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An Interview with The Author of “Growing Up In The New World Order”

By David Nova | From Deus Nexus

As a metaphysical fiction writer myself, I am a firm believer in supporting the work of fellow awakened authors and artists. We need to support a growing community of awakened authors, artists, and musicians, to help raise awareness and encourage a global awakening in the cultural marketplace of ideas. We should be encouraging creative expression, seeking unique ways to awaken the sleeping world, adding our own light to the darkness, pushing back the night.

Recently, I had the pleasure of reading “Growing Up in the New World Order,” a new graphic novel written by Tom Hoover and illustrated by Michael Lee.  There is much to like here. The art work is wonderful, and Tom Hoover certainly knows his material, as there are plenty of intriguing ideas here to absorb and explore.

This original graphic novel explores a near dystopian future where the New World Order has arrived. We follow the journey of a man named Chance, who is awakened at a young age to the widespread use of subliminal images used against humanity. This propels him on a journey where other hidden truths emerge around him and he decides to fight back the only way he knows how.

Tom Hoover is the founder of Saga Flight Entertainment, an independent company that champions award-winning films, original soundtracks & bold creative projects across various platforms. I had a chance to ask him a few questions about his new publication and his passion to help awaken the world.

Please, check out his book here.

Deus Nexus: What inspired you to create your graphic novel, “Growing Up in the New World Order?”

Tom Hoover: First, thank you for this interview segment.  I greatly appreciate the opportunity to share my thoughts with you and your readers.

In the world today, the system has made it so that one cannot speak the truth due to engineered social pressure and established norms.  It’s heinous, really, and has stunted our growth as human beings.  The truth movement does us no favors either with its in-fighting and misleading claims.  In my opinion, some of these individuals are no less than war profiteers.  Religious groups, though most are well-intentioned, stop short of expanding a dialogue due to their affiliation with doctrine.  With this in mind, and feeling as though I had no platform to share my interpretation of the current state of being, it fostered the idea of a graphic novel.

Deus Nexus: Who is the target audience for your graphic novel? Are you trying to awaken sleeping minds or help spark conversations within the awakened community? 

Tom Hoover: Definitely intended to awaken those caught in the slumber.  My intent – and I feel it is important that we state our intentions – was to create a book that would serve as a conversation starter and convey a warning that inaction can lead to our demise.

Deus Nexus: You write that you awakened to an awareness of subliminal messages in 2013. Can you describe what awakened you?

Tom Hoover: I chanced upon a YouTube video that outlined the use of modern subliminal within advertising and media.  Like most who are currently under the spell, I scoffed at it and went about my business.  However, my mind remained open enough to revisit it with an objective eye, which I thank God for.  In rapid fashion, I soon became somewhat fluent in their approach and it made for a nightmarish realization that the world before me was unlike anything I could have contemplated.  It was a complete hypnosis from nefarious sources, fueled by an evil I did not understand.

Each morning during that time frame I tried to convince myself these were merely the workings of dark dreams.  Of course, there was no fooling myself – I had entered the real world, if you will.  And there was no turning back.

It is important to note here that when I went seeking answers or guidance, there was none to be had.  I ran into roadblocks, shrugs, or religion.  None of this sat well with me and I made peace with knowing that this phase of the journey would be taken on my own.

Deus Nexus: You raise many important questions about the subject of subliminal advertising. Most people are familiar with the idea. The subject was actually presented to me in a media class in college several decades ago. Aside from cultural over-sexualization, what do you feel is the intended purpose behind subliminal messages?

Tom Hoover: On a surface level – they are trying keep us in a constant haze and operating with our most animatistic behaviors at the forefront.  For one, that makes us better consumers.  Second, it keeps our minds occupied with materialistic urges and acts of the flesh.  It is no coincidence that most of the embedded subliminal images appeal to our urge for danger and sexuality.  With billions of dollars spent on advertising, and volumes of data patterns to mine, they know what levers to pull. The blanketing of our lives with technology has made it so that is nearly impossible elude this now.

Beyond this, there is also a predominantly darker component but this takes us onto a deeper analysis of what inspires those who are behind this

Deus Nexus: Messages and predictive-programming embedded in the media seem to be getting ever more overt and in-your-face. For example, the Netflix series, “House of Cards” recently featured an overt reference to Bohemian Grove. How does this development fit within a program of subliminal messages?

Tom Hoover: I feel there are several aspects related to this.  First, I believe there are savvy writers who explore interesting material within the conspiratorial arena and use certain elements as part of their plotlines. There also may be a few artists tucked within the industry who are trying to get the word out in their own way.

Next, you have the basic propaganda that intends to familiarize audiences with planned changes or events that are yet to come. The timing is too precise for it to be otherwise.  As an example, “Bridge of Spies,” which seemed to me, at the time. a random cold-war thriller, now takes on a whole new light with the Russian hacking scandal currently gripping the USA.

Then if you really allow your mind to be adventurous, predictive programming can also be looked upon as exploitation of a loophole within universal law; telling the public what is going to happen in such a discreet way that it is not decipherable, thereby freeing the perpetrators of any retribution or karma since we are not adept enough to interpret the veiled messaging.

Deus Nexus: You have the hero of your story expose subliminal messages by implanting more subliminal messages. I’m not sure that I understand the logic of this narrative. Can you explain how this might work?

Tom Hoover: To me, and looking at it from the character’s point of view, he found himself facing a global crisis where nearly an entire population was essentially numb or brainwashed.  He fought back with the only weapon in his arsenal and that was to counterattack with messaging intended to negate the damage that was already inflicted.

This brings up an intriguing moral debate, whether one can fight fire with fire, but I liken this strategy to a hypnotist breaking a trance.

Deus Nexus: I see tremendous potential for graphic novels like this one to enlighten people and explore different controversial topics. Do you have plans to produce more graphic novels?

Tom Hoover: I am pondering it, but given the cost and time in took to produce this modest entry, I would likely require a bit of support to make this happen.  Going in I knew that this book would have to be painted with broad strokes as I did not have the funding to create a more traditional graphic novel.  This is why the journey here is seen at a high level and does not feature a narrative that some might expect.

In the end, I tried to make every panel count and had little room for subtleties.  Going forward, I would love to find creative partners who share the same intent as I. There is an opportunity to create amazing works.

Deus Nexus: What do you mean by the reference “fifth age of deceit?”

Tom Hoover: This is a play on the prophecies related to the dawning of the new age within our world, where as I see it, the enemies of light are becoming more deceitful and ever-present. Brash, even.

Deus Nexus: The ending of your story seems rather pessimistic about the future. Is it meant to serve as a literary warning? 

Tom Hoover: That’s exactly right, I wanted it to come across as a wake-up call.  After all, it is clear we are short on time.  Already, we are under total surveillance, the majority of individuals cannot produce their own food sources, and there is no respite from the wireless signals that now galvanize the planet.  All the while, the masses become more enamored with illusions.  This is a dangerous cocktail.

All this said, I believe we can get to a better place if we form a collective voice and adjust our lifestyles accordingly.  How to do this is the prime question, but if the movie theaters are emptied, the sports arenas are vacated, and the news is turned off, this would be an attention-getter. What wars could be fought if there are no willing participants, I’d ask?  I believe this is their greatest fear and I bet they know this would lead to their demise; an awakened, enlightened population.

Deus Nexus: What spiritual inspiration can I draw from your graphic novel? 

Tom Hoover: That the truth will set you free.  No matter how painful the journey may be, there is no greater blessing in the world than this.