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The X-Files Disclosure of 2016!

By David Nova | From Deus Nexus

x-files-logoI expected some fireworks. I didn’t expect the television to blow up.

The X-Files returned to network television for a six episode miniseries. The show was created by Chris Carter, which originally aired for nine seasons from 1993 to 2002 on the Fox network. The series premiered simultaneously in Canada and the USA on Sunday, January 24, 2016.

During its run, the science fiction/horror show dealt with a multitude of conspiracies, including a U.S. government coverup of extraterrestrial visitation and the phenomenon of alien abduction. For good or ill, no other program has been more influential in raising the public consciousness on the topic of UFOs and exopolitics.

The show stars David Duchovny as FBI special agent Fox Mulder, previously assigned to the X-Files, a firm believer in the paranormal and the existence of extraterrestrial life. Gillian Anderson plays Dana Scully, a medical doctor and FBI agent previously assigned to the X-Files to overlook the validity of its cases. Scully is initially a skeptic but eventually comes to believe.

The original series often took a long and meandering, sometimes confusing, journey in revealing its central  extraterrestrial conspiracy. The show was unique for television, as it provided no easy answers and seldom gave any resolution to its stories. As a mirror to real life, it left the question of UFOs and extraterrestrials an open question.

Episode One: My Struggle

All that changed dramatically on Sunday night with the premier of Episode 1, “My Struggle.” In one hour, network television did something utterly unbelievable. The X-Files gave us full disclosure, and I’m still trying to wrap my head around it.

“Are we being lied to?” – Fox Mulder

The show began with a lengthy prologue from Fox Mulder, summing up the plot of the original series, yet providing  plenty of concise, real world information.  The program then went into a reenactment of the infamous Roswell crash, using the event as a cornerstone for the plot.

Fox Mulder and Dana Scully are called out of X-Files retirement by an internet conspiracy media celebrity, a sort of Alex Jones character (if Alex Jones owned a helicopter) who believes that 9/11 is a government conspiracy and coverup. To my knowledge, this has to be the first time a network television show openly and seriously called 9/11 a false flag event without any laughter.

“Since 9/11, this country has taken a strange turn in a very bizzare direction,” – Tad O’Malley

Tad O’Malley enlists Mulder and Scully to help blow the lid off the global conspiracy on his internet television program, which is precisely what this episode does. And to my utter amazement, this episode goes beyond its own extraterrestrial abduction mythology to present the real truth to the world, that most of the extraterrestrial abductions are not being performed by ETs, but are in fact being performed by military personnel in reverse engineered, alien reproduction vehicles using cloned alien biological entities. (This plot line was occasionally a feature of the original series, but usually presented as a double-cross, leading Mulder away from the truth. It is very explicit here.)

The X-Files just went beyond the looking glass. In the space of an hour, the show covered almost every major point in Doctor Steven Greer mind-boggling 4 hour lecture on disclosure, “How the Secret Government Really Works.”  WATCH IT HERE.

I almost wonder if Dr. Greer was asked to be a consultant for this episode.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Here is a list of some of the major conspiracies that were covered in this episode:

Free energy, or zero point energy
Alien reproduction vehicles
Technology for ARV craft invisibility
Roswell as a smokescreen
Military abductions
Implanted hybrid pregnancies
Chemtrails, weather modification
Weather wars
GMO foods and cancer-causing chemical contaminants
The Hegelian Dialectic – Problem-Reaction-Solution
9/11 as a false flag operation
The perpetual staged war on terror
Total Surveillance and formation of a police state
Totalitarian takeover of the United States by the elite
American citizens in FEMA prison camps
The Illuminati
And hints about a secret space program

The episode featured information about past Presidents’ knowledge of UFOs, images linking George W. Bush to the 9/11 false flag, and a clip of President Obama on Jimmy Kimmel joking about the extraterrestrial secret.

By the end of the episode, the shadow government stops Tad O’Mally from releasing full disclosure, however this episode of The X-Flies succeeds in that respect. The question is WHY? WHY NOW?

I never thought that I would see this kind of full disclosure from Hollywood on a network television program, and without any trace of some duplicitous agenda. There is absolutely nothing to be gained by the elite in releasing this much information to the public in this form.

My conjecture is that some external force has put great pressure upon the elite to begin releasing some form of full disclosure, and this is how they have decided to do it – on a network television program notorious for concocted conspiracy theories, that is delayed in broadcast by a football game and post game show on a Sunday night when a major blizzard has brought the entire east coast of the United States to a standstill.

