Quantum Computing: Artificial Intelligence Is Here

Geordie Rose, Founder of D-Wave (recent clients are Google and NASA) believes that the power of quantum computing is that we can `exploit parallel universes’ to solve problems that we have no other means of confirming. Simply put, quantum computers can think exponentially faster and simultaneously such that as they mature they will out pace us. Listen to his talk now!

This CIA-Backed D-Wave Quantum Computer Will Change Your View Of Reality Forever

By Piper McGowin

Meanwhile as everyone was busy arguing over the bread and circus elections, the CIA was busy funding a computer so powerful that it is described as “tapping into the fundamental fabric of reality” and the man who owns the company says being near one is like “standing at the altar of an alien God.”

What exactly do you suppose they are doing with it?

You have to take a few minutes and watch this. It will change the way you look at “reality” forever.


6 thoughts on “Quantum Computing: Artificial Intelligence Is Here

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