Amazing UFO Sighting: UFO Fleet Over Maine & Sinister “Alien Sphere”

(NOTE: profanity can be heard in video.)

Source: Stillness in the Storm | by Justin Deschamps

This is one of the more impressive UFO videos I have seen. Of course, we can’t rule out the possibility that there might be something else happening. However, the way in which the video was captured, the reaction of the observer, and the lack of overlaid effects on the image suggest it is probably an authentic sighting.

Assuming it is a genuine UFO event, there are other questions to answer. Are these extraterrestrial spacecraft or secret government assets?

One insider has said that there will be more sightings as a partial disclosure push becomes more active.
This would involve flyovers using secret spacecraft that are highly advanced and would easily appear to be non-terrestrial by those unaware of the secret space program.

Investigation and research often involves arriving at one answer only to draw 10 more questions into focus.

– Justin


2 thoughts on “Amazing UFO Sighting: UFO Fleet Over Maine & Sinister “Alien Sphere”

  1. I don’t believe in it either. I could fake much better of being a surprised John Doe filming a sunset and suddenly witnessing an ufo in the sky.

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