A Tale of Two Earths and Two Realities

Sometimes we receive information from the Universe or Spirit that for whatever reason we just don’t feel entirely confident posting. This information may come from dreams, inspiration, synchronicity, or spontaneous nonlinear downloads. It doesn’t always come prepackaged, ready to distribute to the world, with footnotes and sources.

As a writer, I am hesitant to publish personal material that I would describe as channeled information, because I do not consider myself a channeler.  And yet I am often faced with this particular situation, the decision to publish information that my ego-mind remains uncertain about, even if my spirit strongly resonates with it. It’s a trust issue, one of many that we are each still working on, healing our core issue, Separation from Source, as expressed so nicely below.

When it comes to channeling spiritual information, I have instead written it in the form of metaphysical fiction and published it as novels. The information below is related to some of the information that I have written about and intended to explore in future novels, specifically the Two Earth theory, where the New Earth is born from the reconcilation of duality/polarity.

I find the article below highly enlightening, articulating what I myself have found difficult to articulate, confirming some of the strange information that I have been receiving for several years now, the only difference being the timeline. And for that reason I am sharing this with you.

For some readers, this information may be hard to absorb, as it deals with a multidimensional spiritual universe.  Dolores Cannon presented similar information. I also find this information fairly consistent with the Ra Material, The Law of One.

Two Earths

Source: A Journey Through The Multidimensional Self | b

There are currently in this space that we find ourselves in, two Earths. Two Earth realities. One reality is the old reality and one the new. The old Earth is still battling light against dark, stuck in polarity. This world is full of pain, suffering and negativity. When you watch the television or read your main stream media newspapers it is all too evident that this Earth is suffering. The humans which live in this world are experiencing war, hatred and pain. They are not the only ones who are suffering , the Earth itself is going through huge traumas , the animal kingdoms, plant and even the devic kingdoms are suffering along with Gaia in her old world expression. It would seem by looking upon this world it is doomed, to suffer.

The new world, the new Earth reality is only just being born. It began its gestation period during the year of 1999. Even though this reality was designed from the very beginnings of creation, it was only conceived during this year. There were many who were present at this tremendous moment in Earth’s history, some of them were aware of what was occurring, others did not. However they all took up their positions at the moment of conception and held the energy of all the dimensions in place, as the light impregnated the dark soil of Gaia’s body. This was the time of the Great Solar Eclipse. This was a trigger moment which was the pivotal turning point.

Previous to this time, many had been preparing, some of us had even travelled forward in time to experience this New Planet reality, to be able to hold the possibility of it occurring in the cells of our bodies. Those of us who travelled forward in time, brought back with us in energetic coding the possibility to create New Planet reality. We had this coding in the cells of our bodies and emanated it out into our auric fields. This emanation acted like a transmission of information, so all that came close to our fields had the ability to interact with this transmission and decide for themselves, whether they wished to enter this new Earth reality, when it did indeed manifest.

For the next few years after the conception of New Planet coding into the fertile soil of Gaia’s body, many came to those of us who held this coding, wishing to know more, whether consciously or unconsciously. Many needed to address all that stood in their way to creating the right energy matrix to be added to the pattern or matrix which New Planet Gaia was creating. Those of us, who were healers, had many clients, as wave after wave of Souls incarnate wished to heal, balance and over come their karma, to be able to move into this New Earth reality. Light workers and healers alike were very busy. We were so busy with both our healing of others and also ourselves we did not notice that quietly Gaia was growing inside her dark womb a completely New Planet reality.

For the years that followed it almost seemed that nothing was occurring , we worked with guides to channel and bring forward information that would aid others in their healing , many teachers stepped up and took their positions , we were full of hope and looked forward to our golden futures. The work was not without reward but it was hard indeed, many of those who we wished to help did not come forward, they were choosing to stay in the old reality and therefore many of us had to painfully let go of loved ones and family members. This is a freewill planet and there are those who are choosing to move into New Planet and there are those who are not. It is hard from the place of our human nature to let go of those who are not choosing to come with us, into new planet, we wanted to hold on to them. We even got angry and frustrated when those who were deaf did not want to hear and those who were blind did not want to see. Many of those who were choosing to stay in the old world had travelled through many lifetimes with us, we were karmically bound. It took some time to finally free ourselves from these binds.

At this point we were tired indeed and for many of us who had taken our positions up at the first call, rested, some of us even thought we had lost our way. I myself gave up travelling, and teaching seminars and went to rest in India. Many of us found ourselves back in what we thought were old planet professions and it almost seemed as if we were not doing our mission anymore. I know for myself I felt that deciding to settle in one place and take up a normal everyday job was somehow me failing at my mission. Little did I know that this was meant to be, I needed the rest, I needed to move off the stage and allow the next phase of actors to take up the play. I needed to anchor to Gaia and find my place and root myself to her body, to stabilise myself for what was to come.

