Cosmic Awakening Show: The New Human With Mary Rodwell

Source: In5D

Host Michelle Walling brings back Mary Rodwell to discuss one of her favorite topics: Star Children and the New Humans!

Mary is the author of “Awakening: How ET Contact Can Transform Your Life,” and is working on a new book to be released this year- “The New Humans”.

Mary’s work is in supporting individuals and their families experiencing encounters with non-human intelligence. Mary’s research indicates we as a species are being assisted to evolve due to these Extraterrestrial interactions and the new generations of children are demonstrating major changes in awareness and how these changes are not always understood due to more conventional interpretation.

Topics include:

  • Examples of conscious recall memories of the star kids
  • Examples of abilities of these kids
  • The changes in DNA of the new human
  • How to care for a star child
  • Where to look for support with a new human star child

Find out more about Mary on the ACERN web site

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