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Dr. Steven Greer: How the Secret Government Works

From: In5D

DN: New Steven Greer disclosure video!  4 hours long, but worth watching in it’s entirely. A comprehensive history of the last 70 years in exopolitics.

[However, I disagree with Dr. Greer on only one point – negative (Archonic and demonic) service-to-self extraterrestrials and extra-dimensionals do indeed exist. Humanity has not fallen to this sorry state completely on our own. However, we are still spiritually responsible for our own choices and mistakes.]


21 thoughts on “Dr. Steven Greer: How the Secret Government Works

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  4. The fact that Greer believes there are no negative ETs is all the evidence needed to show he is completely controlled. To be in such denial is to be asleep at the wheel… To hold a public position of authority and preach such delusion is the work of Darkness. Discern with the impeccabliy of a Jedi, for the manipulative mastery of the Fallen is far too evolved in the direction of digression from Original Source Intent… and thus its capacity for deception is far beyond the likes of us to fathom, much less out-maneuver. Tend your Inner Spark and walk in the Living Light of the Holy One… And guard against the poison of false prophets…

    • I’ve actually met Dr. Greer, and I asked him about this very topic. He is aware that there darker negative forces out there, he just chooses not to talk about it publicly for whatever reason. Perhaps he wants to keep his talks positive. I can disagree and yet respect his choice. However, Dr. Greer did grow up in a family with associations to NASA and the space program. That raises some flags. He also claims to have an association with Laurance Rockefeller which raises more flags. However, you don’t get the information Greer gets or talk to the people that Greer talks to without knowing insiders and having some shadow connections. Judge the work and not the man. He has personally done more for disclosure than anyone else. Disclosure can be slanted and tainted and skewed to anyone’s agenda, so each man and woman needs to find their own truth for themselves.

    • Thank you very much for saving me the time in watching. You’re right on about everything you so succinctly wrote, especially about our walking in the Living Light of the ONLY Holy One that gave His life to deliver us from the evil darkness.

      • I have had two sightings of a “ball of light”. Both were on the very first sunday after Carnival was finished.

        Second time I took 2 pictures. It is in my website. Just google my nick! (Or click on it here.)

        In my website there is a video on the page/menu called UFO/OVNI where a Brazilian Air Force Colonel gives an interview where he states that he also thinks that they posed no risk to the habitants of the Colares Island, in an operation that he surpevised in 1977.

        In 1997 he gave the interview and was found dead two months later, hanged on his own bed!!! Or so the story goes…

        Anyhow, with me particularly, they showed up on the first time when I was bicycling crying about my very strange surreal persecuted life (for over a decade already) when I heard a “voice” telling me to look up! When I did there it was: “the ball of light” (as I described it first, without ever knowing about this Operation Prato that Colonel Hollanda was part of, and also described them as that in the written documents made in 1977!)


        I do agree with “Dr.” Greer.

        And by the way I was/am persecuted I think the “illuminati” has NO CLUE WHATSOEVER about other-dimensional beings, otherwise I would have taken out of the picture loooooooooong ago, before I could reveal myself completely to them with my incredible INTELLIGENCE!!!

        PLUS, if “repitilians” and such were behind the Illuminati, we wouldn’t have had the PRIMITIVE Middle Ages.

        They would have used micro-waves like they did it with me, now in this period of time in history!

        ANYHOW, I also make the Sun EMANATE violet rays with my thoughts, and make the clouds disappear with my thoughts!


        THEY ARE FAMILY!!!!

        But I could be worng, and could have been victim of holographic military’s technology….

        WHO KNOWS!!!

        YET, MY “SUPER-POWERS” ONLY ARRIVED IN 2012 (A FEW WEEKS BEFORE MY FIRST SIGHTING.), after I read channelled messages from the “extraterretrials”.

        If it is all PSY-OPS, it worked very strangely on me!

        Check my webpage and links to my youtube channel and blog!

        You will see for youreselves!!!

  5. Disclosure…. But on whose terms? A false prophet is only such because of the ‘spells’ they are under, not because they seek to be harmful with intent… It is clear that Greer believes his rhetoric, and is not to be judged as ‘evil’, but rather seen as one passionately performing his service while heavily mind-controlled… One of so many.

    Observe the weight of this, for the ‘one point’ you disagree with is a CLINCHER… A pivotal point of view which determines a foundation of paradigm through which one perceives the reality of what is happening on this planet and in the greater cosmos. To align with Greer’s paradigm (in which all life forms are supposedly bound to their biosphere of incarnation until an acceptable level of spiritual evolution is reached), one is willfully ignoring objective reality in favor of a delusional perspective. This is not in service to Truth, and the ramifications of accepting such a falsity are dangerous and profoundly disempowering for humanity.

    As it resonantly concerns, take it or leave it.

    Be well,

    • I agree completely, Rajamaji, that “one point” is pretty much the whole shabang.
      Dr. Greer has produced witnesses and documents like no one else. If anyone is to be believed it should be him.
      There is nothing we have that ET’s need. Their only motivations must be love or curiosity. Nothing else makes sense.
      Time to end the elite cover story for their crimes.

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  8. It is obviously very important for some people to hold on to the “evil aliens are doing it” psy op, just like people want to believe children died at Sandy Hook, rather than face the truth and be angry.
    Dr. Greer is right, and you are not. Think about it, reasonably.
    First, for a species to survive it’s own nuclear nightmare, it would have to come to terms with its own warlike nature. If you listen to Dr. Greer, we evolved from a particularly warlike genome.
    Second, any species that has free energy, anti gravity, molecular synthesis and billions of planets and asteroids to mine and inhabit does not need anything from us, any more than you need anything from an aborigine tribesperson.
    There is no nourishment in “negative energy” since there is only God and only light, unless we are projecting with our imaginations.
    Rejoice that we have elder family members that look forward to our birth so we can join them. And rejoice that we only have our own natures to battle, not a holographic lucifer shown to stupid stoned elites to make them think they get eternal goodies if they behave like monsters.
    If the pedophile elites stick a kid with drugs and wear a reptile costume while they are molesting them, it really helps to keep kids quiet. We can not heal this real problem by denying the truth and handing our power to imaginary demons and old terrestrial religious texts.

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