And yet, the event was not completely free from elite programming. The television commercials in particular caught my attention.  There were the ads for FOX’s newest TV series, Lucifer, making the devil sexy.  There were the ads for the new video game, XCOM2: “Their evolution, our extinction! XCOM2.  Join us, or become them.” And then there was another ad for Ford that ran repeatedly: “She can rage and roar and crack and storm, but mother nature can’t stop US,” which I couldn’t help but feel sounded like desperate bravado from the elite, that they think they can still stop Gaia’s ascension.

Will this X-Files episode of full disclosure have any effect upon the sleeping public?  We will just have to wait and see. I fear that most television zombies will simply need a truck to fall on their heads before they wake up from their coma of denial. They will need some kind of real world disclosure not cloaked in a television program, and even then they will struggle “to believe.”  However, this is an incredibly promising positive step in the right direction.

2016 should be a very interesting year!

Whether the new X-Files continues to feed us disclosure, or if this is a hit-and-run, one time shot across the bow, and the rest of the episodes return to a harmless dramatic narrative, we’ll just have to wait and see.

Update: The Dilemma of Disclosure

x-files-2016Near the end of episode one, after Mulder and O’Malley lay out the full scope of the conspiracy for Scully and the television audience, the characters engage in their typical, by now classic, debate. Mulder is Mulder, going off half cocked without wisdom or a plan. Scully is Scully, reacting with extreme caution and being overprotective. But their exchange is more than just another moment of character developement, it also seems to be an intentional dialogue about the wisdom or foolishness of full disclosure.

“You can’t say these things … it’s fear mongering,”  – Scully

Scully is addresssing the concern that cautiously awake readers ponder – Is this all just fear mongering? Is fear the subliminal purpose of this type of disclosure?

“Saying these things would be incredibly irresponsible,” – Scully

“It’s irresponsible not to say it,” – Mulder

This is not a conversation that is often had in the alternative media – those of us who are generally of the Mulder persauation, who want to push for full disclosure all at once, immediately. They don’t see the foolishness in acting rashly, or the psychological destruction full disclosure could cause, the chaos, the fear, the potential for backlash and deadly violence. Mulder usually gets himself in trouble in these instances, and its Scully to the rescue.

So there is some wisdom in going slowly, developing a plan, testing the waters, being scientific, anticipating the repercussions. But if you go too slowly, and you are too careful, you may never act at all. You might delay and procrastinate until things get even worse. Scully would hide in her lab without Mulder’s impulsiveness to motivate her. With this in mind, consider that this X-Files episode could turn out to represent a small careful step towards Disclosure with a capital “D.”

Episode Two: Founder’s Mutation

As predicted The X-Files returned to their normal formula with the second episode. A relevant note is that Chris Carter, the creator of The X-Files wrote and directed the first episode. Some one else has written and directed the second, third and forth episodes. We can look forward to seeing what Mr. Carter has in store for us with the last two episodes, which he also wrote and directed.  Stay tuned.

Update: The X-Files as a PSYOP?

There has been some discussion that the new The X-Files is merely a form of psychological conditioning of the public, or a form of subconscious normalization, so that the information presented is accepted as a purely fictional conspiracy by the sleeping public. I’m going to agree that this could be a possibility, yet argue that such efforts will backfire, and that the situation is actually much more complex.

This type of psychological conditioning has been done before many times, but never to this degree. Consider that the original series lasted 9 years, which was a very gradual process of psychological conditioning. In the span of about 44 minutes, the new X-Files covered every single conspiracy from those 9 years plus a great deal more, including 9/11. It packs a big wallop!  Psychological conditioning tends to be a little more subtle and covert. It doesn’t out itself. It doesn’t scream at you. It doesn’t hit you with everything its got all at once like a hurricane.  And that is precisely what the first episode of the The X-Files did. If this is psychological conditioning then it is sloppy, shortsighted, and seemingly quite desperate, which means it will likely backfire.

This episode has become quite polarizing. People who are only partially aware or awake are finding this episode to be quite disturbing to their notion of normalcy. That’s a good thing. This discomfort, that something is wrong in the world, is the first step toward awakening. If it sparks conversations and helps you wake up your friends, that’s a good thing. Yes, many others will obviously remain asleep and view The X-Files as fiction. But if it actually helps to awaken more people – that’s a step in the right direction, so I choose to view it as positive, in The Bigger Picture.

If The X-Files is in fact psychological conditioning, that is very likely it’s secondary purpose. It’s primary purpose probably has to do with the esoteric rules the occult elite have to follow to achieve their goals.  This is something that is very hard to explain, and even harder to understand. (And I don’t claim to understand if fully.) Suffice it to say, if the occult elite want to perform their magic and manifest their will upon the entire world, they have to get your tacit permission to do so.  They have to disclose it in some form or another, which means they will attempt to hide it from you.

