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Redefing God: Putin Helping Usher in the Globalist New World Order


  1. Putin’s past cooperation in the globalists’ 9/11 operation.
  2. Connections: CIA to Bin Laden to Hamid Gul to Veterans Today.
  3. Putin’s promotion of the globalists’ UN as solution to our current woes.
  4. Goldman Sachs created the BRICs alliance concept in 2001.
  5. Putin’s role to contrast unipolar American problem with multipolar UN solution.
  6. Rockefeller plan for the New World Order has always called for a UN-centered solution.
  7. Putin and Rockefeller Project Director Henry Kissinger are “old friends”.
  8. Veterans Today and Dialectic Propaganda.
  9. VT article attempts to address the growing awareness of Putin’s dialectic role.
  10. Putin vs. the West at the Climate Change Summit.

Let’s cut the crap: Vladimir Putin is helping usher in the globalist New World Order (complete + Putin vs. the West at the Climate Change Summit)

Source: | by Ken

On the morning the Turks downed the Russian airliner, I stumbled across this article from notorious disinformation mill Veterans Today…

It is such a good example of East/West dialectic propaganda and the “Putin as Savior” con that I decided it would be a good teaching tool for helping people to get real. And given all the confusing narratives that swirl around Putin and the current world situation, I think the best approach is to focus on two fundamental, telling things…

1) Putin’s cooperation in the globalists’ 9/11 operation, and

2) Putin’s promotion of the globalists’ UN as the solution to our current woes.

So let’s get started…


Even if one looks at Vladimir Putin from a naive, conventional perspective, he is a former KGB officer and is therefore fully familiar with the concept of false-flag terror. This being the case, it would not have escaped his attention that on the day of the 9/11 attacks, three New York high-rises fell after only two were hit by aircraft. So as an intelligence professional, he would have known that something was fishy on the very first day. And in the days following the attacks, Russian intelligence merged with holes in the US government’s official story would have made the inconsistencies quite glaring. This raises an obvious question…

Why did he spend the next 14 years playing along with the 9/11 “Official Story”?

In the immediate aftermath of 9/11, Putin stuck to the globalist talking points…
…From the BBC. Raw (untranslated) video of Putin making his remark on Bin Laden can be found here

And here are some key excerpts from the BBC article along with my comments…

>>> No proof needed

Mr Putin, who is in Brussels for meetings with European Union and Nato leaders, told reporters: “For us it is already clear. The only thing we do not know is the exact role he (Bin Laden) played (in the terror attacks on America). <<<

So Putin joined the globalist minion chorus in blaming the 9/11 attacks on Osama Bin Laden. This being so, could it be that Russian intelligence was unaware of Bin Laden’s close relationship with the CIA? Given that Bin Laden was a key figure in Russia’s war in Afghanistan, you can be sure they knew all about his CIA ties. And this means that Putin was attributing 9/11 to someone he knew was a CIA asset. For any reasonable person, this strongly suggests the possibility that the attacks were a false-flag operation conducted by the CIA, but Putin said nary a word about that, did he?  READ THE ENTIRE ARTICLE HERE


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7 thoughts on “Redefing God: Putin Helping Usher in the Globalist New World Order

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  2. I think RedifiningGod is a disinformation site, attempting to portray the legitimate Resistance-Movement, of which Putin is a valuable asset – as simply controlled opposition. The purpose seems to be to induce paranoia/fear-porn and create a sense of hopelessness that the Cabal will always be in charge. I say B.S. to that!

    • You are entitled to believe what you like. However, a little bit of informed caution should always proceed blanket trust. Exposing the false East-West duality game only aides our independence and empowerment. Removing the cabal’s major tool of manipulation, which they have used time and time again for centuries, only weakens them. It’s time to see through the game that has kept humanity enslaved. The definition of insanity is continuing to do the same thing, repeating the same pattern, and expecting a different result. Tanks and guns will not liberate humanity, no matter who holds them. Only a free mind, a compassionate heart, and an empowered voice will liberate humanity. It’s way past time to grow up and see beyond these childish Masonic chess games that are being played. We as individuals need to move beyond the psychological ego trap of dependence and hopelessness and reach for personal growth and self-empowerment, something Putin can not give us. Once we become our own saviors we will cease to need the external ones.

      • I was not implying that Putin is our savior – that’s misrepresenting what I’m saying. I certainly did not say that War is the answer. What I AM saying is that there is a legitimate (and growing Light force on this planet) to liberate all of us from the very manipulation and oppression that you refer to..

  3. This article has been going around for a while now. It’s a clear an attempt to marginalize Putin as a NWO chess piece. Now back then he may have bought into it, but sure seems like he has woken up, as have more of us.

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