NY Times & Time-Life Cover 9/11 Truth

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veterans_today_banner_NEW_214veterans_today_kevin_barrett_banner_33“Holy Crap!! The NY Times and Time-Life acknowledge 9-11? And ‘Conspiracy Theories’??”… Some are probably saying that right now.

This pretty major article by Kevin (an adjunct to this prior one) really blows some things out into awareness. To see these two publications put these things out there are, in my view, a huge step forward towards “unveiling the whole truth” to the planet (particularly to the “quite comfortably asleep to these things” American population). Remember, though, it is the rising consciousness (awareness) of all of us, collectively, that is making this a big enough “sell” for these two publications to “put it all out there”.

Thanks to Kevin for this one.

“Some have argued that despite their huge audiences, Dan Brown and X files represent a “conspiratorial” type of pop culture that is not going to help promote serious consideration of the false flag meme… But now get…

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One thought on “NY Times & Time-Life Cover 9/11 Truth

  1. Well…they got their foot in the door, it’s a start…soon,when the heat is turned up, the willingness to throw their own under the bus will become the norm, even to the point of becoming comical…all credibility is lost…
    just my thoughts

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