It’s interesting that the first episode was a delayed broadcast on a Sunday night around 10:30pm after a football game. The second non-disclosure episode was shown uninterrupted on a Monday at 8pm, prime time.  Why would Fox try to hide the first episode of a flagship show with great buzz and guaranteed ratings? Again, this execution seems sloppy, shortsighted, and seemingly quite desperate, which means it will likely backfire.

Another example – take a look at the Hints About 9/11 in the Media Since 1975. 9/11 was a type of ritual and for it to achieve its goals, it had to be seeded into the public consciousness – and the Universe doesn’t care if this is only your subconsciousness, the elite still get away with it. Apparently this is how the Universe works and how it maintains Free Will. It’s difficult to grasp. For a greater understanding of this, watch Mark Passio’s seminar on Natural Law.

Irregardless, The X-Files is still a form of disclosure. The elite have to disclose their intensions to you. We can reject them, and we can use their disclosure to our own benefit to awaken more people, and that’s a good thing.

Update: The CIA just released their secret UFO files in coordination with the new X-Files series.


About the Author

David Nova is the author of the metaphysical fiction series “Season of the Serpent.”  He is a truth-seeker, a Wanderer, a blogger, and the moderator of Deus Nexus: Messages For An Entangled Universe.  For additional information about the author or his novels, visit his website, or his Facebook page.

This article is offered under Creative Commons license. It’s okay to republish it anywhere as long as attribution bio is included and all links remain intact.

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    Excellent article on things we’ve been lied to about.And if you’re not a reader, you can get it on your tell-a-vision. He’s right about Steven Greer’s lecture, too: absolutely mind-boggling and well worth the time you invest in it because it allows one to connect a lot of dots that don’t seem related.

  3. Thanks for the heads up! You’re absolutely right on the Steven Greer lecture, too: it allows us to connect many “unrelated” dots and upgrade our outlook.

  4. I have a few thoughts that are intended not for polarization of potentials, but an open dialogue of awareness.

    The mention of an external influence being involved, to our benefit, runs counter to the various “solutions” offered in the alternative perception community(APC). The idea of inner work, changing the internal of the individual and thus affecting the fractal ladder. i.e. Fix yourselves and don’t hold out for a savior.

    The idea within the APC of a second “matrix”, where supposedly awakened individuals arrive after probing past the mainstream. Essentially another entertainment trap of conspiratorial, esoteric, occult, ET, et al, where we get lost in finding truth. Might disclosures, while being heartwarming confirmations allowing social acceptance for the veteran seekers, serve to add color to the new fabrication?

    Regarding the APC, there seems to be a relevant theme of racial activism occurring in some circles, to oppose the Empirical push for multiculturalism and equality. The idea behind it being that the uniqueness and artistry of individuals would be oppressed in a false light of global homogenization. It seems to also be somehow tied up into the debate over gun control in America. I am mentioning this because it seems that the APC is tiptoeing, in some circles where followers are letting themselves be lead, towards another problem-reaction-solution setup, contrived in a second matrix, ready and waiting for the growing momentum of awakening souls, leaving the old mainstream to board the train yet again.

    There was a time when literacy rates were different. The average person has been able to access libraries for some time now. Did that stop game?

    Just food for thought. No hard lines.

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  9. yes, quite a show as well as the timing of it, between a football game and the nightly news. i was surprised as well to see as many “secrets” revealed. you’re right, the second episode tonight was not as revealing but seems to be leading up to some interesting revealings.

  10. From start of X-Files on 1/24 (20 mins. post game football drivel) to end I watched the show roll out with mostly disappointment as I had high hopes that it would effect a level of disclosure. The compressed delivery of disclosure content was difficult to hear; the show was poorly written, directed, acted, etc. Entertainment production values in 2016 are much higher than those of this first show. It was difficult enough to stay engaged and many viewers could have been too annoyed or distracted to actually take in the dialogue. Mulder was portrayed as unstable, aging, silly and Scully as a mother who had deserted her baby. Both were devalued from the beginning, therefor also distractions. Do a test with family and acquaintances, ask whether they watched the show and what they thought of it. I find that the response is usually “too slow, decided to watch something else”, “didn’t think it was on.. (football)”, or “fell asleep watching”. I agree with the VT author who suggested that the purpose may have been to condition the audience to have a similar response to the content in the future. It’s looking like folks outside the alternative community need to be told by a source they trust and will pay attention to, Fox news, CNN, etc.

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