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Red Pill: The Viral Podcast That Is Waking People Up All Over The World


© YouTube The Joe Rogan podcast featuring Alex Jones

The video stream that people worldwide are claiming has ‘woken them up’

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Earlier this month, Alex Jones of Info Wars was a special guest on the podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience, in which they discussed political and media corruption and examined the facts about the Pizzagate Washington D.C. pedophile ring scandal.

Rogan claims the podcast, numbered 911 in the series, was a special edition of the show which he had reserved the guest slot for Jones to appear. Since the live-streamed video was uploaded to YouTube at the beginning of February, it’s been viewed over 3 million times, and received over 30,000 comments from other users.

Many users claim that watching the 3 hour plus video has “red pilled” them, which is a phrase derived from the “red or blue pill” scene in the film, The Matrix, in which Neo has to choose whether to take a red pill and wake up from the “matrix” or take a blue pill and remain “asleep” or unaware or its existence.

One user said, “This is a red pill the size of a bus”, whilst other users even offered to make monetary donations for the team to make a follow-up podcast.

During the discussions, Alex Jones mentions the Pizzagate scandal involving Washington D.C. elites, which Rogan reveals he is only partially familiar with.Jones then goes on to discuss the facts surrounding the Pedogate scandal centered around Hillary Clinton’s election campaign chair, John Podesta, and the Washington D.C. pizzeria, Comet Ping Pong.

Comedian, Rogan, has to rein Jones in on multiple occasions to attempt to dissect the information but is blown away by the revelations and the level of evidence that is presented to him.

Alex Jones’ famous rants can be a little too much for most to comfortably digest, but it seems that with Rogan keeping the discussion under control, the pair has a healthy dynamic that helps to convey the overload of controversial information.

Rogan’s lack of over-familiarity with Pizzagate seems to become really relatable to the audience, as he himself seems to “red pill” to the idea of Pedogate during the discussions.

What are your thoughts on this podcast? Have you red pilled, or do you still think Pizzagate is a wild conspiracy theory? Let us know in the comments.

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10 thoughts on “Red Pill: The Viral Podcast That Is Waking People Up All Over The World

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  2. This is waaaay too long to get someone who is a newb to all of this to get them to watch it. It is all over the place, as much as Joe wanted to keep it on track. We need a video that addresses the truth that does it in less time. But thank you for sharing.

    • Apparently, some of the youtube reviewers disagree with you, as they claim they are rewatching the entire podcast multiple times. Different strokes for different folks…

      • Very much agreed on the different strokes notion. I was familiar with most of what they discussed for years now, but in my own attempts to help share info and wake others, I have found that most will not take that kind of time, and Alex Jones is often a barrier to even considering watching. However, I am glad some are watching it through multiple times. I guess it all goes to show, when it is your time to awake, you will make it.

  3. ive been following rsa for a few years and pizzagate since it started. this may be good for some people but my friends who arent even really conspiracy types did notice that it felt like joe was trying to hinder the discussion more than help it. idk

  4. Alex Jones is a bit of an acquired taste for some people, his style can be perceived as aggressive and unfocused, but he is highly intelligent. His mind seems to work so fast, he can’t get his words out fast enough. So I feel Rogan provided some balance, trying to keep Jones focused, getting him to back up some of his claims for the newbies. Rogan is playing the role of the “newly awakened” that his listeners can identify with.

    Obviously, the Joe Rogan Experience is not an ideal venue for everyone, but he does have a huge following, and he may be reaching people that other alternative media outlets could never reach. 3.2 million plus views is huge step in the right direction. I think we need to avoid setting personal rules and expectations on how people should be awakened. It’s a highly individual process.

    • I just watched the second post you shared with just Alex Jones. I am blown away by the numbers he’s reporting that have watched that 4 hour video. I am so glad it is making the strides it is. Let’s hope it is not removed, even as it is being censored. My own personal FB page comments, on which I share topics of all natures, has literally halved or worse over the last two weeks.

  5. Red-pilled years ago. I agree that while the interview does not flow very smoothly due in part to the enthusiasm of the speakers and the subject matter, but with patience you can forgive that. The content is amazing for those who are new to it. I was doing my own research on the subject of pedophilia for years before the Pedo/pizza-gate story surfaced and was a bit concerned that the alt-media and the citizen researchers and journalists would go for the Comet Pizza red herring. To their credit they haven’t for the most part. It is very difficult to come to terms with this subject but facts are facts. It is all too disgustingly real I am sorry to say.

    Lol, yes, Alex Jones is an acquired taste. I enjoy his passion and dedication to the work he is doing and because of that I find him entertaining. A person with self-confidence does not intimidate or turn me off. At first glance he many seem to be just a superficial, loud-mouthed Texan, but it would be a mistake to think that. He is very intelligent, and if you listen to him for a while you realize that he is very knowledgeable on an extremely wide range of subjects. Sometimes though, when he really gets on a roll I do find myself wishing he wouldn’t interrupt so much! ;o) But that’s Jones, in all his glory.

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