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10 Steps The Awakened Can Take To Achieve Greater Unity


By: David Nova | from: Deus Nexus

Do you want peace? Do you want real change? Do you want to help create a golden age for mankind? Are you tired of all the division and divisiveness? Are you tired of the darkness seemingly having all the power? Do you want to see the forces of light get their act together? Do you want to stop procrastinating? Are you ready to get started? Are you ready to change the world?

The price of real change is real work, and the awakened will never achieve greater unity or become a real community until we each do our inner work first, and in the process, create a real spiritual transformation on planet Earth.

External political and economic changes will simply create new control systems. Official disclosure will come with an institutionalized agenda. New technologies may help, but without the spiritual maturity to wield them correctly, they  could just as easily enslave or destroy us. Real change begins within each one of us. No one else is going to do it for us. Once the momentum of this transformation builds it will ripple out across the globe.

Here are ten personal steps that awakened individuals can take to launch a peaceful revolution of greater spiritual unity and compassion. These are not easy steps.  The first five are the self-sabotaging habits that we need to overcome. The last five are the positive aspects that we need to cultivate in ourselves. Once we transform ourselves, we can transform the world!

1. Overcome Your Expectation of Perfection

None of us are perfect. To be human is to be imperfect in some way. We each have our individual strengths and weaknesses. We have our flaws. We carry emotional baggage. We have a limited perception of the Universe. We see the world through the filter of our individual perceptions, prejudices, and blind spots.  None of us have complete access to the Truth with a capital “T”.  No one is 100% right all the time.

We view the divine as the attainment of perfection, yet perfectionism is often the devil in disguise.  God loves you just as you are.  In fact, He/She/They loves your imperfections. Your imperfections help to shape who you are and who you can become.

This is the most fundamental step toward personal change, recognizing our imperfection and the necessity of forgiveness as a daily habit.

Recognize our shared humanity with humility. Stop expecting perfection from yourself and from others.  Learn to forgive other awakened individuals for being imperfect human beings.  Learn to accept your own imperfections with grace and humor. Learn to forgive mistakes. We all make them. Learn to be a little more gentle, a little more compassionate, and a little more understanding. Your heart will grow in strength, and you will know greater peace.

With our human imperfections humbly in mind, I present nine more steps to take.

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2. Overcome Your Triggers

Stop reacting emotionally or negatively whenever you hear or read something from another awakened individual that you don’t agree with. Stop! Take a breath. Relax. Calm your mind. Consider listening to a different opinion for a change. Not everyone thinks exactly the same way you do, nor should they. We all have different life experiences that form the core of our beliefs. What may be true  for me may be completely alien for you. Allow others to have their own beliefs, even if you think they are wrong. Stop looking for arguments by default.

Triggers are for guns, and guns are for violence and war. Stop pulling your own trigger. Stop the mental violence.

Explore your own inner reactions. Why do you react the way you do? What sets you off? What beliefs are making you explode with rage and intolerance? The more you know and understand yourself, the more you can know and understand another. Take the time to find out what is really important, what really resonates within your heart and soul. Find out what you truly believe, and if something still doesn’t resonate within you, leave it alone. Ignore it. Just walk away. Don’t give it any more of your precious energy. Don’t feed the fire.

3. Overcome Your Duality

Are your internal triggers the result of a polarizing belief system? Do you immediately reject everything that is negative and fearful?  Do you immediately reject everything that is positive and hopeful?  Do you label yourself a liberal or a conservative? Are you staunchly religious or staunchly anti-religious?  Do you consciously or subconsciously label different groups as “us vs. them.”  Do you believe that your belief system is the only correct belief system in the world and everyone else is wrong? If so, then you have a duality problem.

For the purpose of this article, let’s forget about the sleepers – they are enmeshed in duality. Let’s forget about the occult elite – that is another story. For the moment, let’s just focus on the duality divisions, “us vs. them,” within the awakened community.

You need to release the polarizing aspects of your belief system. You need to release your erroneous judgment of others. We are all human beings. We are all created in God’s image. We are all connected by the same divine spirit. We are all One and the same. And we all want the same thing – to create a better future, to live in a more compassionate world. If that is not what you want, then you have not fully awakened.

If you are coming from a rigid religious belief system you are going to have a difficult time moving beyond this step. If you are a Christian, I suggest skipping down to step #6 and then coming back to this one.

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4. Overcome Your Fear

You’re on the internet. You’re trying to use discernment, but there is a lot of conflicting, confusing information out there to sort through. You feel there is a lot of deceptive information. You don’t know whom or what to believe. However, not everyone is a mind-controlled agent of a controlled oppositionLet’s just put that out there as a statement of common sense. Chances are they are not mind-controlled, they are just a little self-deluded, as we all are at some point in our lives. Not everything is demonic just because it’s not part of your belief system.

