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“Childhood’s End” and the Harvest of Children (Part 3)


While the SyFy Channel’s miniseries borrows a horror cliche of demonic super-children, the novel tackles larger esoteric subjects like cosmic evolution and the harvest of a group soul.

By: David Nova | from Deus Nexus

In Part One, I examined elements of New World Order propaganda embedded in Arthur C. Clarke’s 1953 science fiction novel, Childhood’s End, and revealed the Luciferian aspect of the story.

In Part Two, I explored the middle of the book (the second night of the miniseries) which dives into the occult or more esoteric aspects of the story, and explore how the miniseries differed in presenting its message.

In Part Three, I take a look at the last part of the book (the third night of the miniseries) which deals with the harvest of the children, whether it represents a spiritual ascension or something more sinister.

 A New Age – The End of Childhood


Something is happening on planet Earth and to the human consciousness incarnated on planet Earth. You can give it any name you like – ascension, harvest, global awakening, frequency shift, dimensional shift, cosmic wave, the Event, the Second Coming, a golden age, or the precessional entrance into the age of Aquarius – but it represents a spiritual maturation of humanity – the end of our spiritual childhood.

Coincidently, the year Clarke published Childhood’s End, 1953, contactee George Hunt Williamson made some pretty astonishing revelations about what is happening currently to our planet regarding the influx of intergalactic waves of energy.

While some of these concepts have entered the public consciousness only in the last 30 years, knowledge of a fundamental transition for humankind has been known to secret societies and esoteric groups, in some form or another, for a very long time. Knowledge of this transition has been passed down through religious doctrine, astrology, the Mayan calendar, and the alleged prophecy of the Great Pyramid of Giza.

Many pyramidologists, who see the Great Pyramid as prophecy in stone, measure the complete Adamic Age beginning around 4000 B.C. and covering 6000 years. According to their calculations the final period of the Adamic Age is between 1953 and 2001. Charles Berlitz in his best-selling 1981 book Doomsday 1999 AD wrote that studies of the Great Pyramid show that September 17, 2001 is a terminal date for the world. (source)

It is interesting to note that Berlitz, who spent 13 years on active duty in the U.S. Army, mostly in intelligence (wikipedia) publicized a terminal date so close to September 11, 2001.

A chronology of Man’s fate is built into the various proportions as well as the different kinds of stone used. But according to [Edgar] Cayce these features are indicative of periods rather than exact dates. Besides, those he mentions do not agree with the dates found by using the system worked out by the Egyptologists. (source)

However, the dark occultists have their own desires and plans for this transition or awakening. Their idea of this new age goes by another name, “The Age of Horus,” christened by notorious British occultist Aleister Crowley, who is still very much a living icon for Hollywood and modern day occultists. The Book of Law (April 1904) was the cornerstone of his philosophy which proclaimed the dawning of The New Aeon (or period of 2,000 year ruled over by an elemental deity). (source)

The modern Aeon of Horus is portrayed as a time of self-realization as well as a growing interest in all things spiritual, and is considered to be dominated by the principle of the child. (wikipedia)

British author Arthur C. Clarke is known to have had an interest in the paranormal. Did he perhaps dabble in occult circles? Did he experiment with a Ouija board? Was he initiated into esoteric secrets? Was he a follower of Crowley’s new religion? Were the ideas presented within Childhood’s End inspirited by this occult knowledge? Or was the novel simply a work of pure imagination?

The Children as Counterfeit Starseeds


Clarke’s ideas were way ahead of his time. While his contemporaries were writing about intergalactic empires, Clarke was exploring the boundaries of human consciousness. Perhaps his ideas were an early, yet ill-formed concept of spiritual ascension. More likely he drew his ideas from occult influences.

While the Overlords seem to represent a counterfeit of angelic extraterrestrial guardians, and the Overmind seems to represent a counterfeit of Source/God consciousness, the children of Childhood’s End seem to represent a counterfeit of Starseed or Indigo children, and perhaps their transformation represents a counterfeit of spiritual ascension to a higher state of consciousness.

