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The Most Important Video You Will Ever Watch

What is reality? What is the purpose of life? How does the universe work? This short, ten minute video manages to explain the deepest mysteries of the cosmos concisely and simply, bringing together many of the topics that I have written about and reposted on this blog.

From the Unity of The Law of One, to the spiritual Separation Game being played, to the existence of evil and parasitic entities, to the matrix imprisonment of mankind, every big question is answered in this easily digestible presentation, which is why I am calling this The Most Important Video You Will Ever Watch.

Most of all, this video reinforces the fact that Truth is neither complex nor unfathomable. It is simple, elegant, and  beautiful. However, when we search in the shadows for occult knowledge, hidden complexity, or dark conspiracies, we are not seeking Truth, but playfully losing ourselves within the labyrinth of the “Relative” or the Matrix Realty.

So spend 10 minutes to watch this video. Let it inspire you. It may just change your life.

HOW REALITY WORKS, Explained by Hans Wilhelm

Hans Wilhelm has written and illustrated over 200 books for all ages with total sales of over 42 million copies in 30 languages. He is a lifelong learner and teacher of the spiritual laws and he has inspired audiences around the world with his life-affirming concepts.

“What is Reality? What is Absolute Reality and what is Relative Reality? Where do we come from? and many more questions are covered in this unique video.”

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6 thoughts on “The Most Important Video You Will Ever Watch

  1. Reblogged this on OUR GREATER DESTINY and commented:
    Every choice each of us makes creates Karma, positive and negative. Negative Karma burdens our Soul, which animates our physical, mental, emotional spirit body. Belief in any form of separation limits human potential until we become aware that All Is One, and consciously choose harmlessness, which opens a door to limitless possibilities.

  2. Hans Wilhelm has excellent video presentations. Basic New Age Teachings, so off to a good start. However, I’ve come to understand these teachings as “Old School”. Presently, I now resonate with Gnosticism, including the awareness of False Light, and Soul Contracts that are NOT in our best interests. Karmic Soul growth on this planet or FORCED Recycling by etheric entities??? I find it hard to reconcile both types of teachings. I imagine I’m not alone in this conundrum!

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