Welcome to the Machine: The Only Way Out is UP

Deus Nexus: Here is a wonderfully intuitive post from a Deus Nexus reader who shares some personal experiences of Synchronicity, and explores some great ideas about spirituality and the nature of the group mind. When it comes to a love of books and films, we have a lot of common. Mark Twain’s “Mysterious Stranger” was one of the inspirations for my own novel, “Season of the Serpent.”


I have a deep spirituality planted inside me, although sometimes it doesn’t show. I get led astray by the media, materialism, and even technology. Technology is a wonderful thing when taken in moderation, but moderation seldom happens. For most people, technology is more like an addiction. In a way, it is the means of escape to another life: Their online identity. Once there, they can become anyone they want to be. The internet is the most self-gratifying experience available. With just a click of a button, one is able to know everything there is to know about a subject. That is not the only way it is self-gratifying. With Facebook, you can post anything you want. You can be as egocentric as possible. Selfies anyone? It’s all about those selfies. It’s all about yourSELF.  It is our EGO that defines us. It is our EGO that makes us feel we…

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