The War and Collapse of the Astral Realms

Deus Nexus: As above so below. The clean up and dismantling of the astral planes, and the parasitic practises used against humanity, are reflected in our efforts to clean up our own consciousness and our world.

The War on the Astral Planes

From: Ordo ab Chao | by Ishtar | March 3, 2012

Astral_PlaneYesterday, I journeyed in the shamanic way up through the astral planes and into the higher dimensions. As I reached the lower, dark astral, they were waiting for me, as they often are these days, demanding my co-operation in a certain task. I just snorted a bit and told them to go forth and multiply, in so many words. But they continued, speaking of the great embarrassment that will be caused to a certain astrally-governed mafia group on Earth if I don’t comply. 

I’d been meditating on a 2D glyph (magical symbol) earlier, asking it to unravel itself it to me in its multi-dimensional form and to reveal its meaning and its purpose. As these unsavoury types continued plie with me with their alternate threats, promises and incentives, the glyph appeared in front of me, and I took and used it as a weapon of force to push them away from me. And as I did so, I began to draw a circle with the glyph and intoned the following.

“Within this circle of protection lies all my family members and all my friends, however loosely they consider themselves my family member or friend. It also includes all my clients and people that I help, that come to me for teaching or healing, either personally, or through my forum, Ishtar’s Gate, my blog and any other social media networking.

“From now on, you can have no influence on me or anyone within this circle of protection, past, present and future, into perpetuity. So be it.”

This work is now done, and in writing it here, I’m anchoring it down on to the denser planes.

My work is teaching about how to transcend through the astral planes into the higher dimensions where one attracts higher and more benevolent entities that have the best interests of man and his spiritual evolution at heart.

This is in complete contradistinction to the entities who crowd the astral planes, and who are controlled and channelled by certain psychotronic warfare and alphabet agency operatives in order to create fear in man, upon which they feed.

By changing your frequency, you can change the alignment of your vibration, and then you can attract higher aligned entities whose very presence renders any astral influences null and void.

According to the entities on the astral planes, and those who control us through these entities, the astral plane is the ‘be all and end all’ of existence. This blinkered arrogance reminds me of the blind demiurge in Gnostic Christian mythology, who believes there is no higher god than him.

Just a glance at the Kabbalah would tell us otherwise. Here, the late occultist, Dion Fortune, has helpfully shown how the astral planes are the lower planes of the Tree of the Life as it is represented in the cosmology of the ancient Hebrews, Babylonians and Egyptians.

The first diagram, from her book The Mystical Qabalah, shows the cosmogonic model in its entirety, with each of the ten ‘worlds’ or dimensions placed in relation to each other and accessed by one or more of the 22 paths( hence the 22 + 10 = 32 degrees of the Freemasons, and the significance of the number 33, which is the destination).

In this second diagram, Dion Fortune has shown how the astral lower triangle is below the other higher dimensions in which the more ethical and supernal frequencies or vibrations are obtained and accessed.

So you see, the so-called Illuminati are in fact not very illumined or enlightened at all. They are stuck in the lower astral triangle because for them to go any higher takes spiritual training of which they are incapable of receiving because they don’t have the cognitive wherewithal to even seek it. And so they remain imprisoned in their mind-sets of power obtained by fear and greed, where other people are just commodities or a means to an end.

For this reason, there is almost continual war going on, on the astral planes, and that’s why the world stage appears to be so chaotic, as one group pushes against another, and that group pushes back again.

More recently, all factions have pinned their bid for power on the year 2012 and have used channelling and other means to twist an ancient Mayan teaching about the end of an astronomical cycle in order to create an End of Days terror op about December 2012. This is also why there are so many conflicting theories about what will happen in 2012, although each scenario has one thing in common, and that is the provision of cover for a huge global false flag attack, should they choose to mount one, which will also fulfill their needs for the spilling of human blood and human sacrifice.

So I suggest we leave them to their wars and concentrate on getting above the astral. But how do we know which influences are impacting on us, and where they’re coming from?

How do we know whether we are resonating with the higher planes?

A simple litmus test is to check how we feel. If we’re feeling fear over all the changes happening in our world at this present time, we’re still subject to astral influences which are working upon us all the time, but also while we’re asleep, when we’re more open to them. If you wake in the morning and within seconds of consciousness, you’re feeling fear or guilt in your stomach, this is a sign that the astral has been influencing your dreams. However, if you find this… there’s a simple remedy.