For a few years it seemed that not much had changed in the world and the momentum of the wave of consciousness had somehow dissipated. Then all of a sudden a ripple of energy passed through the collective consciousness of mankind and the next wave of light workers took up their positions. These light workers were not so focused on healing, they were focused on truth. This was the time of 9.11.

This is an encoded event. Now from one perspective we all know it is the dark cabal which did this and what followed was the most appalling crime against humanity. The New World Order first came into light at this time. There were of course lots of people who believed the lies of the dark cabal and moved into fear. For those of us who had eyes to see and intuition functioning, we all knew exactly what was going on. It is now in this time becoming more and more mainstream knowledge. From another perspective it is encoded event. Not only did the dark cabal recognise this as a sign, to them obviously empowering evidence that their plan was going ahead, but for me it was also a triggered encoded event which my Soul had been waiting for.

I was in Germany at the time, staying with friends. I had gone for a walk with my girlfriend and when we walked back into the house; her husband was crying and watching the TV. She asked what was wrong and he explained that the Twin Towers been attacked. As he said this the TV showed the footage. She broke down in tears too and held him; I however rushed to the toilet. I needed to hide myself because I was having the most incredible energy rush and strange and unexpected reaction to this event. I was rushing with excitement. I wanted to jump up and down with ecstasy. Every cell in my body was tingling and all I could keep saying in my head was “this is it we are going to new Planet”. All the time I was having this experience I could see images flooding my mind’s eye. I saw the towers as the two poles of polarity. I saw them fall and with them the prison of polarity fell with them. I saw the Earth split in between the two towers and I knew the two Earth realities had been made possible for humanity as a whole. It would be up to every individual to decide which reality they were going to stand in. I also had the image of the dollar sign. It looked like a snake with two bars like the bars of a prison trapping and confining and controlling the snake. The snake is the snake of creation, of Gaia, it is the ability to manifest, and it has been controlled and trapped for all this time. Now with the bars of the prison falling the snake of all creation would be free.

I returned to my friends and pretended to be concerned as they were, not to appear too strange but all the time I wanted to tell them not to worry this was the start of much change, and eventually we would go to new planet. From this time a new wave of Souls took up their positions to hold the energy of truth. Finding out that the dark cabal and the American government had done this evil deed made people start to ask questions about what else they had done without us knowing. So we started to demand the truth. We are seeing this in our time right here and now. All over the world people are waking up, taking up their positions. They are demanding truth, weeding out every little bit of hidden information they can find. This wave of truth is raising higher and higher everyday.

Truth is a high energy which when it comes into contact with a low energy, it stirs up things. You can see this happening in the world in both your personal lives and in the world globally. As the energy of truth comes into contact with the dark which is present on this planet it agitates the dark, makes the dark react in its worst expression. The dark forces which have ruled and dominated this world for thousands of years are for the first time feeling threatened. They had become complacent, they have become arrogant, thinking their evil and dark agendas would never be realised and stopped. They thought there was nothing to challenge them. Now they are feeling the energy of truth coming on to the planet, they are indeed feeling threatened. I have seen this process many times in my healing work both in seminars and individual healings.

The process which I use and teach is based in this fundamental concept that truth agitates the dark. A low energy and a high energy cannot exist in the same space, so if you call in the higher energy of truth and allow it to sit in the same space, as the dark low energy, it will call all that is not in truth to the surface to be healed. Once this healing is complete then the truth has space in which to anchor. This healing goes on inside the cells of the body, raising the very frequency. The Earth is in the middle of this process. The light workers on the planet are channelling the truth frequency into the darkest places. It is agitating the dark; the dark cabal who rule this planet are feeling for the first time, disempowerment. They are not used to this, they are being backed into a corner and that is why they are reacting and laying down even more restrictive and binding rules and laws. They are trying to take away others free will. This is only part of the process it will continue for some time but eventually the truth will bring all that has been hidden to the surface and a great healing will occur. You are seeing this also reflected in Gaia. She is shifting, with Earth quakes, volcanoes, storms and many other Earth changes. These times in which we live can be challenging but it is not to be feared. Hold the truth that is all you are supposed to do, let this energy bring to the surface all that is to be healed

Many light workers say just hold love, and even though love is indeed needed, it is not the only way. We need to stir things up, get people talking about all that has been hidden. For some of us truth warriors we need to be strong and challenge other people’s outdated paradigms. This is not an easy task as many react with fear and anger; many would rather attack the messenger. Stand strong in your truth, be in truth with love and respect but do not falter.

