Understanding Fate, Karma, and Free will

Lynn from Focus Sessions answers a reader’s question about one of the most difficult spiritual concepts to understand – Why do bad things happen to good people?  In the process, she sheds some light upon the often confusing issue of fate, karma, and freewill.

Source: Focus Sessions | by Lynn


Hi Lynn, could you please help me understand a difficult question?

For those people who died horribly from terrorist attacks such as explosion, beheading, shooting; is there a past life killing karmic tie between the terrorists and the victims?

Or is it purely accidental because the victims were in the wrong place at the wrong time? If it is purely accidental, why is the universe so unfair that the victims had to die that way?


I see that when we incarnate, we decide what path, type of life and lessons we are to have.  Some of the decision is based on what lessens we need to know to ascend, some is based on residual karma that needs resolved. Every detail isn’t planned, and free will is always able to pull you off your path, but the major influences in our life are already set in motion (unless you allow free will to intervene).  These major influences can be, but aren’t limited to, your birth parents, family, childhood experience (good, bad, or indifferent), major relationships (friends and significant others that were part of your soul pact), children and some some extent, death.  Where it gets confusing is the free will of not only you, but those around you.  Someone else not following their path can effect your life and how your path flows.  Fate and your guides will continue to attempt to put you back on the right path, but it is up to you to follow those nudges.

I’m being shown the following example to illustrate this point.  There is a young woman, about 25 years old.  She is single, no children, and driving down the road.  There is another gentlemen, driving in the opposite direction, that had too much to drink, and even though that voice in his head said to NOT DRIVE, he ignored it (let free will override) and hit the woman head on.  A passerby saw this and rushed to her rescue (her guides put this man in her path to assist her so she could fulfill her life journey.  The actions caused by the other man’s free will needed to be reset.). The woman was critically injured, nearly passed away before 911 could respond,  and the quick response of this man saved her life.  She recovered fully, and grew to have a husband and family (because THAT was her life path she agree to when she incarnated).  Things can get ugly when we don’t follow our gut or intuition, but our guides, higher self and source will constantly help redirect you if you listen.

I don’t see things as accidental or coincidence, but rather synchronicities and Universal messages.  I see these horrific acts as fated to happen, and the comprehension as to why may never be fully understood why we are in our 3D body (because we cannot deny human emotion).  I see the Universe not seeing things as “good and bad,” but things just “are.”  It is like we need to have war to understand peace, without the dark we cannot know what is light.  The goal is always to reset and maintain balance and harmony.

I was led a little off topic, but something wants me to share this:  We are all here to learn and grow through experience.  Some of us become very connected to our inner and higher selves, allowing a tremendous amount of growth to occur.  For those of us that learn, process and work through some of the major themes set in motion during this life (for example, some people need to work though abandonment or relationship issues), you can change your predetermined fated path.  When you conquer something major, you no longer have to be put in scenarios where you are challenged by that “major” thing.  But, if you do not conquer it, you will see the scenario come up over and over again in a variety of forms until you address it.  You do not have to feel plagued by a challenge, you just need to deal with it in a way that is for your highest and best good.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light.

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I’m a mom of four who recently turned 40. I’ve been doing readings (personal and public) since 2012. My focus includes, but isn’t limited to: paranormal, passed loved ones, relationships, remote viewing, and looking at past/future events. I sense things via images in my mind, impressions, sounds, tastes, and/or smells. My passion is to help others, seek truth, and provide insight. Visit: Focus Sessions


5 thoughts on “Understanding Fate, Karma, and Free will

  1. I have to disagree a bit, with the lovely sentiments above. Our hypothetical woman only got hit by the other car because she signed up for it. These ‘accidents’ don’t just happen. There are no gaps in which ‘accidents’ can take place (even if mitigated via the ‘man’ who was placed in position to save her life). The accident itself, the injuries and recuperation are all part of her lesson package. It is just as easy for those who manage our Matrix and spiritual progress to keep her out of harm’s way as it is for them to place a man nearby to save her life. Whether she had the accident coming due to causing this kind of pain in a former life, or whether she had it coming because she wanted an opportunity to deal with sudden calamity, or a million other possibilities, who knows.

    • Taking the analysis one step further, given the history and habits of the drinking man, the Universe might predict that the man would drive drunk and cause an accident with near certainty. The woman may have been taking her normal route, thus the accident might be seen as predetermined, or she might have taken an alternate route do to some spontaneous free will choice. The question then becomes – how much does the Universe interfere in the course of events? Does the Universe actively prevent the accident? Does the Universe try to warn the woman with subtle nudges? Or does the Universe simply mitigate the damage of the accident, allowing it to happen? If accidents are not allowed to occur, then there is very little room for free will. Perhaps the Universe allows some accidents to occur, yet actively works to correct the impact of such accidents. That seems to be the message of the post for me.

  2. Oh, I didn’t realize you were an impersonalist. 🙂 In my world view, as God goes, so goes the ‘world’ (everything), represented fully on all scales (light to dark) as determined by the only choice available to humans: to act in concert with the Divine or to stay separated (and everything in between).

    • I don’t consider myself an impersonalist. I find my connection to spirit and God to be extremely personal. However, I attempt to reconcile that this great love provides a certain amount of freedom, allowing us to go astray, allowing for mistakes, accidents, forgiveness, and reconcilation.

      Note: I use the term “Universe” is a collective sense, to refer to spirit guides, angels, soul families, holy spirit, etc.

  3. I also believe everything happens for a reason, usually to help those into awakening and then moving on. I believe that a third way has also been implemented at a higher consciousness level now for those becoming separated from the group. The first level of free will and lower realms allows many unconscious choices to occur. The second level of Christ consciousness surrenders into the divine will. This next level of free will mixes both previous levels for co-creation to occur for us to go through our lessons within God’s framework and vision, while allowing us a way to live within our immediate life in ways of joy without pushing karma on others.

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