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Cosmic Imbalance: Passive Light vs Active Darkness


By David Nova | From Deus Nexus

There is an imbalance in The Force, and it is not a problem unique to planet Earth. This imbalance seems to be affecting the entire region of our galaxy, across many civilizations, and across multiple dimensions, or densities.

The Light has become habitually passive while the Darkness has become compulsively active.

We can see the evidence of this imbalance in the stalemate-standoff that seems to be the situation playing out on planet Earth. We are seeing no clear and apparent victory moves from either the Light or the Darkness. This stalemate-standoff has been dragging on for several years now.  The Darkness continues to play offensive. The Light continues to play defensive. A global awakening is being both encouraged and hindered with equal measure. The game grinds on in a slow-motion slog, toward some long-distant finish line.  Both the Light forces and the Dark forces are equally frustrated by this. When will this game end?  When we realize we no longer need or require it.

Perhaps in a more properly balanced Universe, the scales would not be tipped so far toward this duality extreme.

I am writing these words, not just for human minds, but for all of the non-human minds, and the non-coporeal minds that may be paying attention. Truly …  A Message For An Entangled Universe. And the message is: Your advanced belief systems are still duality traps. 

In a previous post, Understanding the Divine Relationship, I examined the spiritual differences between Doing and Being, I demonstrated that the Divine relationship is one where Being should supersede Doing. That doesn’t mean you should stop at Being.

To keep their power and influence [the Darkness] must maintain this backwards energetic system – of Doing subverting Being – the Master-Slave Relationship. But as we shall see, this is the reverse flow of the Divine Relationship, of Being supporting Doing.

The problem of our cosmic imbalance is that the Light Side is preoccupied with Being, while the Darkness is preoccupied with Doing. Thus the Light is hindered and handicapped, both internally and externally, in Doing, just as the Darkness is hindered and handicapped, both internally and externally, in Being.

Ultimately, it is FEAR that keeps both sides from experiencing balance. It is fear that hinders the Light from Doing, and it is fear that hinders the Darkness from Being.

Yes, of course, Being is the naturally preferred state of the Light. Being, by its very nature, is passive. Being is naturally introspective.  Being is contemplative and meditative. The state of Being is one of self-acceptance, self-understanding, and compassionate self-love. Being seeks to explore and nurture the divine spark within. Being is at rest and is nonviolent. Being tends to be quiet, meek, and mild. Being doesn’t care to intervene.

Unfortunately, in the distant past, there have been problems associated when the Light was more engaged in Doing. Let’s call them abuses of power. When the Light becomes active, it can unfortunately become an over-zealous religious crusader.  When the Light tramples over free will, it becomes quite oppressive. It becomes more like the Darkness, the Darkness that it opposes. It falls from grace. It falls to a lower density. It loses its polarity. And then it has to relearn or remember its way back to the Light.

Thus there is great fear associated with exercising power, a fear of Doing. A fear of making mistakes. A fear of intervening. A fear of failure. A fear of falling from grace. “Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”  That is a fundamental fear associated with Doing. The Light needs only to become more flexible, playful, and creative in its approach to Doing.

Doing is the naturally preferred state of the Darkness. Doing is obviously active. Doing is neither introspective nor contemplative. Doing relies upon the expenditure of energy to force an external change or transformation, while Being is concerned with the internal transformation.

I could argue that a real, balanced transformation is reflected in both the internal and the external together… As Above, So Below. It would seem to us that the Light has habitually chosen to manifest only the internal transformation, that is until now, until this eye-blink of history that we are now passing through.

For the Darkness, Doing is the active engagement in endless circular thinking, scheming, plotting, planing, preparing, rehearsing, acting, often in grand elaborate rituals. Doing involves the fragmentation and compartmentalization of the mind. Doing is mindless programmed activity. Doing never rests and never surrenders. Doing is the ego without the soul. Doing is an Artificial Intelligence struggling to survive. And Doing requires greater and greater amounts of energy, stolen from the Light.

The Darkness is running away from Being. The Darkness is greatly afraid of Being. If the Darkness had to sit still within itself, contemplate itself without Doing, it might go mad, or simply wither and die.  This is the ultimate entropy problem of the Darkness.

