Mass Evacuation Of Antarctica As Special Ops And Military Moving In


Ships of Russian Baltic Fleet to make voyage to Antarctica this year

Source: Disclose.TV

Mass Evacuation Of Antarctica Happening Just Now. All Civilians and Scientists Being Flown Out. Special Operations And Military Moving In.

This astonishing report was published at godlikeproductions.

A civilian working for the United States Defense Industry published in the godlikeproductions that witnessed strange material and military movements on the way to Antarctica and also knew that they were withdrawing all civilians from Antarctica

This comes as the Russian navy is on its way to Antarctica, why are they sending a entire fleet of armed ships there?

He also learned that the military was preparing to remove anything from Antarctica and that everything was surrounded by secrecy

Hummmmm I wonder if some sort of ultimatum was laid down to world leaders ( hence the elite rushing to Antarctica ) , and that ultimatum was not met.

Please watch video below to lear more about this breaking news about this latest antarctica conspiracy.

UPDATE: Mass Evacuation Of Antarctica as Special Ops And Military Moving In  

Source: Ascension with Mother Earth

An anonymous wrote: I’m a civilian contractor for a defense industry company you’ve probably heard of. We sell advanced hardware and electronic gear mainly to the US Army and Marines.

I was enjoying a few brews this Saturday when I got called in for an emergency. I didn’t think much of it until I got there and there were some heavy hitter top brass there I’ve never seen.

We work closely with the military so when a bunch of Colonels show up I never met I knew some serious business was in the works. On top of that some of them looked really panicked.

Can’t divulge much but I can say there is an instant order to move a material ton of some badass state of the art gear down to Antarctica. And also found out all civilians are getting evacuated as soon as possible.

Whether the above report, which was published at godlikeproduction, is just a rumor or not but according to the last confirmed report scientists of The British Antarctic Survey (BAS) stationed in East Antarctica are being forced to evacuate due to a big ice crack which suddenly appeared near their base.

Despite the U.K office has been moving the base farther inland to protect it from a different expanding ice chasm the crack threatens to cleave off the part of the ice where the facility sits and send the station adrift on an iceberg.

The British Antarctic Survey (BAS) said it was making a highly unusual move and closing its Halley VI Research Station during Antarctica’s winter season, which runs from March to November 2017. They will evacuate the scientists in March 2017.

Another interested detail is that the ocean research vessel of the Russian Baltic Fleet, the Admiral Vladimirsky, conducted a unique voyage to Antarctica for the first time in more than 30 years sailed 12,100 miles and entered the Lazarev Sea on January 20, 2016.

 The location of the Lazarev Sea is right in front of Neuschwabenland also named as New Swabia Land (Queen Maud Land). New Swabia was explored by Germany in early 1939 and named after expedition’s ship, the Schabenland itself named after the German region of Swabia.

Meanwhile participants of the Russian expedition, military hydrographers, have successfully performed their tasks described as hydrographical and meteorological research of the water zones of the Antarctic. Currently the Admiral Vladimirsky is heading to Cape Town where it will arrive on March 3, 2016.

It is noteworthy the research expedition was conducted just a few months before the Patriach of Moscow paid a visit to Antarctica.

It is clear that something is going on at Antarctica because the next visitors are several ships of Russia’s Baltic Fleet, which are in the state of permanent combat readiness, will make several long-distance voyages this year, including a voyage to Antarctica.

With all the well known and important people who already have visited Antarctica, U.S. and Russian military involved, a huge unexplained ice crack next to New Swabia Land I can only assume that they are looking for something, eventually they already have found it and they want to take it out.

It reminds me the 2004 movie ‘Alien vs. Predator’ when a satellite detects a mysterious heat bloom beneath Bouvetøya, an island about one thousand miles off the coast of Antarctica.

After they discovered through thermal imaging that there is a pyramid buried 2000 feet beneath the ice they sent a team, includes archaeologists, linguistic experts, drillers, mercenaries to investigate the discovery. What followed was that they were caught in the middle of a battle between species and attempt to prevent the aliens from reaching the surface.

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Antarctic Crack Forces Temporary Evacuation of Scientific Research Station

As a precautionary measure, officials with the British Antarctic Survey have decided to shut down the Halley VI Research Station for the winter after a new ice crack emerged just a few miles from the remote outpost.