“We have never been more than guardians, doing a duty imposed upon us from – above. That duty is hard to define; perhaps you can best think of us as midwives attending a difficult birth. We are happy to bring something new and wonderful into being … there are many races in the universe, and some of them discovered these powers long before your species … They have been waiting for you to join them,” (page 176)

The concept of Starseeds and Indigo children is that of a generation of incarnating souls who not only remember their past lives, who they really are – their divine connection, but also remember why they have been reborn on Earth, their personal soul mission.

The children of Childhood’s End seem to exhibit the same features of expanded consciousness, yet they are no longer individual souls. As they awaken, they are beginning to form a collective mind that eventually destroys their individuality. Jeff  Greggson begins his transformation by having dreams that are in fact astral travel.

To Jeff, it was only a game; it had not yet begun to frighten him. A dream was merely a dream, no matter how strange it might be … Now he went alone and fearless into the universe that was opening up before him. (page 170)

Into his mind was flooding knowledge – from somewhere or somewhen – which soon would overwhelm and destroy the half-formed creature who had been Jeffrey Angus Greggson. (page 179)

She [Jennifer] had started later, but she was progressing swiftly. Soon she would pass her brother, for she had so much less to unlearn. (page 174)

Children of the Damned (1963)


Differing slightly from the book, the children in the Childhood’s End miniseries become cold, emotionless, and considerably less human as they evolve their psychic powers, a theme reminiscent of another science fiction classic. Village of the Damned is a 1960 British science fiction horror film adapted from the novel The Midwich Cuckoos (1957) by John Wyndham. A sequel, Children of the Damned (1963) followed, as did a remake, also called Village of the Damned (1995) staring the late Christopher Reeves.

Just like the children of Childhood’s End, these platinum blond, glowing-eyed mutant tots remove themselves from human society so that they can continue to evolve their superhuman powers unhindered. They demonstrate no conscience or love. They cause both intentional and unintentional harm to their human community using a form of mind control to kill their victims. Similar to Childhood’s End, these children act in unison as a powerful group mind, with one child becoming their leader, pooling their individual psychic power together to create an unstoppable power. They become, in essence, a single collective entity, a powerful non-human hive mind.

While these stylized blond children were perhaps reminiscent of Nazi youth, there were several films and TV shows in the 1960’s and 70’s that showcased a fear of demonic super-childen, including The Twilight Zone, and a couple Star Trek episodes.

Aleister Crowley’s own fiction novel “Moonchild,” involves a magical war between a group of white magicians and a group of black magicians over an unborn child. In a series of magical rituals, Cyril Grey (Crowley) is attempting to save and improve the human race by impregnating a girl with the soul of an ethereal being. (wikipedia)

The Children Are Our Future: Wayward Pines (2015)


Some other current television programs are demonstrating the importance of children to an elite agenda. Two recent shows, Wayward Pines and Under The Dome, both depict special communities, closed off from the rest of the world, where the children are being groomed as some future improvement of society. Ignoring the absurdity of the plot, the underlying message of Wayward Pines is that of an draconian community under complete surveillance where  children are secretly indoctrinated with “the truth” that their parents can’t handle.

Adults will not be affected, for their minds are already set in an unalterable mould. (page 184)

In this show, the culture of these children is deliberately reminiscent of Nazi youth, as it was in the remake-series V, and in a later season of Spielberg’s Falling Skieswhich also featured alien Overlords.

“It’s a great responsibility,” Dr. Sen [chairman of the council of New Athens] had remarked, “training these young minds for the future. Fortunately, human beings are extraordinarily resilient; it takes a pretty bad upbringing to do permanent damage. Even if our aims are mistaken, our little victims will probably get over it. And as you’ve seen, they appear to be perfectly happy.” (page 160)

This rather disturbing quote from Childhood’s End could sum up the callus attitude toward parenting in the 1950s, or it might suggest something far more sinister.

