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“Captain America: Civil War” Sells Problem-Reaction-Solution


Captain America: Civil War continues to promote the same underlying message of Marvel’s Avengers franchise to sleeping audiences, Monarch mind control programming and the New World Order.

By David Nova | From Deus Nexus

This post further examines the esoteric messages present within the Marvel Universe of films. It is strongly recommended that you read my analysis of Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Avengers: Age of Ultron, before you read this, as these posts provide background that I will not repeat here.

While there is a great deal more information packed into these previous films, Captain America: Civil War presents 3 prominent concepts to be implanted into the public consciousness, in direct correlation to the illuminati’s overused formula, known as the Hegelian Dialectic, featuring Problem-Reaction-Solution, with Mind Control/Terrorism as the Problem, civil war as the Reaction, and a stronger oversight role for the United Nations becoming the intended Solution, (ie: the political implementation of the New World Order).

Here is a basic synopsis of the film’s plot:

Whether they were battling Hydra or Ultron, the Avengers have caused too much human destruction and loss of life. This is the Problem. The United Nations is preparing to pass the Sokovia Accords, which will establish a UN panel to oversee and control the Avengers. Captain America and Ironman are divided on the matter, and this leads to a Civil War within the Avengers. This is the Reaction. Even though Captain America was ultimately right, the Avengers’ Civil War causes even more destruction, cementing the need for the United Nations to take control. And this is the intended Solution. Captain America goes into hiding. (Oh yeah, and they introduce yet another Spiderman, BFD.)


Problem: The Root of Terrorism Is Mind Control

Let’s forget about Tony Stark/Ironman, his murdered parents, his massive ego, and his arrogant mistakes. The real story of this film is the Winter Soldier, and that is what we are going to focus upon.

More than any other comic book franchise, the world of The Avengers closely reflects our own, and the Captain America films are seemingly the most realistic political films of the series.

The Captain America films are not subtle about the topic of mind control. In fact they spare no detail about a subject that is very much real, and not some imaginary idea of science fiction. This is the most disturbing aspect of these films, the casual way Marvel Studios (owned by Disney) is revealing one of the deepest and darkest secrets of the occult elite, presenting it as fiction, yet conditioning the public to accept this atrocity as normalized.

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One of the best kept secrets in history is the Monarch Mind-control programming which uses trauma-based mind control along with state of the art mind control to create humans who are totally controlled by a ‘handler’ without even knowing that they are controlled. This is accomplished by sophisticated use of the brain’s ability to disassociate, which is used to the extreme to create structured multiple-personality disordered minds.

For an extremely technical definition of what the Monarch program was: it was used as a US Department of Defense code name for a subsection of the CIA’s Operation Artichoke which is also known as Project MK-Ultra. However, this technical definition is misleading because the Monarch programming under various names such as marionette programming has been going on since the Nazis. (Source)

The official history of mind control goes back to the Nazis, as the Captain America films openly acknowledge. However, the unofficial history of mind control probably dates back thousands of years, a crude inhuman practice protected by secret societies and ancient mystery schools. The recorded history of many mad British kings and Roman emperors may support this hypothesis.

The first phase of government mind control development grew out of the old occult techniques which required the victim to be exposed to massive psychological and physical trauma, usually beginning in infancy, in order to cause the psyche to shatter into a thousand alter personalities which can then be separately programmed to perform any function (or job) that the programmer wishes to”install”.  (source)

You just don’t traumatize a person indiscriminately or you will kill them. You have to know what you are doing. They have doctors and heart monitoring equipment. The fundamental programming is done in hospital settings, or hospital-type settings. (source)

Lee Harvey Oswald, Sirhan Sirhan, John Hinckley Jr., Timothy McVeigh, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, James Eagan Holmes – There is enough circumstantial evidence to suggest that some lone gunmen, patsy assassins, and media-famous mass murderers may infact be victims of mind control themselves, programmed to commit their heinous crimes.

