The A.I. Takeover Has Already Begun

It’s finally been admitted that AI has already been employed to control and brainwash the public.

AVATAR Robotic Kiosk Ready To Detect Lies In Travelers


Source: Activist Post | by Suzanne Finch

Activist Post Editor’s Note: Despite the happy spin put on this research, this is one of the cornerstones to the new pre-crime world we are embarking upon. It’s an inversion of the American principle that you are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. Now, an algorithmic overlord will decide who is presumed to be guilty and should have their travel restricted … or worse. Notice, too, that this system is not intended to stop only at border control — which might be an area that even the liberty-minded could accede to — additional uses mentioned include “law enforcement, job interviews and other human resources applications…” According to these researchers, the unit is ready to deploy, they are merely waiting for it to be accepted by the government. What could possibly go wrong?

“AVATAR has been tested in labs, in airports and at border crossing stations,” Elkins noted. “The system is fully ready for implementation to help stem the flow of contraband, thwart fleeing criminals, and detect potential terrorists and many other applications in the effort to secure international borders.”

Source: San Diego State University

Artificial Intelligence Replacing Management At World’s Largest Hedge Fund

Source: Activist Post | by Jake Anderson

The impending evisceration of the global job market by artificial intelligence and robotic automation is well-trodden territory. Various estimates suggest the American employment mill could shrink by 30% by the year 2025. The United Nations’ assessment is even grimmer. They project two-thirds of the human workforce will be replaced in the next decade. Usually, the major sectors included in these loss reports are manufacturing, retail, and blue collar jobs. However, a new analysis suggests white collar jobs are not immune, and now the world’s largest hedge fund is replacing its managers with artificial intelligence.

The firm Bridgewater Associates, which manages $160 billion worth of assets, tasked a team of its engineers with creating AI software that can automate decision-making and eliminate emotion from financial analysis. Leading the effort is the same man, David Ferrucci, who helmed IBM’s supercomputer Watson, which became famous in 2011 for beating humans at Jeopardy!

Now Ferrucci is developing the ambitious PriOS management software that Bridgewater anticipates will make three-quarters of its decisions within just five years.

Goodbye privacy, hello Alexa: here’s to Amazon echo, the home robot who hears it all


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