated marketing campaign for Amazon’s new streaming television series The Man in the High Castle, an alternative history (reviewers are calling science fiction) where America lost WW II and the Nazis have taken over the Land of the Free.

You can’t miss the embedded ads on the internet. And apparently your browser isn’t the only thing that has been taken over by Nazis. The New York subway system has been taken hostage in a big way. Though the ad firm in question has tastefully avoided plastering swastikas all over the Big Apple (only marginally) the effect is still quite jaw dropping and disturbing for those who are even partially awake.

This certainly isn’t the first big media event to openly announce that America has been taken over by the Nazis – see my review of Captain America: The Winter Soldier for background.

The timing is particularly interesting when we look at the situation developing in Syria, where a scenario for World War III is already taking shape.

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However, we are just seeing another East-West duality rerun of World War II with brand new players, the Anglo-Zionist-Khazarian nations (US-UK-EU-Israel-Saudi Arabia) now representing the Nazi Axis, and the BRICs alliance (Brazil-Russia-India-China-Iran, etc.) now representing the Allied Powers.

To any awake American, this ad campaign sets a surreal new bar for cultural insanity, erasing the almost indistinguishable line between fact and fiction. Still have doubts? Ask a veteran who actually fought against the Nazis in WWII what they think of the appropriateness of this ad campaign. Adult children who battle fictional Nazis in video games have absolutely no concept of this reality.

One can argue that it amounts to a deliberate pulling-back of the curtain, what Fritz Springmeier labeled “the externalization of the (illuminati) hierarchy.” However, this is only one side of the true hierarchy, gradually being revealed as the global black hat side in a larger duality game. Vladimir Putin and the BRICs alliance are presently donning the white hats of the hierarchy in this global duality game – a game that is not just for the benefit of American minds, but for the entire world.

The Nazification of America serves a greater goal in the destruction of the idea of America and the debasement of the American people, to clear the psychological path for the creation of a true Global Government. Let me remind readers, that North America is one big terrorist event away from the White House attempting to declare martial law. The ground work has already been laid (NSA, DHS, FEMA, Executive Orders). In such a case, it would seem as if fascists have taken power practically overnight – a scary thought to contemplate indeed.

I am hopeful that this shall never come to pass, that internal and external forces will stand against it, that a careful chess game is being played, and any game-changing provocation would be met with swift exposure. However, we can’t rule out the possibility.

Yet, what a coup d’état fails to externalize, disclosure surely will, and Americans will still be forced to face the unpleasant truth, that the highest levels of the United States government have been systematically infiltrated by a darkness believed to be extinct for 70 years. That is quite the sobering hangover when the endless party of American binge-consumerism finally ends.

UPDATE: NYC Mayor orders Amazon to take down the ads.


The Man in the High Castle review: The Amazon series uses Nazi-occupied America to examine real America

The alternate history show takes its time to get going but eventually becomes deeply chilling.

Excerpt from: Vox Culture

The alternate history series, based (very loosely) on the classic 1962 Phillip K. Dick novel and newly streaming on Amazon Prime, takes ages to get going, spending roughly the first half of its season spinning its wheels with lackluster character development and storytelling.

But around episode six, things shift, and the season begins to come alive. By the end of its finale, this is legitimately one of the weirdest things on television, a show that takes questions of just what evils we’re willing to be complicit in when living in any society, then gives them a sci-fi coating that makes them go down a little more easily.

On one level, yes, this is a show about a juicy alt-history premise that involves the Axis winning World War II and Japan and Germany dividing a newly occupied United States between themselves, with a neutral zone in the middle.

But dig a little more deeply (especially in that second half), and this becomes a series about how living under an oppressive government doesn’t mean much if you’re not being actively oppressed and about how there’s an immutable, unchangeable nature to history itself. Even with completely different victors in World War II, this universe has a Cold War, of sorts, and it even has its own riff on the John F. Kennedy assassination.

The most chilling thing about the series, then, isn’t how different it is, but how similar…. (read more)


New York subway trains were covered in Nazi insignia to promote Amazon Prime’s The Man in the High Castle and commuters aren’t impressed

From: The Independent

Given that Amazon’s new series The Man in the High Castle imagines a New York City in an alternative timeline in which the Nazis won World War II, some kind of mass viral campaign was inevitable, but you might have thought the streaming service would have the sense to stop short of emblazoning the city with Nazi symbols.


It didn’t go as far as swastikas, but benches in 42nd Street subway cars were covered in the Iron Cross associated with Nazi Germany, along with the Rising Sun emblem of Imperial Japan.

The show’s advertising campaign also includes subway station posters, and runs from 9 November through to 14 December.


New York under Nazi control as imagined in Amazon Prime’s adaptation of The Man in the High Castle.

Amazon of course must have expected (and perhaps hoped for) controversy, but people are questioning whether it should have been allowed to use such inflammatory imagery at all, especially in such a currently unstable world.

“Half the seats in my car had Nazi insignias inside an American flag, while the other half had the Japanese flag in a style like the World War II design,” a commuter told Gothamist. “So I had a choice, and I chose to sit on the Nazi insignia because I really didn’t want to stare at it.”

An MTA spokesperson defended the decision however, saying: The updated standards prohibit political advertisements. Unless you’re saying that you believe Amazon is advocating for a Nazi takeover of the United States, then it meets the standards. They’re advertising a show.”

On Tuesday it was reported that Amazon had to pull the advertisments to be removed, hours after Mayor Bill de Blasio called on the company to do so.  (source)

Amazon pulls Nazi ads from subways

From: NY Post | by  Danielle FurfaroCarl Campanile and Kevin Sheehan

Amazon surrendered to public furor over its controversial subway ads featuring seats plastered with Nazi insignia — killing the campaign Tuesday when Gov. Andrew Cuomo personally intervened.

The governor phoned MTA Chairman Thomas Prendergast, telling him to pull the contentious ads, which covered seats on 42nd Street shuttle trains with American flags redesigned with imagery from Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan.

A short time later, the MTA announced that Amazon had ­decided to take them down.

“It’s despicable,” Cuomo had told The Post. “I’m asking the company to take it down. If the company doesn’t take it down, I’ll direct the MTA to remove it.

“I understand the First Amendment. But I think this goes too far,” he added.

The ad campaign publicizes “The Man in the High Castle,” a TV series streaming on Amazon that depicts an alternate America after Germany and Japan win World War II.

At about 2:15 p.m. Tuesday, train cars outfitted with insignia had already been removed and replaced with ones featuring Century 21’s harmless holiday ads.

Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz (D-Bronx) said he’s thrilled that the “disgraceful” ads are gone.

“To use Nazi symbols, it’s just beyond the pale,” added Dinowitz, an ardent advocate for Holocaust victims and their families.

“I think Amazon realized it would hurt them more than it would help them,” he continued. “I’m pleased they wised up.” (READ MORE)


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