Captain America: Civil War is basically telling us this is true. In fact, the film goes one step further. The film suggests that behind every act of terrorism or false flag event is a mind controlled super soldier. Though I have yet to discover any study that links terrorism with mind control, I strongly suspect the link exists. Wouldn’t someone pretty much have to be mind controlled to become a suicide bomber? The basic human instinct for self-preservation would prevent most un-traumatized individuals from even considering such an act.

Each alter personality created is separate and distinct from the front personality. The ‘front personality’ is unaware of the existence or activities of the alter personalities. Alter personalities can be brought to the surface by programmers or handlers using special codes. The victim of mind control can also be affected by specific sounds, words or actions known as triggers. (source)

The film further informs us of the existence of special code books, lists of trigger words that are used to activate an alter personality that is programmed to kill. Such a code book exists for the Winter Solider, and it is a major plot point of the film. This is not fiction. Here is a video of what may in fact be a mind control trigger caught on tape, live on C-SPAN, in the U.S. Capitol.

An owner of a slave will ordinarily carry a stun gun (up to 200,000 volts DC) to erase the memory of his slave, and they will also carry a black or grey spiral book with all their own slave’s access codes, triggers, cryptic keys and programs. All this will fit into a briefcase. A working knowledge of hypnosis is helpful to understand how to deal with the slave in certain instances. Because the slave is under the most powerful combinations of mind-control and is so divided against his or her own self, it is almost impossible to have many problems with the slave if the handler does what he is supposed to do. However, some handlers get drunk or loan the slave to inexperienced people, etc., and problems do develop. Of course the slaves always end up taking the blame for everything that goes wrong. (Source)

While the Captain America and Avenger films may awaken some film goers and raise awareness of this horrific crime against humanity, for the most part, the average sleeping pre-teen to twenty-something probably thinks this is ‘pretty cool’ stuff, and that is where the battle for humanity’s collective soul is being lost.

What sleeping adolescent doesn’t want to become an ‘enhanced human’ like one of the Avengers? Will adolescents, in the very near future, line up to make a deal with the devil, and volunteer to subject themselves to unthinkable torture if it means they can be as strong as Captain America, Black Widow, Hawkeye, or even the Winter Soldier?  This is a very troubling thought, and this is why I am writing this unpleasant post.

 “Did I say this was a love story? It’s a horror movie.” – Deadpool

This is exactly what Wade Wilson does in the recent film Deadpool, though he is looking for a cure for his incurable cancer. Wade Wilson subjects himself to unimaginable torture, so that he can transform or activate his mutation, selective lingo that seems to represent the Monarch programming process. Wilson becomes Deadpool, the wise cracking, superhuman, anti-straightlaced, anti-hero. In the near future, perhaps even today, the process of creating a mind controlled slave may be quite painless – as simple as installing a chip in the brain.

The second phase of mind control development was refined at an underground base below Fort Hero on Montauk. Long Island (New York) and is referred to as the Montauk Project. The earliest adolescent victims of Montauk style programming, so called Montauk Boys, were programmed using trauma-based techniques but that method was eventually abandoned in favor of an all-electronic induction process which could be “installed” in a matter of days (or even hours) instead of the many years that it took to complete trauma-based methods. (source)


Reaction: A Second American Civil War?

Captain America wants to protect his war buddy, Bucky, the mind controlled Winter Soldier. Ironman urges the other Avengers to sign the Sokovia Accords. It’s unclear why Captain Rogers goes as far as he does to protect his friend, who is clearly a danger to everyone, but he rightly wants to get to the truth of the false flag terrorist event. (9/11?) Meanwhile, Tony Stark has already jumped aboard the globalist agenda, oversight of the Avengers. An epic internal battle ensues between superheros.

