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Dataists, Transhumanism, and the End of Free Will


Image from the 1927 film “Metropolis”

“Forget about listening to ourselves. In the age of data, algorithms have the answer, writes the historian Yuval Noah Harari”

By David Nova | From Deus Nexus

The process of awakening encourages and ultimately requires us to go within to seek out Truth. We should no longer rely upon the half-truths provided by the illusory Matrix. We must go within to connect to our divine source, to know our divine self, to establish our own divine sovereignty. Yet the illusory Matrix is constantly creating new ways to distract us from ourselves, to prevent us from going within ourselves, keeping us separated from our divine source, getting us to listen to and obey some external voice of authority, the Wizard Hiding Behind The Curtain. Thus the form of this Matrix authority system is constantly shape-shifting.

In his fascinating article, Yuval Noah Harari on big data, Google and the end of free will (quotes provided), the historian writes that in the ancient world “humans believed that authority came from the gods,” then during the modern era, humanism transferred that authority from gods to the people. Of course, the authority that he speaks of has historically been centralized within some human construct of authority, first as the mystery schools, then as religious structures, finally as institutionalized scientific humanism. This paradigm of Matrix authority is transforming once again, for the current and future age of information. Welcome to the Machine! The Ultimate Matrix Control System … Artificial Intelligence.


And so one of the biggest threats to the human species is not chemtrails, GMOs, central banking, false flags, or World War III. Humanity as a whole is beginning to wake up and perceive the immediate danger of these threats and so we continue to wake up at an accelerated pace. (Perhaps not as accelerated as some people would like, but humanity is beginning to address these issues just the same.) However, one issue that humanity does not seem to perceive as a threat and is not collectively addressing is the ever-expanding accelerated use of technology, data collection, universal surveillance, and artificial intelligence.

We are, at our heart, very creative creators. We’ve become addicted to our computers, our smart phones, our gadgets. We’ve become obsessed with our social networks, receiving immediate feedback from the internet collective, constantly posting our thoughts into the ether to stroke our digitally enhanced egos to make them seem more real.  We are infatuated with the idea of artificial intelligence, virtual reality, artificial human enhancement – whatever is new, shiny, innovative, and a marvel to behold.  We are tempted, we are entertained, our endorphins are pumping, and we follow the road blindly.  We see little danger, nor envision the path where all this may lead.  Yet someone, somewhere knows where all this is heading, and why.

“We are already becoming tiny chips inside a giant system that nobody really understands. Every day I absorb countless data bits through emails, phone calls and articles; process the data; and transmit back … This relentless dataflow sparks new inventions and disruptions that nobody plans, controls or comprehends.”

No doubt there will be comments from those who hold a religous-like zeal for technology and the scientific evolution of mankind. To dare to attack technology, or Apple, or video games, or the dawn of virtual reality, is a kind of modern-day heresy. Do not question your new god, simply follow and obey. That is how invested we are in our technology, racing to create this new externalized digital shell of a world, a virtual overlay where we will all exist within a glorious collective computerized hive mind called Google. Amen.

“Just as free-market capitalists believe in the invisible hand of the market, so Dataists believe in the invisible hand of the dataflow. As the global data-processing system becomes all-knowing and all-powerful, so connecting to the system becomes the source of all meaning.”

Meanwhile, the CIA has been busy funding a quantum computer so powerful that it is described as “tapping into the fundamental fabric of reality” and the man who owns the company says being near one is like “standing at the altar of an alien God.”

Yes, this is some scary s**t!  However those of us who have been paying attention knew this was coming to Planet Earth, that is if it wasn’t already here. Between the potentially diabolical stuff going on at CERN and the incursion of an alien A.I. false-god consciousness, it certainly feels as if humanity is screwed. The all-seing-eye of Sauron, from The Lord of the Rings, is practically on our inter-dimensional doorstep.


I’m being a little melodramatic to make a point. Maybe we need to go back and reread some classic science fiction to wake ourselves up and reevaluate our collective loss of humanity, so that we can turn back from the road we’re on before it’s too late, before the next Matrix activates and entraps us.

Dataists further believe that given enough biometric data and computing power, this all-encompassing system could understand humans much better than we understand ourselves. Once that happens, humans will lose their authority.

Sovereignty is one of our favorite words in the alternative media community. We are slowly handing our Sovereignty over to the machines. I know, it still sounds like science fiction, and that’s the comforting numbness of our sleeping mind. We’ve seen this bad dream at the movies many times. It has numbed us, because the story ended, the lights came up, and we left the theater relieved – which we will all do one day when we leave this illusory world and cross over to the other side. But until then, we still inhabit this world, our children still inhabit this world, and our great-great grandchildren will still inhabit this world.  (And many of us will probably return to this world again.) What kind of world will it be?