Concentrate on your heart ~ not your heart chakra, but your physical heart ~ and give it gratitude and love for serving you so faithfully for all of your life. This connects you to the vortex of Creation. After a minute or so of giving gratitude to your heart, you will physically, mentally and emotionally feel changes in the energies around you and you will start to feel much better.

Then, during the day, start to practise seeing yourself as the ‘gods’ or spirits see you. Actually, if you could see how beautiful, wonderful and extraordinary you really are, you would probably be rooted to the spot in awe for days on end … and this is probably another reason why we’re kept so busy and in fear by our astrally-motivated Masters of the Universe. But they don’t own all our time… and we only need a minute or so to reconnect with our hearts and with all the gratitude and the love. And then the lower ‘preta’ or ‘hungry ghost’ entities will leave you alone, because you won’t be providing any food for them.

For so long, our society, and our economy, has been based on greed, envy and scarcity ~ this creates optimum conditions for the lower astral entities to have a feeding frenzy.  These feelings of greed, envy and scarcity are created through advertising and television programming where women are not allowed to get old, and where the ‘poor’ are only good for patronising on programmes deemed to be ‘helping them’,  like Jerry Skinner’s  and Jeremy Kyle’s. Unless it’s a Rom-Com (aimed at keeping the species propagating itself), most television dramas, movies and computer games are centred around violence, murder and shoot ‘em up car chases to keep the fear pumping through our veins.

Since the Second World War, there has been a deliberate social engineering drive to break up communities and even families, and to push people into the cities. So that now billions of individuals sit alienated in lonely high rises in front of flickering tellies. Then when these individuals go to the doctors with depression and anxiety, they are given drugs to medicate themselves against the reality of the empty prison cell of their lives. At least when they were feeling unhappy, that unhappiness could have provided a spur to create change. Instead, the coffers of the pharmaceutical companies get fatter at their expense.

So how can we change this fear, greed and envy-driven world? Political action alone is not enough, because it doesn’t take into account the ‘other worlds’ where the seeds of potentiality are sown before they sprout into this realm of manifestation. We need to get ourselves vibrationally in alignment with these other worlds, and then start to manifest what we want, just as I did yesterday.

We are co-creators and once in those realms, we can say what we want and through Higher Laws, the creation has to comply.

But even before doing  that, there’s an even simpler way. We change our realities by changing how we think and feel as individuals, and we do this by only resonating vibrationally with the realms which are made of Love and Gratitude and not those that are made of Fear and Greed.

In this way, there will naturally be a dawn of a New Earth, and then we can gradually start to switch over from Fear and Greed-based economics to Love and Gratitude-based economics.

The new system of economics will be based on giving, in effect, gifting our services to others, and receiving back whatever Spirit or the Universe provides for us. You may think this sounds too idealistic, but I’ve already started to use that model in my shamanic healing work and since switching over to it, I have experienced more abundance than ever before.

There’s an excellent new film out, Sacred Economics, which goes into more detail about how the world economy could switch over to this system.

Sacred Economics traces the history of money from ancient gift economies to modern capitalism, revealing how the money system has contributed to alienation, competition, and scarcity, destroyed community, and necessitated endless growth.

Today, these trends have reached their extreme – but in the wake of their collapse, we may find great opportunity to transition to a more connected, ecological, and sustainable way of being.

I thoroughly recommend this film, as a means of anchoring the new consciousness into our everyday reality. But first of all, the seeds must be sown in the realms of potentiality so that the harvest can be a sweet one. And we can plant and water these seeds, and give them sunshine, by giving Love and Gratitude to our hearts, daily.

About the Author

With this blog, I hope to help to bring some mental clarity and thus cognitive order out of this deliberately engineered chaos and the fog of the information war, which is why I’ve called it Ordo ab Chao. Order is part of the boon of Venus – along with harmony, beauty and proportion. Wherever there is harmony, beauty and proportion there is natural order and thus the dharma there thrives.

It’s also quite fun to tweak the nose of the enemy by stealing their catchphrases and the rules they abide by!

Ishtar Babilu Dingir


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