Monarch Butterflies Trapped: Under the Dome (2013)

Under the Dome-monarch

I could barely make it though a couple episodes of the epically bad series, Under the Dome, however the telltales signs are all there. This miniseries deviated considerably from the original Stephen King story to become an over-the-top monarch butterfly metaphor, complete with chrysalises, mind control, and the metamorphosis of super-human children.  The young residents of Chester’s Mill are being taken over by an alien parasitic consciousness. Actor Mike Vogel stars in both Under the Dome and Childhood’s End.

Jennifer Anne Greggson was not yet fully developed, but even in its sleeping chrysalis state it already had enough control of its environment to take care of all its needs. (page 178)

Like an epidemic spreading swiftly from land to land, the metamorphosis infected the entire human race. (page 179)

Monarch and MK Ultra mind control programming may be one of the artificial means by which occultists have attempted to create their own demonically possessed super-children. Under the Dome, as well as numerous music videos and films have throw this twisted agenda in our faces. Meanwhile, an entire generation of children are being  indoctrinated daily, via the mainstream media, by Beyonce, Katy Perry, and Lady Gaga, into the occult programming of the elite. (For details: The Vigilant Citizen.)

It is now cool for kids to emulate the one-eye-illuminati sign they see in music videos and fashion magazines. (I’ve seen my teenage niece do it.) Many are slowly turning into a collective of emotionless zombies, plugged into the group mind of portable technology and social media, heading into the sad future of Transhumanism. Are we slowly losing a generation of children like the parents in Childhood’s End? Humanity’s collective awakening has never been more urgent.

The Harvest of a Collective Soul 


“Imagine that every man’s mind is an island, surrounded by ocean. Each seems isolated, yet in reality all are linked by the bedrock from which they spring. If the ocean were to vanish, that would be the end of the islands. They would all be part of one continent, but the individuality would have gone.” (page 176)

When the barriers were down at last, loneliness would vanish as personality faded. The countless raindrops would have merged into the ocean. (page 186)

The novel Childhood’s End espouses a particular belief system about life after death, one that does not believe in the survival of personal individual consciousness after death, a belief that holds that the ego and the intellect are the sole repository of personality and individuality. Everything else is but a vast soup of impersonal cosmic consciousness and energy.

Ultimately, yes, we are all aspects and fractals of a singular Source consciousness. However, we are not unconscious cells within a larger body. We are not helpless drops of water. We are holographic beings, reflecting the image of the Creator. Each soul is a whole and unique spark of consciousness, and we have been given the gift to become self aware of this, to activate our soul through love.

“Possibly what we have called the Overmind is still training them, molding them into one unit before it can wholly absorb them into its being.” (page 203)

The Overmind is thus a hivemind. It is a false form of Unity. It wants to absorb souls into its collective, a singular being, a process that is reductive and destructive rather than expansive and creative.

We aren’t meant to create one singular reality together, as this erroneous perception of unity is the root cause of competition, externalized authority, dominance, and submission.  Rather, we are each meant to create our own unique realities, and then harmonize our various realities together. – Nathan & Aline (source)

Individuation will by default remove us from the synthetic hierarchy, as represented by pyramidal symbology, and place us back into the natural hierarchy of life, which is symbolized by the self-sustaining toroidal flow.  In the natural hierarchy, we’ll no longer be competing with each other for resource, vampirically draining each other, or winning or losing, rather, we’ll be harmonizing together as many psychologically individuated beings, where the One supports the One. – Nathan & Aline (source)

In a recent post, the Ruiner commented upon this raindrop belief system:

Throughout our universe there is a great divide in belief regarding the soul. Many races hold onto the belief that their soul does not retain memory of experience or identity (ego).  That when their physical bodies die their consciousness and the spark of life they know as the soul, return to Source and are absorbed and reprocessed.  Reincarnation to these groups means “death of the ego/ identity”. Their goal is then to preserve their physical body and lifetime and prolong their experience as long as possible. (source)

Groups that holds this belief, whether on Earth or among the stars, are likely to be of a Service-to-Self polarity. They value the intellect and the ego over their heart chakra and their soul connection to the divine.  It may thus be the case that STS beings are largely incapable of surviving death in any desirable state of ego as individual souls.