The portable Halley VI station is now in the final stages of being relocated 14 miles (23 km) from its present site, positioning it upstream of a problematic ice crack that appeared in 2012. Late last year, a second crack emerged about 10 miles (17 km) north of the research station. The remote science outpost rests on Antarctica’s 500-foot (150-meter) thick Brunt Ice Shelf, which is showing signs of an imminent collapse. Antarctic ice shelves calve at irregular intervals, producing large icebergs. The remaining ice shelf is often unstable.

Researchers with the British Antarctic Survey aren’t’ sure if or when the Brunt Ice Shelf will collapse, or what effects a calving event will have on the ice sheet as a whole. They’re not taking any chances, so as of March 2017 the 88-strong research station will be abandoned. The researchers are currently taking efforts to ensure that the collection of scientific data continues in their absence.

“The current work to relocate our station is going very well,” said BAS Director of Operations Time Stockings in a statement. “This challenging engineering project is scheduled to complete as planned by early March 2017. We want to do the right thing for our people. Bringing them home for winter is a prudent precaution given the changes that our glaciologists have seen in the ice shelf in recent months. Our goal is to winterize the station and leave it ready for re-occupation as soon as possible after the Antarctic winter.”

The risk of a calving event is obviously worse in the summer, but the problem is one of accessibility. A quick evacuation would be relatively easy during the Antarctic summer, but during the winter (March to November), rescue crews would have to deal with 24 hours of darkness, extremely low temperatures, and the frozen sea.

[British Antarctic Survey]

Antarctica is Melting from Geothermal Currents, not from CO2 Global Warming or a Nuke

Sorce: Terran Cognito, February 27, 2017

I am going to post this data slightly out of sequence for the moment as its pertinent to data Ben Fulford just posted. There will be a followup session with Loie that will show the line of data that led to this line of questioning with Nabrac below.

I will summarize the data I have so far.

Central Antartica is never shown on Google Maps, Weather satellites, or any other form of public available data on the continent.  One weather maps there are odd polygons simply missing from the data. This is also true of the Arctic but I think that case is due more to Earth military bases there.

Antarctica can be thought of like a castle with a moat of water around it.  If you don’t want people in the castle you lift the drawbridge across the water.  Antartica’s “moat” is a lot of ice and very severe weather conditions.  If the neighbors are hostile you build a good fence.

The center portion of Antarctica is sub-tropical jungle.   I say center in the general sense as I don’t yet have precise coordinates.  But suffice it to say the “good stuff’ is surrounded by ice (which is rapidly melting).  How that can be and why the ice is melting in Antarctica is contained in the conversation with Nabrac below.  I didn’t have an explanation for the climate I saw in the flow, but it is indeed warm.  I was told it was warm there but didn’t really believe it until I saw it.

I did find this article from a German web site that shows scientists have seen from core samples proving it was warm as recently as 1545 AD, and that CANNOT be because of CO2 use during that time.  If you pull up that website in the Chrome Browser it will translate the German, I am working on an English PDF of it to be posted here….

Central Antartica is outside of the time matrix, and many other limits common to time matrix Earth. It is not illuminated by the Sun.  It is however “sunny” there and quite pleasant.  There are lakes and jungle and buildings there.   I cannot “prove” this by any publicly available data on the Internet to you, I can just tell you what I know from the flow.

I do not yet understand the illumination physics of central Antarctica, but we have run into the self-illuminating realms before.   The Neptune Sphere of the Andromedans/Pleiadians/Orian is also self illuminated and has traveled the cosmos for a very long time without a Sun of its own and thrived.

The nations of the Earth have never claimed Antartica, not because of grand international cooperation, but rather because they were not allowed to claim it.  They were allowed to build bases on the ice “the moat” and visit.  They have known for  a long time the center part was sub-tropical and the data has been withheld as it raises questions about the planet you live on and the generally accepted beliefs about how things are.


Terran: Nabrac why the military build up down there? Is there a civilian evacuation going on?

Terran: The civilian hiring seems aborted.  [Denice has called the telephone number for the recent nearly 200 job openings and there is no answer]


Terran: How big is the warm area of Antarctica? How does it stay warm?


Terran: So that would be the reason for the ice melt off?

Nabrac: YES. NABRAC.

Terran: Does the warm area have 6 months of darkness and six months of light? Which is an odd question to ask I suppose, for a place that is not in the time matrix.


Terran: Kind of like the Neptune Sphere that way?  Is it lit by the aurora? I have so many questions from the things I’m seeing in the flow. It looked like sunshine but I have no explanation to offer as to why it looks that way.


