How Materialistic Science Denies Consciousness and Free Will

From: The Conscious Reporter

mind-gearsAccording to the conventional materialistic approach to science, humans are simply biochemical, deterministic robots without consciousness or free will. Approaching life from this perspective devalues human experience, ignores the great questions of existence and greatly limits humanity’s potential for higher spiritual knowledge. In this insightful video, Mike Adams breaks down the serious spiritual and ethical implications of this widespread perspective.

In his mini-documentary The God Within, ‘Health Ranger‘ Mike Adams explains how prominent modern scientists fail to address the most fundamental questions of existence. Instead, human experience is dismissed as the unconscious actions of biological puppets whose behaviour is governed solely by the laws of physics, while consciousness is presumed to be a mere product of biological mechanics. This perspective greatly limits human life and consciousness, stripping it of spiritual purpose and potential. Adams goes on to explain how such deterministic theories could also be used to provide a scientific justification for terrible crimes against humanity – for if it is believed that humans do not possess consciousness or free will, does this not inadvertently advance the notion that oppression, murder or other crimes have no higher ethical consequence?

Find out more in the first part of The God Within mini-documentary below:


2 thoughts on “How Materialistic Science Denies Consciousness and Free Will

  1. Haven’t watched yet, but what if we were just biomechanical robots created as play things for our greater spiritual selves to use in this materialized world? There could be whole factions of spiritual bodies who think the plant and animal world are the better creations and then those factions of spiritual beings who believe the continued evolution of material bodies should be continued into greater expansion….so many things.

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