Try to avoid giving in to your darkest fears. Fear is the mind-killer. The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.  If someone is mind-controlled, that is really not your problem, so don’t make it your problem. Take responsibility for the heathy state of your own mind.

Why not exercise a little trust instead? – Trust that the Universe will take care of you and show you the way. Don’t just give away your faith blindly to others, to a guru or some internet voice of disclosure.  Respect the power of your own faith. Own it. Be open to listen and learn something new, but give your faith wisely. When you own and respect your own thoughts you’ll have nothing to fear. You’ll never be disappointed. You’ll be standing on solid ground.

Here is some advice: If you still don’t trust a source, don’t keep attacking it. Don’t waste your precious energy. Don’t continue to feed it negativity. Just own your truth. State it confidently (without venom or smugness) for others to weigh if you feel so moved. Then leave it alone and move on to something more positive. The best way to disarm an agent of deception is to starve the beast. Eventually others will wake up and follow you out the door – but that is their responsibility, not yours.

5. Overcome Your Ego

Though it may seem that you are alone, you are not in this alone. We are all in this together.

Each one of us is frantically paddling our own little lifeboat, just trying to stay afloat on a stormy sea. What if we decided to tether our lifeboats together, one by one, then paddle in unison, moving forward in the same general direction instead of spinning about in frantic little circles? Wouldn’t that be beneficial?

I’m not saying that we all have to think the same way, do the same thing, and agree on everything. That’s absurd. We just need to agree on a basic foundation of mutual respect and shared purpose. (If you like, you can use the next 5 steps as that foundation.) On occasion, if we don’t see eye-to-eye, we just need to peacefully agree to disagree. The critical step is learning to tame your self-defensive ego.

For those of us who are awakened, there are many ego traps to fall into. You are not humanity’s sole savior. Get over your messiah complex. Get down from your high horse. Get off your cross. Break out of your prison. Give up your personal crusade. Get out of your ivory tower. Escape from your gloomy dungeon. Don’t take yourself too seriously. Learn to laugh at yourself. You are not alone. Overcome your sense of isolation, superiority, or helplessness. We are stronger when we come together, when we share our problems and our successes, when we attempt to work together as a community instead of bickering like competing egos looking for a spotlight.

I apologize if the language seems insensitive – it’s simply time for a little brutally honest, a little tough love. You’ve made it past the self-sabotaging steps. Let’s move on to the positive ones!

6. Use The Golden Rule

Once we learn to put our ego in the backseat we can move on to more positive, constructive steps.

Therefore whatever you desire for men to do to you, you shall also do to them; for this is the law and the prophets. – Matthew 7:12

This verse from the Gospel of Matthew, attributed to Jesus Christ’s Sermon on the Mount has become known as the Golden Rule“Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you.”  

This verse is considered to be a summation of the entire sermon, possibly the most significant message of the New Testament. It’s a very simple, straightforward equation. If you you want love, respect, understanding, and compassion, be willing to give it freely to others.

Whether you are a Christian or not, the Golden Rule is a profound spiritual instruction. It advocates the correct principle of the Law of Attraction.  It incorporates another profound maxim: “Become the change you wish to see in the world.” And it speaks of our profound interconnection as spiritual and energetic beings – we are all One Being in our connection to our Source/Creator.

As awakened individuals, the Golden Rule should be our most fundamental approach to life. If everyone followed it, the world would instantly be transformed into a more compassionate place – approaching Heaven on Earth.  However, the Golden Rule requires us to see beyond the shortsightedness of our immediate ego desires. It forces us to understand the principle of Cause and Effect. It forces us to give up our paradigm of resource scarcity and competition. The Golden Rule is perhaps the most transformational statement ever uttered.

The basics should be easy – show some human dignity and practice a little mutual respect. Whether your receive kindness in return, always treat others with the same kindness you wish to receive. And do so from the humility of your heart, not the smug superiority of your ego.

7. Learn To Be Thankful

Being thankful is another healthy spiritual attitude to put into your daily practice. Again, it advocates the correct principle of the Law of Attraction. By becoming thankful for everything that is in your life, you open your mind and heart to receive greater blessings. You transform your inner mental programming. You open your heart and mind to new possibilities. You transform your fear into faith.  You empower yourself to begin to receive abundance. You will psychologically transform yourself into a much happier and content person. Being thankful can works miracles. No matter what you are lacking, be thankful for what you actually have.

We should also extend the practice of being thankful to our fellow awakened family. Take time to thank, praise, compensate if you have the means, or otherwise give some form of energy back to the individuals who have worked hard for your benefit, who have brought you new information, who have shared their creativity, who have fought for a cause, who have risked their lives to disclose something, or who are working on developing new technologies. Maybe one day in the not so distance future a new sharing economy will develop from this spiritual principle.