Terran: Was the “hollow earth” story lines a cover story for the warm area?


Terran: Thank you for your assistance and patience with my fragmentary recall.

Denice:(Just phoned the antarctica recruiter still not taking calls. Lol)


Corey Goode On Coast to Coast AM – ET Contacts & Antarctica (Audio)

February 24, 2017

MP3 Download at …….

Filling in for George, Jimmy Church (email), welcomed intuitive empath, ET contactee, and whistleblower Corey Goode for a discussion on the discovery of an ancient alien civilization in Antarctica, his current information on our planet, and intel tied to the partial disclosure narrative. Goode, who claims to be in direct contact with different extraterrestrial groups and shares a delegate seat in a human-ET super federation council, revealed a message he received from the Blue Avians. “It’s for people to deal with their karma… to forgive themselves and forgive others, and to move on with their lives,” he said.

Goode asserted to have personally toured the Antarctic dig site located deep underground in an immense ice cavern and been shown the remains of strange spindly bodies between 12-14 feet tall. These beings are called pre-Adamites and were on Earth genetically engineering humanity before the historical Adam, he reported. Goode also recounted his trip to an ice-covered library where metal scrolls with indecipherable laser-etched symbols were being removed ahead of a major excavation. They’ve also found the ruins of three massive spaceships which apparently brought the pre-Adamites to Earth, he continued, adding they are jokingly referred to as the Niña, Pinta, and Santa Maria.

Goode suggested disclosure of the Antarctica discovery will be staged in order to distract from other shadow government-related plans. They have been removing any non-human artifacts from the Antarctic dig site so they can claim it is an ancient HUMAN civilization buried beneath the ice, he divulged. Next, they will disclose information about a secret space program, how ancient alien ruins have been found on other planets, and finally the ET connection to the Antarctic site, he announced.

Open Lines followed in the final hour of the program.

Stream Audio and Support Coast to Coast AM at the following Link: 

According to Goode, high-level academics have been studying the ruins of an ancient civilization in Antarctica for the last 12 years. “I’m not being put in a position to where I can come back with photos or video of some of this stuff, especially like what’s going on in Antarctica,” he disclosed. This information will be announced at a certain point, he explained, noting two clandestine groups, the Illuminati and the Earth Alliance, have been debating about how to unfold this disclosure to the general public.

Recently Released CIA Data on Antarctica
The Future Impact of Antarctica Disclosure


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  1. Re: Evacuation of Antarctica
    Gotta say, Deus Nexus, your bar for truth is pretty low if you post an article that is sourced from an Anonymous poster on a forum — a post that most people felt was BS. Your site LOOKS classier than that…

  2. From what I was able to ascertain from research, godlikeproductions is a front website owned by the US Air Force, and possibly other agencies. I know that this is not an argument in itself against the authenticity of the claims, as that is the “Genetic Fallacy” to doubt a claim because of it’s source. However, with that said, I am highly skeptical of the entire Antarctica narrative, because it seems like a “production” to introduce their new story, which is probably just as big of a deception as the old story, but under the guise of “disclosure”. I get the feeling we’re about to enter a time period similar to the peace on earth after the arrival of the Overlords in “Childhood’s End”, but not until after a lot of drama and chaos so that the “new golden dawn” can arrive. We’re at the end of the old deception, and at the beginning of the new one, at least in regards to their narrative. Of course, we also have the opportunity to write our own stories, which many of us are already doing — I just don’t feel that Antarctica is a part of our new story. Regardless, it is interesting to see what is being pushed as disclosure, because we will be cohabiting as neighbors with the new story for the foreseeable future.

    • Nathan,
      I’m a little surprised by your comment. Everything under the sun has the potential for multiple narratives. There are the narratives we create for ourselves to help us make sense of the world, and there are narratives others create for us, to manipulate and control us. Every source on this site: Corey Goode, Clif High, myself included, have maintained all along that the occult elite would create their own narrative around Antartica. All the more reason for us to be vigilant, to investigate Antartica ourselves, as much as we are able, and determine the truth for ourselves.

      The Disclosure.TV post is short and raises a few simple questions. Is there a civilian evacuation taking place and is the military moving in? The answer to both of these questions, from legitimate news sources, is YES. The British Arctic Survey have decided to evacuate and a Russian military fleet is en route. Beyond that, we can only speculate about the implications of these developments or if this is some sort of cover story.

