Rumors of Regime Change in the United States?

deusnexus_100I don’t normally repost implausible internet rumors, however, this one is almost certain to catch fire and distract a good many people. All the usual suspects are now reporting that there has been a regime change in the White House, citing President Obama’s recent Executive Order, adding an amendment to the “President Transition Act” of 1963.

Read more about this rather suspicous amendment below – never before has “preparing and hosting interagency emergency preparedness and response exercises” EVER been a part of the Presidential Transition Act or ANY amendment of that Act.

Naturally, these sources claim that Barrack Obama will remain a figurehead president for the remainder of his term. (He has always been a figurehead president) They also claim Donald Trump will be the next President, reflecting a change in power behind the throne. The same Trump who may well have been selected by the occult elite for the role of overseeing the orderly default of the United States’ economy. The same Trump who just picked a former Goldman Sachs partner and Soros employee as his Finance Chairman. The same Trump who refuses to answer why he shares the same tax haven in Delaware with Hillary Clinton.

Meanwhile, secret plans are proceeding for the implimentation of a Cashless Society.

I tend to agree with enerchi’s comments below, that “discernment is highly advised” and that I will believe a positive transition in power has actually occured when certain activities are no longer occuring…


Major Movement on Multiple Fronts Including US Regime Change and serious political turmoil in China

Source: Benjamin Fulford

fulford_b&wThere are serious and undeniable changes now taking place at the highest levels of the world’s power structure. First, as already noted by Neil Keenan and others, US President Barack Obama told the Washington Press corps at the Whitehouse correspondents dinner on April 30th that “the end of the republic has never looked better,” and that “It is an honor to be here at my last—and perhaps the last—White House Correspondent’s Dinner.” Here is a link to the White House Press release containing these comments.


Furthermore the White House put out a detailed plan on May 6th for a “peaceful transition of power.”


CIA sources the plan is still to keep Obama as the face of the regime and use him to transition to a Donald Trump presidency but that Obama was no longer living in the White House and that the powers behind the throne had changed. One very visible sign of the US regime change is the fact that “1500 Yale Skull and Bones documents will be released to expose [US Secretary of State John] Kerry, the Bushes, and other cabal members,” Pentagon sources note. This disclosure is a clear sign the Satanists have lost at the highest level of the US power structure.



Dark Cabal / USA Corp. Surrenders On April 30, 2016 – Intel Report

Source: ascensionwithearth.com | by 

I listened to the first part of Neil Keenan’s breaking news and thought that I should put some notes together since this is some amazing, historical, and incredible information ……… if true!

This does correlate with information coming from various sources including Benjamin Fulford, Yosef, Bruce from the Big Call, WING-IT, Dinar Chronicles, Operation Disclosure, Fisher from the Real Truth Call, ZAP, and other intel/rumor providers.

Please keep in mind that this information furnished by Neil Keenan was published openly on May 5, 2016 but the info stated regarding time windows has passed.  Which is all too familiar with those who follow these daily intel/rumor reports.  Still the information presented is of historic importance if the information concerning the surrender of the cabal is true.

Of course, discernment is highly advised until it can personally be verifiable to each and every one of us.  I always ask myself ……  Are Chemtrails still being sprayed without our consent, Fluoride still in our water, Criminal politicians and bankers still in power, Pedophile Network and Satanic Cult still murdering and raping children, are people still starving for food, are people still homeless, Prosperity Programs delivered /RV of currencies and funds in your bank account?  This is my measurement gauge to see how things are progressing for the freedom of humanity.  Must gauge again to see how the surrender of the dark cabal and USA CORP. has improved on my short list of items.

Neil Keenan’s publication of videos can be found on his site at neilkeenan.com .


Executive Orders, Transition Act & Presidential Interregnum

Source: Removing The Shackles

Another Executive Order was signed by Obama on Friday May 6th, 2016.  And Yes, it is not unusual for an outgoing president to add an amendment to the “President Transition Act” of 1963, and for the amendments to happen within 6 months of the next election.  What IS unusual are some of the amendments that Obama added on Friday.

Some of the language used in these amendments is ambiguous to say the least, leaving some points widely open to interpretation, which always sets off alarm bells for me.  But for me there is one Glaring addition that stands out like a beacon of neon light, screaming “One of these things just doesn’t belong…. One of these things is not like the others”.

…. I have spent the last 6 hours reading and reviewing all the amendments to this Act, and never before has “preparing and hosting interagency emergency preparedness and response exercises” EVER been a part of the Presidential Transition Act or ANY amendment of that Act!!!

For me: ALARM BELLS, Instantaneously.