The Control-Matrix is Crashing because the Truth-Seekers are Winning


Source: Zen Gardner | by Philip J Watt

The way the masses view the world is a farce. Every single mainstream perspective is either purposely deceptive, or completely misses the point. Even the people in places of influence who we’re meant to trust have either sold out, or are just plain ignorant to the facts. There’s no need to have a heavy heart though; the matrix of control is crashing because the truth-seekers are dealing heavy blows to the false narratives that have for too long shaped the collective mindset of humanity.

Of course the internet can be celebrated for being the primary mechanism which has amplified the sharing of information across location, race, culture and belief systems. In retrospect, the powers-that-will-no-longer-be would be kicking themselves for not trying harder to institute their insidious plan for humanity prior to the birth and growth of the world-wide-web.

Make no mistake though; they have been very successful on many fronts. For example, try to imagine a world where:

    • most journalists don’t report the real news;
    • the majority of doctors don’t truly understand the causes of poor health and how to legitimately resolve it;
    • a high proportion of politicians don’t know how the money supply works and what the agenda is of those who control it;
    • many so-called expert scientists ‘believe’ in a discredited philosophy which resembles a dogmatic religion;
    • the majority of teachers don’t realize they’re teaching a system of indoctrination that nowhere near gets close to the information and critical thinking that should be afforded our kids; and
    • the masses are not only ill-informed, divided and feverishly fighting against each other over small and irrelevant topics, but they’re also sleepwalking through one of the most majestic and reverent realities that could have ever been conceptualized.

Well, welcome to our world. 

As we begin what we call the 21st Century, every system that should be designed to facilitate the health and vitality of the people has been hacked with lies, deception, dysfunction and disharmony. It’s easy to think that this is an embarrassment for our species because it’s beneath our intelligence and ethical capacity, yet there’s no need to lose faith in the inevitable betterment of humanity, including the way in which we organize and economize our societies.

Why? Because all of this dysfunction has been an effective driver of the collective awakening that is rising in the hearts and minds of humanity.

The inspiring fact is that more and more people are slowly waking up and realizing we all have the opportunity to come to our own, informed opinion on the truth, pertaining to both the spiritual and systemic realities. So many more people now understand the mainstream news is not to be taken seriously as its not where we can find information which is aligned with the deeper truths. They’re also acknowledging that we have the choice on what we decide to personally stand and fight for, as well as the legacy we leave for our children and our future generations.

Beware though; once we exit the matrix of control we’re faced with some serious challenges. We have a lot of inner work to do, such as designing a philosophy that ensures we’re at peace, as well as exercising patience in the quest to take back our liberties and design a legitimate and honorable future for humanity.

That’s why we’ve got to feel for those who have been long aware of the many dysfunctions of our world, especially those who have not learned peace and patience. Slowly they’ve watched:

    • the military-industrial-media-politico-banking complex increase their power and continue their pillage across the world;
    • pharmaceutical monopolies amplifying the drugging of society, as well as keeping many of us sick so that they maximize their profits;
    • movements rise up only to be vilified and disassembled, such as the Occupy Movement;
    • science turned into a corporate institution, as well as further hijacked by an inaccurate and small-minded philosophy of reality;
    • wars purposely created with millions of people dying for the whims of the shadow empire;
    • radical extremists massaged into proxy armies to do dirty work for the collapsing power structure;
    • air, medicine, food and water becoming purposely more toxic;
    • governmental policy increasingly being determined by corporate/elite interests;
    • police being militarized all around the globe;
    • the education model struggling to become less of an indoctrination system; and
    • the agenda of global governance becoming closer to fruition.

Some people have known about much of this for decades, so we should commend them for continuing to fight the good fight. They might have witnessed some disheartening developments, yet as much as all this sounds dire, they’ve also seen millions of people disengage from the propaganda narratives and align themselves with the systemic and spiritual pathways that will be the next stage of our evolution.

The point is that even though we need to be patient and persevere, we should recognize and celebrate the achievements that have been made so far. As I discussed in a previous article called “Whilst the Old System Crashes a New One is Being Built”, there are:

    • economists who want to transform the Keynesian model to legitimate alternatives;
    • teachers who understand the massive holes in the indoctrination system called public education;
    • scientists who want to evolve the way energy is created and shared;
    • health practitioners who see the limits of mechanistic and pharmacological medicine and the need for the reintroduction of natural and plant-based therapies;
    • journalists who demand that the media monopolies need to be disassembled;
    • environmentalists who want to transition the way food is grown and distributed;
    • community leaders who aim to reintegrate them to better support its members;
    • politicians who understand the democratic system has been hijacked by big money;
    • activists who campaign for revolutions in our value systems; and
    • futurists who want to change the systemic template for our societal health and well-being.

There are many beautiful souls who are leading the charge by attempting to redesign our society back into alignment with the natural laws of our universe. We should be one of them, regardless of which way we personally decide to contribute.