The process of death is believed to strip us of our false illusions, our ego attachments, leaving our purest essence of consciousness. We have the witness testimony of near death experiencers and children remembering past lives to suggest that some aspect of our personality lives on beyond death, even grows and evolves. Yet to beings of pure intellect and ego, this would seem like obliteration and death.

For the road to the stars was a road that forked in two directions, and neither led to a goal that took any account of human hopes or fears. At the end of one path were the Overlords. They had preserved their individuality, their independent egos … but they were trapped … And at the end of the other path? There lay the Overmind … Potentially infinite, beyond mortality, how long had it been absorbing race after race as it spread across the stars? (page 205)

It may be conceivable that such beings are stuck with the two paths mentioned in Childhood’s End – the path of near-immortal, super-intelligent beings trapped in physicality, or the path of absorption into a collective parasitic mind – a Service-to-Self harvest. This same theme was central to the plot of the film Jupiter Ascending, which I have already analyzed.

For more information about the theme of Harvest vs Ascension, read: The Esoteric and Extraterrestrial Meaning of Jupiter Ascending

The Overlords as Harvesters


“We are the interpreters – the guardians … we till the field until the crop is ripe. The Overmind collects the harvest – and we move on to another task. This is the fifth race whose apotheosis we have watched. Each time we learn a little more.” (page 206)

In Childhood’s End, the Overlords are the harvesters of human souls, feeding them to some great parasitic organism for which they serve. They are not serving or nurturing the divine spark in humanity; they are allowing it to be consumed and extinguished. Understanding the difference is understanding that there are two types of Unity consciousness towards which intelligent beings can strive.

The Unity of souls coming together, of their own free will in love, equality, respect, and fellowship, retaining their uniqueness.

The Unity of souls passively absorbed into a rigid hierarchy, group mind, or collective body which requires the relinquishment of their individuality.

As we step into our future on planet Earth, and build the society we desire, we need to become aware of this distinction. Do we succumb to the false Unity of robotic, Transhuman collectivism, or do we ascend to a Unity of compassionate, harmonious individuality?

They would serve the Overmind because they had no choice, but even in that service they would not lose their souls. (page 218)

About the Author

David Nova is the author of the metaphysical fiction series “Season of the Serpent.”  He is a truth-seeker, a Wanderer, a blogger, and the moderator of Deus Nexus: Messages For An Entangled Universe.  For additional information about the author or his novels, visit his website, or his Facebook page.

This article is offered under Creative Commons license. It’s okay to republish it anywhere as long as attribution bio is included and all links remain intact.

*NOTE: Page numbers referenced correspond to my paperback version of Childhood’s End.

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  2. In his Gnosis volumes, Boris Mouravieff spoke of both Adamic and Pre-Adamic humanity ( as having two different types of incarnation experiences, with Adamic being Divine beings further individualizing their unique personalities, and the Pre-Adamic humanity as being a part of a group oversoul, much like the animals have. Esoteric information, while having the same words and concepts, would be understood completely differently when applied by those who have a unique soul or a group soul. Additionally, those with a group soul might be more predisposed to seeking immortality, for fear of losing their egoic identity that defines their uniqueness, whereas individuated souls would not fear death, since they get to take their uniqueness along with them wherever they go. This makes me think of the Stargate Atlantis episodes where the “Replicators” are attempting to ascend in a similar fashion as the “Ancients” had, trying to be like their makers, but are unable to do so since they are functionally different from them in regards to their potential. Anyway, just some additional thoughts I had while reflecting on this article.

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