This plot echos a familiar theme from the last Captain America film: “divide and conquer.” In the last film, the conflict was divided between S.H.I.E.L.D and Hydra, “two sides of the same coin,” we were told. Once again, we see another artifically-created division, between the pro-globalist Avengers and the anti-globalist Avengers. Are we not seeing something similar taking place in American presidential politics, between Clinton vs Trump?

This is pure conjecture, but the Avengers’ Civil War seems eerily predictive of the situation that many alternative-media people are predicting will become the next American Civil War, resulting in partial disclosure and the ouster of neocon cabal members. Will another American Civil War end the same way as it does for the old school patriot Captain America? A United Nations solution to end the conflict? Captain America goes into hiding? Again, this is pure conjecture.

One fact should be highlighted. These are no longer films made for an American audience. These are films specifically made for a global audience. Notice the huge number of non-United States locations that are specifically called out with titles in this film. Hollywood has been filming movies overseas for the last few decades, aiming at bigger box office receipts abroad. These big blockbuster films often feature non-U.S. locations and conflicts to appeal to a global audience. Yet while Americans are still predominantly the ‘good guys,’ they are also seen, just like the Avengers in this film, as causing reckless destruction outside of their boarders. More and more, the outside world views Americans as reckless and dangerous, and in need of international oversight.

Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War, Sokovia Accords, © Marvel 2016

Solution: A New Global Order is Required

The illuminati is not synonymous with the American occult elite. America has always been the military and scientific arm of this worldwide cabal, which is why America has been At war for 222 out of 239 years, since 1776. No. the illuminati is a global octopus, much like the one displayed is the recent James Bond film, Spectre. The plan for a one world government has always depended upon the destruction of America. And the most effective way to destroy America, apparently, is from within, as we have seen a slow avalanche of evidence for the last 70 years, perhaps longer.

I suppose when war alone in no longer needed to control all the people, when chemicals, technology, and mind control are sufficient to the task, the global occult elite planned to toss the American Empire into the dust bin. After all, the illuminati are cowards who prefer not to fight, who manipulate others to fight for them. They have always used war out of necessity, and profit.

“Framework for the Registration and Deployment of Enhanced Individuals,” is what the cover of the Sokovia Accords says. I find it interesting that there have been a number of super hero films and television shows that have used the exactly same plot device. The “Mutant Registration Act” in X-Men comes to mind. Also the television series The 4400.

While it’s unclear if there is some specific real-world meaning to this plot point, 3 distinct possibilities come to mind.

(1) This represents support for a general population registration act by the United Nations that is already in development, the UN plans to implement universal biometric identification for all of humanity by 2030.

(2) This represents support for future specific legislation that would register and control Starseed or Indigo children, perhaps children who are born with an extra strand of DNA, or children who demonstrate ascension symptoms.

(3) This represents an internal illuminati battle to register “enhanced individuals” who have been mind controlled by older and cruder methods. This is probably the more unlikely scenario of the 3.


Perhaps America is the Avengers. America is the misguided technocratic egoist that is Tony Stark. America is also the rebellious, idealistic patriot that is Captain America. And unfortunately, America is the brainwashed, mind controlled soldier of fortune that is the Winter Soldier. We are a large schizophrenic nation. And we need to wake up and come together for a common purpose, before it’s too late, before that purpose is chosen for us.

Wake up, America!

About the Author

David Nova is the author of the metaphysical fiction series “Season of the Serpent.”  He is a truth-seeker, a Wanderer, a blogger, and the moderator of Deus Nexus: Messages For An Entangled Universe.  For additional information about the author or his novels, visit his website, or his Facebook page.

This article is offered under Creative Commons license. It’s okay to republish it anywhere as long as attribution bio is included and all links remain intact.

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11 thoughts on ““Captain America: Civil War” Sells Problem-Reaction-Solution

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  2. Very well written synopsis David, we too saw many of the things you did while viewing the movie. I also thought of the “false dilemma” logical fallacies (logical deceptions) that we’re presented with in the world, but especially recently in America, such as with Vaxxed, transgender bathrooms, immigration, and the so-called refugee crisis. These are quite literally splitting America apart from within, just as the Avengers were in the movie — an empire could truly be falling, as we speak.