You can see this phenomenon in the protests which are arising all over the planet. Many are waking up; the dark cabal fear this the most and are putting in measures to stop this rising of the truth. However they will not be successful for this wave of consciousness will gain momentum and will carry all who can surf the wave into the glory of a New Planet reality.

Are you one of the truth warriors? Do you try to tell others the truth only to be met with fear, and anger? I have noticed this going on in my own life; I have been trying to tell people about the chemtrails. They react in two ways, either they do not believe me and are arrogant and ridicule me or they do not care. This has been hard for me to understand, I have asked myself over and over why do they not see them (as some physically cannot see them), and why do they not care.

With much pondering on this, I suddenly realised what was going on, whilst I was complaining to a friend about their reactions. I heard myself say “my god it seems like there are two realities going on here, they are in one and I am in another”. It suddenly dawned on me that was exactly what was going on. There were indeed two realities going on. They were in the old world, where most humans are asleep, living and dreaming in their polarised reality. I and many others are in the other New Planet reality, which is shifting and moving, trying to surf the wave of consciousness and truth which is crashing against its shore. I had often said things like “how can they not see what is going on in the world”? I then realised the reason for this is because it was not going on in their world. They are in a completely different reality.

These two realities are sitting side by side and it is hard to see that there are two realities at all. Even for those who have already in their Soul’s plan signed up for this New Planet reality, there are days when we move back into the old reality , and there are some days when we have one foot in one reality and one foot in another. Some days we are full of hope and promise for our futures and other days, we are drowning in the negativity. This is a process which once again I have seen reflected in the transformation process that I teach. During this process pain and negativity comes to the surface to be healed and the person cries, gets angry and moves through fear and then the truth washes it away. But this is not the end of the process; there are layers and layers to most healing sessions. The next level of the issue will raise its ugly head to be blasted and eventually healed by the truth. As the process goes on, the challenges of healing become more and more intense. We are seeing this in our world everyday there is more and more drama building.

However there comes a time in the process where the person gets to the core issue. Which is always the same, the pain and fear of being separate from the Source, the Creator. Every issue in every one’s life has this at its core. With this healed the person can anchor in incredible amounts of truth and thus a change in vibration occurs. That is when the love of the Soul floods the body and I then see people crying with tears of joy. The issue they were healing seems silly, insignificant and they get an overwhelming feeling that they were only playing in the illusion of the pain. This is what we as a collective are going through. We are moving through layers and layers to this issue of the illusion that is present on the Earth. We eventually will get to the core issue; I believe this is happening in little ways every day however the big collective core issue will be brought to the surface during the 2012 alignment. Once this is healed we will move into new planet.

New Planet reality is not for everyone. Some are not choosing to walk this path. At first I was concerned by them and went around trying desperately to wake people up but was met with such negativity and aggression I questioned what I was doing. My Soul told me not to be concerned with them, this was not my business. I was to allow them their reality and the more I focused on them the more time I spent in the old reality which would obviously hold me back from walking into New Planet. I was told to continue to spread the truth and hold the truth for those who did have eyes to see and ears to hear. But those who were deaf and blind I was to allow their illusion.

These two realities sit side by side and it is not so obvious where the divide is at this time. But daily the realities are moving away from each other. Now at first it looks like to those of us who are awake that our world is falling apart and sometimes we wish we had never woken up, ignorance is bliss after all. However we are only in the middle of a transformation process. We will live through many layers of this process before we move into the New Planet reality completely and stay anchored there. We are moving into a new dimension. I know the way I have already been there, anyone interested can read this in the New Planet section of my book “ The Mission of the One Star “.

I know there is more information about this to come but for now my Soul says this is enough. However one more thing I wanted to tell you was. I had a dream which showed huge solar wave of light, that swept across the planet and this somehow created two worlds. The old reality and the new reality were no longer sitting side by side, had indeed parted company and were sealed off from each other. I had this dream when I was a small child and it is only now since reading the scientific predictions of solar flares happening in 2012, that I remembered and understood the dream. Are we going to have a huge solar flare which will activate our DNA and take us to New Planet reality?

Hope you enjoyed this article and any ideas or thoughts are very much encouraged, email me at

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About the Author

Alloya is the author of several books , articles and podcasts all on the subject of soul integration and the many healing opportunities that this provides. Alloya is a qualified Hands on and remote Healer of the London College of Healers . She has been practicing for over 25 years . She has been a Facilitator and trainer of the Jann Wiess Transformation Process, since she was 23. She is an intuitive, empathic, channel/healer who can access soul records and provide detailed information about past lives both on and off planet. She provides distant remote healing sessions and a variety of different readings. She has extensive knowledge of different dimensional beings , soul identities, universal construction and much more. She can provide you with many different services, check out the soul reading and healing pages.