      Personally, I find the subject of Antarctica to be quite fascinating. Not everyone shares that fascination. I don’t think you are suggesting that we should ignore Antartica simply because the elite may be forming a false narrative. History is a continuous battle of false narratives – that’s nothing new.

      What may be rising from the ice in Antartica is rising with our awakening consciosness, and may represent one of the single greatest events in history, reclaiming the lost history of planet Earth. Many of the people reading this may have had past lives during the Atlantian age, and we may be here now to rediscover what has been long forgotten, as history is in the process of repeating itself.

      • Thank you for the reply David, and I definitely still stand by my assertion. Yes, godlikeproductions can be correct in the same way that a biblical prophecy can be correct, as long as it is being used as a script, or part of a greater script, and everyone is dutifully playing out their roles. The website in question could be playing their role within the script, while the Russian military is playing out their role, the US Navy is playing out their role, and the scientists leaving are playing their role. It could all be compartmentalized too, where none of them realize they are just playing out a role. I have no way of definitively proving this as truth, but I am skeptical of it in the same way that I remain skeptical of biblical prophecy.

        This quote by Bill Casey comes to mind: “We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.” ~ Bill Casey, former director of the CIA, 1981

        “In a world so filled with deception, where even our senses can be fooled at the quantum level, it becomes evident that the only place we can turn to discover the truth — is within.” ~Nathan & Aline

        With this said, I too find the topic of Antarctica fascinating, but more in a way that I would enjoy watching a Science Fiction movie or reading a good fiction book. Just like the best fiction is laced with truth and logic to make it more digestible to the reader, the best deceptions also require their lies to be laced with just enough truth and logic to make it digestible. This is similar to the “bliss point” in the food industry, where just the right balance of sugar, salt, and fat is inserted into a food product to make it trigger a dopamine release in the brain, and thus keep people coming back for more. World events are engineered in the same way. Our current reality is much like a processed food, engineered to give us enough fear, logic, plot twists, and reveals to keep us coming back for more. The Antarctica buildup seems to be following this formula, and keeping our interest because of it.

  3. Funny. Reading both David’s and Nathan’s point of view, I can’t see much difference beyond the premise that David is David and Nathan is Nathan, so of course their experience of interfacing with the idea of Antarctica will bring forth different meaningfulness. And this addresses my initial post on the subject — the idea of whether or not the report of evac is true. I was keying off the energy of the poster on the godlikeproductions forum. David is keying off his desire for the idea of truth coming forward. Nathan is keying off the idea that nothing can be known for sure. When I look at it this way, I see that we are all correct. It is all true, somehow, at the same time. Which puts us into quantum theory. And then what occurs to me is that there is no such thing as old or new. It is a question of where you are and what you are experiencing at any given time. Ascension seems to be a term pointing to a separation of realities that have been overlapped — like when you add lemon to milk to get curd. Everybody will continue in their reality (mind set), whatever it may be. What it actually LOOKS like as it plays out, is what we’re finding out but cannot be known though it’s hard not to try to write the script ahead of the unfolding. I catch myself doing it and have to pull myself back to center. The information that swirls around us all is a major sand storm. It is blinding us, fortunately, which pushes us to see with our hearts. All we can do is move to what resonates within. And isn’t that the name of the game of Life?

    • Having been a retored NOAA , DOD, NASA and Boeing, DougIas and Iockheed engineer and Metroogist I must say that this is aII a hoax ! Why it exists ? I have no idea but someone practicing Sci Fi writing that got carried away ! The Antarctic is growing, not meIting anymore than it does every season. Why wouId any Nation, send a fish processing ship from AIaska to the Antarctic as depicted in the photo above. above ? Why wouId anyone with even the smaIIest IQ move equipment into the barren ice of the South PoIe ? There are no UFO’s or aIiens in either poIe and there is zero cIimate change. I have been to both poIes and saw no indications or met anyone there that had any secrets as I have the epotomy of cIearences and have been privy to many interesting but common info that most shouId know anyway ! I wish this were true just for the excitement bonus but I am afraid that it is compIetey faIse and SC- Fi fantasy.

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  5. Godlike is a known govt shill. I am sick of anonymous informers otherwise known as govt trollers.

  6. Fascinating stuff! I read it all and for the life of me don’t understand what is going on!
    Why are the Russians sending a part of their fleet into the region? Why are the large cracks in the ice appearing, is this related to the global warming? What is America’s position, and how are we responding?

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