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Donald Trump Bombed Syria Exactly 100 Years After the US Entered WW1

“Like Trump, Woodrow Wilson ran on an ‘America first’ platform. He was elected largely because he kept us out of the war in Europe. But someone got to him, too.” – Michael Savage

Source: Indy 100 |  by Jessica Brown

The start of World War Three is predicted almost as often as the end of the world; although with today’s nuclear capabilities and global tensions, many are worrying about the future. 

As Trump sends missiles into Syria – in response to the [FALSE FLAG] devastating chemical weapon attack on civilians – further conflict with Syria or possibly even Russia becomes more feasible.

Trump dispatched 59 Tomahawk missiles yesterday, targeting an airfield where it’s said the chemical weapon attack was launched from. This is the first time the US has been a direct combatant against the Syrian regime.

In a coincidence we all hope isn’t prophetic, the US entered World War One exactly 100 years ago on the day Trump ordered the military intervention in Syria.

On April 6 1917, Congress voted to enter the then bloodiest war history had ever seen, which had already been raging for three years.

The war took the lives of more than 17 million worldwide.

Trump Loses Influential Supporters After He Breaks Promises With Attack On Syria

Source: Activist Post | By Jeff Paul

After a very murky report of a sarin gas incident on McCain’s mercenaries in Syria, all of a sudden Trump supports regime change and, with Hillary Clinton’s recommendation, launches a missile attack on Assad’s government. Influential Trump supporters feel betrayed and slam the decision.

In the video below, outspoken veteran and former Trump supporter Angelo John Gage expresses his disgust over the Syria missile attack directly to Trump on Twitter. This sentiment seems to be growing among influential Trump supporters who believed his promises to stop foreign interventions and focus on re-building America.

Paul Joseph Watson of Infowars also stated last evening “I’m officially OFF the Trump train.” after the illegal strikes against the Syrian government.

Watson must’ve got a call from upstairs because he walked back his rhetoric this morning, accusing the “fake news” misunderstanding him.

To Watson’s credit, he is standing up to neocon pressure:

Even Stefan Molyneux managed to get in some blows against Trump. Molyneux says attacking Syria is a huge mistake.

Welcome back to reality fellas.

But perhaps Trump is his own best critic in previous tweets to Obama about Syria:

About the Author

Jeff Paul writes for Activist Post where this article first appeared. He is also the co-editor for Counter Markets agorist newsletter.

Russia And Iran Issue Warning To US: “We Will Respond With Force If Red Lines Are Crossed Again In Syria”

Source: Activist Post | By Jay Syrmopoulos

Geopolitical tensions have ratcheted up to a dangerous new level in the wake of the U.S. cruise missile strike on Syria, as Russia and Iran have warned the United States that they’ll “respond with force” if the US again crossed their “red lines” in Syria.

The joint statement made by the coalition backing the Assad government clearly noted that there would be a forceful response to any further attacks by the US, and, according to Reuters:

“What America waged in an aggression on Syria is a crossing of red lines. From now on we will respond with force to any aggressor or any breach of red lines from whoever it is and America knows our ability to respond well,” according to the Russia, Iran joint command center.

The strike on al Shayrat airbase, which the US claims Syrian forces used to conduct a chemical attack that killed over 70 people, was carried out unilaterally by the US, with President Donald Trump claiming that the strike was “representing the world.”

Russian President Vladimir Putin called the strikes a “violation of international law,”and called for an objective investigation into the chemical attack.

US politicians from both sides of the aisle, such as Senator Richard Black (R), Congresswoman Tusli Gabbard (D), and Congressman Thomas Massie (R) have strongly questioned the legitimacy of the ‘chemical attack by Assad’ narrative, noting that there is a strong likelihood the so called “moderate rebels,” who are actually terrorists, were responsible for the deaths and blamed it on the Assad government.

Retired Col. Patrick Lang claims that “in the coming days the American people will learn that the Intelligence Community knew that Syria did not drop a military chemical weapon on innocent civilians in Idlib.”

According to his intelligence sources this is what actually happened:

There are members of the U.S. military who were aware this strike would occur and it was recorded. There is a film record. At least the Defense Intelligence Agency knows that this was not a chemical weapon attack. In fact, Syrian military chemical weapons were destroyed with the help of Russia.

Col. Lang went on to say,

This attack was violation of international law. Donald Trump authorized an unjustified attack on a sovereign country. What is even more disturbing is that people like Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis, CIA Director Mike Pompeo and NSA Director General McMaster went along with this charade. Front line troops know the truth. These facts will eventually come out. Donald Trump will most likely not finish his term as President. He will be impeached, I believe, once Congress is presented with irrefutable proof that he ignored and rejected intelligence that did not support the myth that Syria attacked with chemical weapons.

Additionally, the Russian Ministry of Defense stated that legitimate Syrian air strikes against terrorist targets hit a warehouse used to produce and store shells containing chemical gas, which were allegedly being sent to Iraq.

On Sunday, the joint command center reiterated that the US cruise missile strike would not deter it from “liberating” Syria, and that the US military presence in the north of the country was essentially an illegal “occupation” of a sovereign country.

The establishment wants you to believe that Assad was so emboldened by Sec. of State Rex Tillerson saying this week Syrians should decide their own fate, that on the eve of major peace negotiations and while having the upper hand on the ground in the war, he decided it was time to start using banned chemical weapons in spite of the certain backlash and outcry that would come from the international community. One essentially has to believe that he threw all rational thought out the window.

The U.S. march to war, under the guise of humanitarian intervention — when there is no credible evidence of the Syrian military being behind the chemical gas deaths — is most certainly the mark of an imperial power looking to expand the empire’s geopolitical control.

About the Author

Jay Syrmopoulos writes for, where this article first appeared.


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    America entered WW1 late (as usual) and only when World Jewry had convinced the British to fight on after peace negotiations with Germany looked likely to succeed. By getting Lord Balfour to agree to Baron Rothschild’s demands and sign the infamous declaration for a Zionist Israhell.
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