8. Respect Individuality

Achieving unity does not mean we are going to become a homogenous group, with identical beliefs, working as  indistinguishable foot soldiers. There is great danger when people start expecting uniformity to a single belief system, or the conformity to a single norm.  We are not a group mind. We are not a hierarchy. We are not a collective. We are individual souls experiencing a unique incarnation.  We have not come here to lose our uniqueness. We have come here to remember who we are – to reconnect with our truest, highest Self.  Every individual soul will have a different path to that same goal.

We must always respect the individuality of others, even when doing so falls outside of our socially programmed comfort zone. It’s a spiritual misdeed to expect and demand that someone else should believe or behave exactly like us. That’s very Service to Self.

Respecting individuality is not a spiritually easy task. It might make us feel a little more alone and a little more disconnected. A spiritual family doesn’t feel quite like a family when every member is off doing their own thing in their own way. But we need to understand and respect that every member of our family has a different mission to complete and a different divine path to follow. We grow together by expanding our common ground and by sharing our individual experiences and personal contributions.

9. Reach Out

When you are ready, reach out. Go forth and make some new awakened friends. If at all possible, get off the internet for a while and talk to real people in the real world. Use Skype or another voice app. Make a real human connection. It will be easier and more rewarding when you converse face to face, or voice to voice. There’s less room for misunderstanding and more opportunity to build a real soul-filled bond.

The modern world is trying to move us away from forming soul-filled bonds. Technology, social media, and the frantic pace of modern life often keeps us compartmentalized, isolated, and alone. The internet is a wonderful glorious tool, but it is also slightly dehumanizing. It’s easy to hide behind an online identity. It’s convenient to ‘like’ something with a click, or trash someone with a comment. Real relationships, and real change, takes real world work.

Learn to ask for help when you need it. Learn to offer help when you can. Don’t expect the first person you talk with to be your salvation. Don’t expect anything at all. Find what fits best for your life, for your journey, for your ability to contribute. Step outside of your shell. Ask the Universe to help bring some connections to you, and be open when they arrive. The best way for us to form a unified community is to get out there and start building a united community, one friendship at a time.

10. Be of Service

When you’ve finally done the inner work, you’ll be better equipped to successfully and joyously perform the outer work. It will no longer be about achieving specific goals. It will be about the process of transformation – personal and global transformation linked together.

We all have something to offer, some talent, some resource, some research, some creativity, some energy, some encouragement, some healing, some inner-light, some type of contribution to make. All contributions are needed. All contributions should be respected.

Find your own calling. Be creative. Write something. Paint something. Build something new. Work on a joint project with someone else. Become a temporary volunteer for a charity or some big endeavor. Form a book club or a discussion group. Start a meditation group. Seek out other meditation groups to coordinate with. Start a newsletter. Start a grass-roots movements. Start a campaign. Reach out to local businesses. Effect change at a major corporation. Feed someone. Help heal someone. Or just transform your day job in a small positive way. Find a personal way to be of service.

Ten Steps. None of them are easy. None of them will be accomplished overnight. But they might help you find a way to transform yourself, and in the process, help you transform the world.

Personal Note

These ten steps came to me as a flash of inspiration while I was pondering the problem of divisiveness within the awakened community. I wrote them down in about 1o minutes. Then I went back and wrote up a full description of each one.  These steps are only valuable if people find them insightful and are willing to use them for personal growth. If they don’t speak to you, don’t use them.

I’ve experienced the truth of these steps in the course of learning from my own mistakes, through my own inner work and the process of self-growth. It’s a continual process of personal transformation.

This post is not meant for my blog alone. Please share this post widely and freely.

About the Author

David Nova is the author of the metaphysical fiction series “Season of the Serpent.”  He is a truth-seeker, a Wanderer, a blogger, and the moderator of Deus Nexus: Messages For An Entangled Universe.  For additional information about the author or his novels, visit his website, or his Facebook page.

This article is offered under Creative Commons license. It’s okay to republish it anywhere as long as attribution bio is included and all links remain intact.


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  2. If my ego behaved like the stardust of the physical universe, where entropy is seemingly unavoidable, perhaps I could respect, appreciate and give thanks for the process and journey. Not long ago I was enamored of my own brightness, a star shining to be seen. Though I got too big for my own sake. I altered the orbital consensus of my system. I looked to other systems for answers to regain my balance. Some stars gave a cursory glance, while most kept on shooting by. I chanced by a peculiar dense beckoning call. I absorbed myself within its majesty of galactic attainment. Before I knew it, my very essence was giving itself over. I found easy peace and a place to sleep, beyond the event horizon.

    Or maybe I broke free of its sway and continued on my way. Did it matter one way or another? Was there more to my destiny than matter flowing? I felt so. Though there was ever more to observe. Yet, having got this little way on, I now oblige the learning of all our yearning. Bright stars and black holes, and all in between and beyond, within and without, what joy! From pride to the other side, we glide, side by side and alone. What a home.

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