Focus Sessions: 2017 Preditions

Source: Focus Sessions | by Lynn

Businessman hand holding a Crystal Ball[This question was sent to me, and it felt natural to answer this before I continue on with what I see in 2017].  

Q. How accurate can psychic vision be at predicting the future?  Thank you
A.  Intuitives can be very accurate.  The real challenge is to determine and understand the information you are given.  The more practice you have at understanding your “symbol dictionary” the better because you really don’t want to add your own fingerprints to the message.

The goal is to relay what is given in a clear way.  I often see things in terms of symbols, but the message can be literal too, so I do my best to keep the message as pure as possible.  Sometimes the message contains an element of emotion (fear, panic, joy), so I include that or let that guide me as well.

When intuitives put the intent to find an answer, we also see things pertaining to the motion that is already set forth.  One thing that can influence that motion is free will, or other interventions.  A sequence of events can be laid out, but if someone or a group of people goes against the natural flow, the result can be different or change.  In those cases, or in reading long term events, an occasional “checkup” to see if anything has influenced the outcome may be needed.

Q. Hello, Lynn. It’s the end of the year and the media always has lists for the ‘best of the year’ and many business people try to predict events and trends for the new year. Have you ever considered making a list of predictions for the New Year? It would be interesting to see.


  • I see it fluctuating at the beginning of 2017, taking a slight dip after Trump is sworn into office, and then rebounding.
  • Gold / Silver looks to slowly rise and start to gain more momentum in August / September.
  • I get other forms of electronic currency gain more popularity.
  • The dollar starts to be phased out in such a way that people don’t realize it.  This REALLY starts to show itself mid-year (more and more places will prefer credit of cash).
  • The banking system will offer incentives to trade in “dollars” for something else (not sure what that means yet).
  • People voluntarily handle less and less cash, (and the banks make it looks like their idea in the name of convenience).
  • China will emerge as a financial power.


  • Trump starts to heal the relationship between Russia and the US.
  • The US continues to have a love / hate relationship with China. (China will reject some of the US policies, and trade will be influenced, but I cannot see to what extent).
  • Tensions with Mexico will rise, but Mexico realizes they need the US so they tolerate it (unhappily).
  • Relationships with the majority of other countries appears better than the social divide on the US soil.
  • Trump wants to bring people together, but the influences of the opposing parties won’t let things rest out of their principles.  This is a huge challenge for the upcoming administration.


  • More and more people are waking up and are open to new ideas.
  • The collective conscious is becoming stronger than ever.
  • People are getting better at recognizing their own intuition.
  • A spiritual divide starts to occur (those that are awake are REALLY awake, and those that don’t want to see things out of fear or discomfort feel very stuck, but still forging forward).
  • Everyone moves forward, but some are slower to grow than others.  Everyone has their own timeline, and the subconscious in general is waking up (ready or not).

Environmental / Weather

  • Chemtrails aren’t going away, but the awareness increases.
  • I see some kind of protest in relationship to the spraying (looks to be in the southeastern part of the US).
  • I see a hurricane hitting the eastern part of the US around late September.  Please head warnings when they announce to evacuate.
  • I get that a man-made weather event will happen in the Caribbean and Japanese area around the same time.  This won’t be a coincidence.

Medical / Health

  • Homeopathic remedies and healing are on the rise and start to really threaten big pharma.
  • Big pharma really pushes back on the FDA to regulate vitamins / minerals / herbs (and this causes a real upheaval).
  • Lots of information regarding curing via homeopathy comes out (please pray for the safety of our doctors that aren’t very praised by the Powers That once Were)
Misc Around The World
  • Lots of “secret talks” occur trying to institute a new gold standard (similar to the Shanghai Gold Exchange, but more world wide).
  • Middle eastern countries try to make the purchase of oil in gold (some kind of a phase in program).
  • There is some social disturbance in Australia (can’t tell what it is over, but feels vaccine related).
  • Putin emerges as a powerful leader (he isn’t going away). In fact, many people are distracted by what China is up to, but in reality they should have their eye on Putin.  Then I hear Trump say “Keep your friends close, but keep your enemies closer” and that looks like what he intends to do.
And that is all I have at this time.  Thank you.  Love and light-

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  1. “(those that are awake are REALLY awake, and those that don’t want to see things…)”
    What do you mean by “really awake”? Is it about people reading and believing about the kind of information found on this website, or is it “awake” as Eckart Tolle would define it? (i.e., as living more and more in the now, though I doubt that anyone is becoming like Eckart Tolle says he is…)

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