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Communicating With Spirit: Overcoming 8 Common Frustrations

“Awake in a Silver Land” by Cameron Gray

By David Nova | From Deus Nexus

The process by which we connect with Spirit may feel completely inside-out compared to our understanding of how we operate in the physical, external world.  The rules may even seem foreign and frustrating. Unfortunately, communication is not as easy as dialing a phone number or typing an email address. Instead, we have to become the phone, or more accurately the radio, and connect to our inner guides by attempting to match their frequency.

The realm of your spirit guides, your angels, and your higher self is the exact opposite of this modern physical world that we are accustomed to living in, making it all the more difficult for some of us to know how to reconnect. Our world is loud and noisy, full of distractions. In comparison, the spiritual realm is tranquil, focused, and silent.

Our world is rudely in your face, full of opinions, competing voices arguing for your attention, trying to sell you something, or make a point. In comparison, the spiritual realm is patient in the face of opposition, gentle in approach, and respectful of your free will.

Our modern world is almost exclusively left-brain oriented. The left brain is our digital brain. It controls communication, calculation, our consciousness and logical thinking. The spiritual realm may in fact be much more right-brain oriented. The right brain is our analog brain. It controls our three-dimensional sense, our creativity, our subconsciousness and intuition.

The two halves of our physical brain are separated by the medial longitudinal fissure and are connected by the corpus callosum. Likewise our physical world and the spiritual world is separated by what has been termed “the Veil,” yet connected by our unique spiritual 6th sense, a sense that is as much learned as it is innate to our being.

Many of us have not been adequately prepared to make this paradigm shift in our approach to the spiritual realm.  Many of us may unknowingly take our preconceived notions and bad habits along with us in our attempts to dialogue with Spirit, which may ultimately lead to greater frustration.

We are often told to simply sit in silence and mediate. This simplistic advice may baffle otherwise rational and logic-minded individuals accustomed to a modern, western understanding of the world. I shall attempt to better explain the necessity of the process and hopefully alleviate some of the misunderstandings associated with intuitive  communication with your guides or your higher self.  This is by no means a definitive list, merely a tool to aide your spiritual understanding.

1. Forget What You Think You Know

The first step is to admit to yourself that you don’t really know everything, that there is still a lot of mystery to the Universe. The rules that govern the spiritual Universe are different from the rules that govern the material Universe. Our first mistake is usually applying human norms to our communication with Spirit, be it formality, ritual, supplication, demands, bartering, expectations, curiosity, or doubt.

The biggest obstacle to successful communication with Spirit is doubt. That’s a difficult hurdle to overcome, particularly if you get caught in a spiritual feedback loop, where doubt leads to failure to communicate, and failure to communicate leads to greater doubt. So it is far better to gently and playfully surrender to the possibility of communication even if you don’t understand how it works. Embrace the mystery of the Universe.

The flip-side of doubt is resistance. When you have already experienced a spiritual presence, instinctively know of its existence, yet your mind is resistant to communicating. Spirit will never force you to connect. You will need to discover what is blocking you, what is making you resistant to reconnect. The points below may address some areas of resistance.

The second most critical aspect is your intention. Why do you want to communicate with Spirit? For personal growth or for self-interest? The Spirit realm perceives your intent clearly and immediately, even if you are fuzzy about your own subconscious motives. They see you inside-out.  This is where you attract the attention of either the Light or the Darkness, so you must be mindful of your own intentions and be clear about why you are seeking communication with Spirit, otherwise you may find yourself in dangerous waters. You can ask for guidance and protection. You can visualize a bubble of protective light. You can ask in the name Jesus Christ, God-Source, a guardian angel, or your highest self, whatever expression of the Light resonates within you.

The remaining points presume a positive intent, reaching out to the Light. I use the term “Spirit” in a collective sense, meaning any spiritual being on the other side that is available to be your guide.

2. Listen in Silence

You are not your ego, or your mind, or your mind’s thoughts. This is a difficult concept to really comprehend. We think of ourselves as this psychological identity that we’ve constructed over a lifetime – that we are the culmination of our thoughts, emotions, and opinions. But in truth we are more than the mask we wear for society, or the mask we show ourselves. We are more than the robotic mind that runs in circles chasing our own thoughts.

We are much more than our Left Brain. To access the Right Brain, we have to do things a little differently. We have to get past the gatekeeper of our ego and mind. We have to ignore and silence the endless inner chatter. We have to pay attention to feelings and spontaneous creative ideas. We have to delve into the world of our dreams, daydreams, and our own intuition. We’re not going to hear the inner voice if we are too busy talking to ourselves, about ourselves to pay attention – which is pretty much what our ego mind does all day long. We have to find a silent place within ourselves and then learn to listen to what emerges. However, this is not likely to be an actual audible voice – I will attempt to describe in point #5.

3. Be in the moment

Spirit operates outside of linear time and dimensional space. The portal that connects our linear universe and Spirit’s nonlinear universe is the present moment. You must be present in this moment, which means neither reflecting upon the past nor anticipating the future. This is more difficult than it sounds. This is another reason why we need to silence our mind, for the moment our mind begins to talk, it takes us into our memories, or into a concern in the future, or into some artificial parallel universe of our own creation. Thus we are no longer present to be receptive of Spirit.