To do that, we all need to be super clear within ourselves what we believe and what we want to change. There are many ways to do it too, so finding our passions and strengths is critical to playing our own small part in the shift.

It is simply no longer acceptable to keep our heads in the sand; either we’re a minion of the system or we’re not. Of course its difficult to completely disconnect from the way resources flow through the control channels, yet that needn’t stop us from talking about it, sharing information online and somehow contributing, no matter how small, to local and global movements which aim to transition humanity into the new paradigm of abundance.

After all, the truth is what it is, and it is exposing itself to the world by powerfully flowing through all of us.

Ultimately, we needn’t wait for the zombie apocalypse because its already arrived. Most people are good people, yet the masses have been brainwashed into thinking in ways that are absolutely nowhere near aligned to the truth. They might be sleepwalking through a time where the tipping point for the conscious society builds, but that doesn’t mean they’re not salvageable. That’s why we all have a responsibility to help facilitate waking up the collective so that together we’re more empowered and informed to really bring about a future of justice and honor that we can all be proud of.

To do so, let me give you some advice. Don’t get frustrated, don’t be rude, don’t belittle, don’t condemn. We all had to wake up at one stage so its hypocritical if we are. Instead, be calm, be cool, be real, be articulate. Know the information that you advocate like the back of your hand. If we want to be successful in helping others to face the delusions then we need to ensure their defense mechanisms aren’t raised so they’re more likely to be open and receptive to embrace the truth.

And one more thing; hang in there guys and be patient, we’ve still got a long, arduous way to go but we know all the effort will be worth every second.


Phillip J. Watt lives in Australia. His written work deals with topics from ideology to society, as well as self-development. Follow him on Facebook or visit his website.

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24 thoughts on “The Control-Matrix is Crashing because the Truth-Seekers are Winning

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  2. You said it right, too right i would like to say, but so true.Hopefully we are all together in this” sheet” and we have to succeed.

    thanks man

  3. Maybe some of these ideas are right, maybe not. But I find the language of this article to be very arrogant in its tone. I notice you failed to include misogyny as one of the largest issues of our time. Perhaps because its always been there, across cultures and across time, so many people fail to see it. Men just can’t help themselves. All so keen to be the leaders, the achievers, the competitors, and yes they want to be the leaders of this new way of living. So where do I think it needs to start? with a little humility. Its not just a matter of waking up from our slumber. We need to feel the pain and shame of the world we live in. And men, in particular, need to be the followers rather than the leaders. Dealing with male ego may not change everything, but, hell, it sure would go a long way. Anyone who is not up for that is not up for change of any kind. I’m not holding my breath waiting for such things. Interesting how much what one can learn about a person from what they DON’T say as much as the stuff they do.

    • Perhaps if the author strays into an arrogant tone in his writings, he could benefit from a little more balance between the divine masculine and the divine feminine. However, this is true of most of the alternative media in general – that generally writes from the polarity of either the masculine/analytical/objective voice or the feminine/empathic/subjective voice. I favor a consciously balanced voice, but that is often difficult to find on the internet.

      • I agree. But I felt I had to comment, because, if the human race does not address misogyny, the human species simply will not survive.

    • Nobody needs to be followers or leaders of others. That is the main problem. Dealing with the male Ego? Newflash: Women can have the same overblown egos as men. Women can be malignany narcissists just the same as men.

      • To that end dare I say just look at Hillary Clinton. Her drive to be president ,I feel , is the lust for the power of the position. On it’s own that is not necessarily bad….but her record and actions have shown a disregard for human lives. War , to her is a way to a means.

  4. I think the human species will survive, but will live at some point on different planes of consciousness. While presently we are in a mixed state, it is evident some are dropping out now and when they return won’t have a resonance high enough to continue on this one. This period of time is here to help those awaken and decide which consciousness level they will want to go to.

  5. I agree. This article shows the scale of consciousness in that the average person lives at a 200 level with extremely intelligent people between 300 and 400 but those reaching enlightenment starting at 700. They have been made whole. And with that, certain spiritual protections are given if practiced.

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  8. Great stuff young man.
    I am 60 years young and thought this way much of my life but bought into the crap that was pushed on me…often reluctantly as I think back.
    Certainly confused as a young guy but have woken up with the growth of the internet I feel.
    Keep rockin this out Philip and I will share all.

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  11. My philosophy of positive absurdism tears down the obvious delusions of genetic and cultural programming as well, but then builds on the foundation of the reality trinity: science, healthy irrationality & critical thinking. No pseudo scientific ‘energy’ and ‘spirituality’ nonsense required. You don’t have to believe in anyone’s arrogant POV; my Truths are self-evident to anyone with a rational mind! Don’t replace a system of comforting delusions with another one that may be slightly less harmful yet is wilfully ignorant of the power of the scientific method to understand raw reality!


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