Dolores Cannon Planetary Transformation: The Coming New Earth

Many Thanks to GAF for the link below, reposted here:

Planetary Ascension Project Overview (Review?!)

Why are we all here?  Because Gaia asked us to be.

For what?  To ascend Gaia and to assist as many humans as possible to also ascend.

What / who is Gaia?  She WAS the old soul essence of Earth.  Was.  She is no longer.

When Gaia ascends, will Earth be a soulless empty shell?  Nope.  Early last year Earth was assigned a new soul essence and that one brings a different energy and is quite prepared for what will unfold in / on 3D Earth.

What are we NOT here for?

  • To save Earth
  • To shift, raise or eliminate 3D
  • To “defeat” the cabal

Why is it important to understand that we are / will not alter 3D?  Because everyone who is still doing that whole 3D ignorant, dualistic, disempowered, dysfunctional paradigm experience has every right to do it and it is in their best interest, for their highest good to do so.

As the 3D Earth experience intensifies on its destructive path, that affords all 3Ders more and more opportunity to actually wake up to it, change directions and get on their healing path and ascend to 5D Gaia.

I’d recently commented to someone that a few years ago I went to a coffee shop on the beach on a pleasant day and sat outside at their only outside table.  Someone came along and asked if they could join me.  I said yes and we had a good conversation.  The state of the world came up and, me being me, I talked to this person about the cabal.  They were obviously not aware but they didn’t get bent out of shape or anything.  They indulged me and asked some good questions.

One thing they asked was – What if the cabal could be removed from the world?  I told them that would not serve many people’s chances of awakening and healing.  Just because you remove the programmers does not mean you have removed the programs.  People need to heal.  The cabal’s presence and keeping up with their usual shenanigans provides endless opportunities for people to wake up.

I’ve found that people need to get fed up, get to “Enough already!”, get their fill… before they will let go of something, even the things that frustrate and tick them off or make them sick, literally and figuratively.  The cabal will serve to help get them to their “Enough already!” point, whatever level that may be for each of them.  I saw someone else recently say “evolve or exit”.  I like to say “evolution or extinction.”  Sounds intense eh?  It IS intense.

On the flip side, all the lightworkers in the world living, being, doing, talking and walking their True Selves will demonstrate another option for people.  They, YOU will be in the world and not of it.

The new soul essence of Earth will intensify the Duality experience.  The polarities will be even more extreme than they have ever been.

For all you lightworkers – stay calm, centered and grounded.  (See Useful Healthful Tips for quicky visualization techniques for this.)  Don’t merely think, believe, hope or wish to be protected, but KNOW that you are… and you will be.  Stay in your center and just like the eye of the storm is calm, you too shall remain calm by being centered.  Tornadoes may be flying around you and bombs dropping all around.  Stay out of fear and your intuition will be clear and will steer you safely through the minefields.

A new “Garden of Eden” will occur due to the new Earth soul essence.  This time no one will be forbidden from eating the fruit from the Tree of Knowledge… of good and evil.  There won’t be 50 shades of gray anymore.  Light and dark will be even more polarized and more well defined and distinguishable.

And some people’s ego issues are still getting them riled up about this whole forerunner / lightworker thing.  Get over it folks.  No one is more important than anyone else.  No one is less important.  But ALL ARE IMPORTANT.

I was a lifelong athlete.  I take the whole teamwork thing seriously and I don’t just pay it lip service.  Will I call my team mates on their / your crap when I see it?  Yeppers.  Why?  Because I’m more important?  Nope, because YOU ALL are JUST AS important and I won’t allow you to sluff off.  This team, this game, this project demands that you all play your position – no weak spots on the field / court.  Don’t let the team down.  Now, be happy that we’re not on a football team years ago where we’d take ya out behind the barn and have a little “come to Jesus” talk with ya.

And don’t forget all the “benchwarmers” who haven’t awakened yet.  They want in the game too… they just don’t know it yet.  Help them know it.



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  2. This article (both David’s and Alloya’s writing) created a calm space inside me that feels wonderful. Two worlds indeed…”within” and “without”.

  3. “Many light workers say just hold love, and even though love is indeed needed, it is not the only way. We need to stir things up, get people talking about all that has been hidden. For some of us truth warriors we need to be strong and challenge other people’s outdated paradigms. This is not an easy task as many react with fear and anger; many would rather attack the messenger. Stand strong in your truth, be in truth with love and respect but do not falter.”


    When lightworkers come to a dark world you can bet it creates Chaos. Dual meaning of Chaos = Crisis or Opportunity, which do you choose? If you’re not stirring someone’s pot so they can see what sludge lies at the bottom, then you’re not doing and being what you came to do and be. And most times, it’s as simple as being your True Self.

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