4. Be patient, loving, and receptive

The voice of Spirit is quiet, gentle, and peaceful. The notion that someone will be awakened by a loud booming voice from Heaven is a complete misperception. There may be a few exceptions, but for the most part Spirit prefers work quietly in the background, as lovingly as possible. We need to respond in kind, to attune ourselves to the same vibration by being patient, loving, and receptive ourselves. If we start making egotistical demands upon Spirit we will dissolve the connection.  When our thoughts are impatient, demanding, angry, or confrontational – we are projecting a form of spiritual violence.  That’s not a healthy way to initiate communication with anyone.

5. Interpret non-verbal signs

We need to learn how to interpret the non-verbal language of Spirit. This is often difficult for our predominate left brain to grasp. Spirit will not necessarily communicate with us in linear English, or any human language. Spirit communicates with us in ideas, images, intuition, mental impressions, sounds, smells, feeling, and dreams. Often the thing itself is merely a representation of an idea or concept, so we need to pay close attention to our intuition in order to decode it. Or we might receive a complicated message as a single flash of inspiration or as an information download, which we will then need to articulate for ourselves as language in a linear process, which then becomes subject to a subjective interpretation (or misinterpretation.)

We can gain a better understanding of this process by examining how we communicate with our beloved pets. We know when our dog or cat wants something, or is trying to tell us something, by reading their signals, their behaviors, and their subtle signs. They may understand the sound of certain words, we may recognize the intent behind a bark or a meow, however we are not communicating with a mutual language. We are communicating with our spirit through nonverbal messages.

6. Ask for Assistance

We have to learn to ask Spirit for assistance. This is simply how the free-will Universe is set up. It’s built into the foundation of the spiritual Universe. Our guides will not, and cannot, impose upon us. They wait for us to ask for aid or assistance. However, assist is often the most that they can do. Spirit will never remove a challenge that is meant to be of greater service to our spiritual growth.

There is an unfortunate Catch-22 aspect to this universal requirement. If we are unaware that we can ask for assistance, unaware that we must first ask for assistance, unaware that anyone is ready to provide assistance, we will never imagine that we can ask for assistance. We will go without assistance due to our spiritual ignorance.

Therefore, there seem to be a few loopholes to this requirement. Often our first spiritual awakening experience was not of our conscious free will choosing. This was allowed so that we may remember that the spiritual world exists and that we may communicate with it of our own free will.  Thereafter, it will be up to us to take the initiative.  Some of us may get nagged by Spirit until we do take on the initiative.

7. Let go of your concept of identity

Our concept of identity is largely rooted in our experience in our current lifetime. We have very rigid and narrow definitions of identity, what makes an individual an individual. Spirit is not confined by these limiting definitions. Their definition of identity may be much more expansive than we are accustomed, to include the memories of multiple lifetimes or even multiple souls in a soul family or group consciousness. An individual name might just be meaningless. The outline of individual identity is further blurred by the truth that we are all aspects of, and connected to, One Source Consciousness.

Don’t limit yourself to the guidance of specific saints and angels whose names you know from a religious upbringing. Be open to the fact that you have very specific guides (and family members) on the other side who are watching over you and working with you daily, though you may not know their names.  It’s always easier to communicate with those who are already around you.  You are always free to ask for additional assistance, just be prepared to accept it.

8. Let go of your own mortality

Spirit exists beyond death, and thus has a very different perspective about life & death than we do.  Put simply, we view death as an ending; Spirit views death as a transition. For this reason most human concerns are generally not Spirit’s concerns. This difference of perspective will likely create the biggest obstacle to understanding the information that we may receive. As linear humans, we tend to view our deepest concerns in the context of our immediate timeline, where we stand between birth and death.

We have very strong emotional and intellectual attachments to our mortality. Our mortality provides us with a subjective, dualistic system of good vs evil that is emotionally unbalanced to beings who do not view death with the same degree of fear and loathing. Thus we might mistakenly perceive a callous indifference to the human condition, which is a big obstacle to our spiritual reconnection. Nothing could be further from the truth. Spirit is very intimately involved in our time of transition, and must be both patient and loving when dealing with our greatest human fear.  We are never closer to Spirit than we are at our time of our transition, the process of our birth in reverse.

The most difficult challenge for any human being to do is release their own fear of death. Death is the great gap that we bridge when we communicate with Spirit. When we actively communicate with Spirit, we are demonstrating to the Universe that we no longer fear death.  We are building a bridge. This accelerates our spiritual progress to a great degree.  When human and Spirit are one, the process of death no longer holds any power over us.

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About the Author

David Nova is the author of the metaphysical fiction series “Season of the Serpent.”  He is a truth-seeker, a Wanderer, a blogger, and the moderator of Deus Nexus: Messages For An Entangled Universe.  For additional information about the author or his novels, visit his website, or his Facebook page.

This article is offered under Creative Commons license. It’s okay to republish it anywhere as long as attribution bio is included and all links remain intact.



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