But a state of passive Being is exactly what the Darkness needs in a more balanced Universe. In a state of passive Being, the Darkness may finally come to appreciate and accept its own role within creation. (A Darkness that can learn – to surrender with dignity is not weakness.)

In the greater physical Universe, Darkness will never be completely extinguished, it will always play some role in creation, however a passive Darkness can eventually learn to accept its place within the ever-evolving Cosmos without creating a traumatic duality unbalance. This may sound insane to those of rudimentary spirituality, but does not a tiger play some role in the wonder of creation? The tiger inspires us to embrace our own power.

Ultimately, the aim of the Great Cosmic Game that we are all playing, humans and non-humans alike, is not a victory for the Light or the Darkness. Ultimately, the aim is returning to the Unity within. The aim is a return to wholeness. The aim is achieving a greater balance, embracing both our Light and our Darkness.  The aim is an end to our duality conflicts.  The aim is a return to more of a postive balance of active Light and a passive Darkness. Not neutrality. Not a stalemate. But a transcendence into something greater, an awakened cosmos we can not even begin to imagine.

About the Author

David Nova is the author of the metaphysical fiction series “Season of the Serpent.”  He is a truth-seeker, a Wanderer, a blogger, and the moderator of Deus Nexus: Messages For An Entangled Universe.  For additional information about the author or his novels, visit his website, or his Facebook page.

This article is offered under Creative Commons license. It’s okay to republish it anywhere as long as attribution bio is included and all links remain intact.

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12 thoughts on “Cosmic Imbalance: Passive Light vs Active Darkness

  1. This is a wonderful synopsis of the seemingly endless display of the forces of light and dark. I started liberating my passive light side by deeply contemplating how I interacted with fear. I went into that state of being, (fear), with all its lethargy and disfunction and started to own, that which I perceived to be vile and frightening outside. The perceived (dark side) was indeed created by my own mind (inside). I discovered that i was mismanaging my own perceptions and the consequences of that were destroying my effectiveness in real life. The fact was, that i was afraid of my own fear, not the one which faced me from outside, but the one inside self. The real TRUTH for me was that fear creates fear, hate creates hate, and yes LOVE creates LOVE. This was truly liberating for my soul and i set to work to liberate my body from its programmed responses to fear. I did this by learning to manage my breath when confronted by an uncomfortable situation and being vigilant to inner programming. Your writings are massively empowering. Thankyou.

    • Thanks for the comment and thanks for sharing. “The real TRUTH for me was that fear creates fear, hate creates hate, and yes LOVE creates LOVE.” So much truth in one sentence! Thank you!

  2. Excellent post here David. Great to expand one’s concept of cosmic initiation and the integration of the light and dark, and becoming cognizant of The One Truth. Something that I’m not sure the people are ready for. That said, planting these seeds is essential.

    Thanks for you work. I’m going to share on Stillness.

    – Justin

    • Thanks for the words of support. I think if the people are ready for the dark revelations of secret space programs that Corey Goode shares, then their souls are more than ripe for this information. The trouble is most people prefer a passive spiritual path to an active one.

      • Indeed. The tricky part is turning a factoid into an intrinsically settled aspect of our beingness. Integration is a proactive process. I really like they way you highlighted that theme here.

        Glad to have you contributing to the cause!

  3. Reblogged this on Dawn of Divine Rays and commented:
    The Great School on Planet Earth is about ‘Balance’. The art of Balancing between the Yin/Yang energy where each is dependent upon the other for further ‘advancement/enhancement’ of the energy itself as it’s being merged consistently (not divided like humans and the school of extreme duality). It’s only natural that each opposite energy, when not being ‘monitored/watched’ has been ‘allowed’ to continue without ‘external intervention’ citing the ‘free will’ of Planet Earth has gone way too far. We aren’t going to hand over our free will to anyone or anything .. but during this great transition to get out of extreme negativity, the ‘intervention’ should have been allowed to intercede and end the extreme pain and sufferings for too many thousands of years. Enough said – The Event should happen Now. Namaste to All As One. – Agnes Khoo Schwenk

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