3 Mysterious UFOs Over South America Leave Skeptics and Believers Baffled

Source: Earth We Are One

The videos you are about to see have left both skeptics and believers baffled as both sides have locked in a fierce debate about Unidentified flying objects AGAIN.

The three mysterious sightings that were captured on video over South America have left thousands of people scratching their head wondering what these mysterious objects are. The UFO’s were recorded over Chile, Brazil and Bolivia and have whipped both skeptics and believers into a frenzy.

The video footage captured in Chile and uploaded to YouTube shows a woman freaking out after seeing a fleet of unidentified flying objects hovering above the Chilean capital city. Ufologists believe there is a strong connection between Chile and UFO sightings as thousands of mysterious lights and objects have been reported over that particular part of South America in the last couple of decades.

The video footage from Chile has received hundreds of thousands of views and has the online community divided with people expressing their own points of view.

One YouTube user wrote: “It seems like real footage, complete with atmospheric flickering and pixel density.”

“Those whose saying its fake they need to get a life and come to reality,” added user masi0010.

While others don’t agree and suggest there is a perfectly logical explanation for the mysterious lights:

“I could be wrong but to me, it looks like helicopters, probably a police or military exercise.”

“You know it’s fake when the camera keeps going in and out of focus like a Michael Bay movie.”

Another video, uploaded in December shows what appears to be a giant Flying saucer hovering above a rural neighborhood in Bolivia. The footage shows what appears to be a circular-shaped object flying above the mountains near the city of El Alto.

Skeptics quickly reacted to the video and tagged it as a hoax suggesting it was created and is aimed at increasing traffic to the filmmaker’s website. Others, however, were not so convinced: “Not sure what to think of this one,” wrote one user.

The third UFO footage occurred in Southern Brazil on December 27 when a woman posted online, a picture of a mysterious blurred, disc-shaped object flying across the sky. The woman claims that she noticed the mysterious object while she was photographing her boyfriend’s football match.

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“When I went back to the photo, I realized there was an object in the upper right-hand corner…I looked up to see what it could be since there was nothing there when I snapped it, there was nothing in the sky and no noise,” she said.

While these are just some of the videos that have created a buzz around the UFO phenomenon in recent weeks, 2015 has been a year filled with anomalous sightings that occurred in all parts of the planet, and even in space, thanks to the onboard cameras of the International Space Station. Here are some of them:

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  3. the first group in Chile flying in formation look oddly familiar to news helocopters, they each must make a pass to film traffic or an accident, this is how they organize to prevent air accidents

    appears they are flying over a stretch of freeway?

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