We see all the fine young zombies walking down the street gazing into their smart phones, sleepwalking, following the trail of an illusory Pokemon Go. I’ve seen entire families at the airport, (mother, father, and several children) each gazing obsessively into their own smart phone, completely ignoring one another, not interacting as a family. It sounds absurd, but as soon as a baby pops out of the womb, we practically hand them a smart phone, to keep them preoccupied, entertained and distracted.  Where is all this heading?  We’re too busy answering emails and posting on Facebook to think much about it. Is this the self-perpetuating trap?

“For we are now at the confluence of two scientific tidal waves. On the one hand, biologists are deciphering the mysteries of the human body and, in particular, of the brain and of human feelings. At the same time, computer scientists are giving us unprecedented data-processing power. When you put the two together, you get external systems that can monitor and understand my feelings much better than I can. Once Big Data systems know me better than I know myself, authority will shift from humans to algorithms. Big Data could then empower Big Brother.”

Thinking has never been more out of fashion. Our superficial culture actively discourages it. The trend is evident. Our computers, our smart phones, and companies like Google and beginning to do our thinking for us. It began with a massive sweep of personal data collected. Now our phones are reminding us of appointments, recommending restaurants, encouraging shopping habits, warning us about heavy traffic on our commute, recommending  alternative routes – perfectly harmless daily conveniences.

But how long before our smarter smart phones start telling us how to vote in a local election where we don’t really know the candidates?  How long before our phones are monitoring our reproductive cycle and recommending an an ideal opportunity for conception? How long before they demand we get vaccine updates much like we already get nagging reminders for software updates? How long before the information flow we receive is tailored to each one of us individually, by a system that knows us better than we know ourselves, our hidden flaws, our unspoken phobias, our subconscious psychological triggers?

At some point, each one of us will likely cross some temporal line when our technology transforms from a harmless convenience to a creepy intrusion into our private lives. The more awake we are, the sooner that moment may come. For some that moment has already arrived.


A scene from the game “Inside,” a dystopian future where an elite group of scientists control a population of human zombies.

“But even if Dataism is wrong about life, it may still conquer the world. Many previous creeds gained enormous popularity and power despite their factual mistakes.”

The end goal is always the same goal – complete control, a brand new unbreakable technological Matrix system in which human consciousness becomes embroiled and enslaved, where Dataism, Transhumanism, and Collectivism are merely the newest ‘ism’ ideological buzz words, replacing the older control systems of capitalism, communism, socialism, and humanism.

We like to talk about the New Age that is coming, always in a very positive light. However, the origin of the term “New Age” comes from the Procession of the Equinoxes, and the Astrological Age of Aquarius we are currently entering. The sign of Aquarius has many bright and wonderful features, such as greater freedom, universalism, and expanded consciousness. However, the Age of Aquarius also comes with a dark side, such as globalism, and negative aspects that are very much impersonal and technological. It is only when we embrace the counterbalancing forces of the opposition sign, Leo, that we will reap the deeply interpersonal and profoundly heart-centered aspects of this new Age. We saw this played out in the last Age between the early religious fervor of the Age of Pisces balanced against the later scientific mindset of the opposition sign,Virgo.

What potentially makes the rise of Transhumanism, Dataism and Artificial Intelligence so alarming is the potential that this technology could eventually strip away human Free Will from the equation of incarnated life on Earth, making this a spiritually dead world. Facing such a crisis, if the Guardians of humanity’s free will are doing their jobs, I expect a profound spiritual intervention would be in order to prevent such scenario. Perhaps such an intervention is already occurring, or perhaps not.  Irregardless, we still need to play our individual role in our collective spiritual transformation.

If you don’t like this, and you want to stay beyond the reach of the algorithms, there is probably just one piece of advice to give you, the oldest in the book: know thyself. 

There is a way to protect your own Sovereignty, a free will choice – to Know thyself – not in some superficial humanistic interpretation of the phrase. It’s not enough to know intrinsically what brand of cola you prefer. The heart of this struggle is an inner spiritual journey, going within, knowing both your light and your shadow sides, knowing your own spiritual nature and worth, knowing your inner divine authority, and then actuating it. In raising our higher consciousness, we’re raising the sea level, and thus helping to raise every other individual boat collectively in the process.  The more souls engage, the faster things will change.

About the Author

David Nova is the author of the metaphysical fiction series “Season of the Serpent.”  He is a truth-seeker, a Wanderer, a blogger, and the moderator of Deus Nexus: Messages For An Entangled Universe.  For additional information about the author or his novels, visit his website, or his Facebook page.

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