    Aline and I also noticed the trend for “registration” of so-called mutants and heroes, and how it has been a theme in many movies. This is disturbing, but also may fit in with the concepts from the recent Star Wars movie, ” the Force Awakens”, and how humanity could be heading for a massive shift which allows many people to embody their higher self. This will be a type of alignment and unity between their higher self and lower self (body), which will grant them all kinds of “super powers”. I discuss the possibility of this alignment in my recent video “Spontaneous Awakening, can it actually happen?” (, as well as the shift that allows the higher self to embody, the grand shift (

    The problem with this kind of shift is that if people have not done the work, or their higher selves are themselves imbalanced, because while their bodies are now in alignment with their higher selves, but their higher selves are still out of alignment with Source, we could experience a lot of chaos. With all of the Star Wars and Super Hero fandom going on, it could actually be a way of predictive programming those who will go into the grand shift to want to play out these fantasies, which means we could very well have super hero battles in the streets of every major city. This would in itself send the world into a type of chaos, and the UN could then make a power grab because humanity was incapable to deal with the fallout from their giant spontaneous awakening. Thus the recent trend in the x-men and marvel to create a registry of super heroes could very well occur if we have a mass “the force awakens” type soul awakening.

    Just a few possibilities that we considered, although the MK Ultra and Monarch themes are the most overt, for sure. Well executed article!

    • I was still pondering this after my initial comment, and was reminded of the movie “American Ultra”, which is a propaganda piece for voluntary CIA mind control, as it glorifies the main character’s power compared to non-voluntary recruits. I think you hit the nail on the head with the notion that they will soon offer up mind control to individuals on a volunteer basis.

      • I never saw “American Ultra” but I’m also reminded of the pilot episode of Joss Whedon’s Dollhouse, where Eliza Dushku volunteers to be mind-controlled for a wad of money and a clean slate. I would think volunteering would probably begin ‘underground’ as a black market service, one step closer to mainstreaming.

      • If they have perfected the proceess to be relatively quick and considerably less traumatic, without the requirement to disassociate, then you are probably right. Isn’t that what Corey Goode states happened to him? I presume the Secret Space Programs have a much more advanced program than the method Hollywood uses.

      • One of the recurring drumbeats in mainstream military training is how you chose to volunteer your oath of service. For that you are to be proud to be an “outstanding” citizen who is above and beyond normal people, while simultaneously ashamed to complain about any perceived discontent. Relentless reminders of this in the initial indoctrination(6 to 36 months, depending on your job’s training time) abate only so slightly to become monthly occurances throughout service.

        I’d wager a fair amount of dissotiation takes place in initial training, which can be very stressful at times, especially for anyone prone to anxiety.

      • Yes indeed, it would seem the military makes use of a soft form of mind control in basic training, breaking down the individual in order to rebuild them, then they reinforce that training throughout the soldier’s career. The same principle can be applied to doctors in medical school, lawyers in law school, any rigorous and stressful process of indoctrination.

  3. I reccomend checking out Terror Management theory and Mimetic rivalry theory, as they both provide compelling psycholgical motivations that underlie reactions to fear and desire for a solution. There is plenty of lead-in information on wikipedia and youtube for both. There are books to delve further.
    “In social psychology, terror management theory (TMT) proposes a basic psychological conflict that results from having a desire to live, but realizing that death is inevitable. This conflict produces terror, and is believed to be unique to human beings. Moreover, the solution to the conflict is also generally unique to humans: culture. According to TMT, cultures are symbolic systems that act to provide life with meaning and value. Cultural values therefore serve to manage the terror of death by providing life with meaning.[1][2] The theory was originally proposed by Jeff Greenberg, Sheldon Solomon, and Tom Pyszczynski.[1]”

    Search Rene Girard/Mimetic desire and rivalry

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