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PEDOGATE, Child Trafficking, and MK Ultra

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US Government sponsored and sanctioned child trafficking is what thrust me into MK Ultra mind control in the early 1960’s. It took a long time for awareness of this pervasive crime against humanity to come to light where it can be dealt with for the children’s sake and for the very sake of humanity’s evolution.

When my pedophile father was caught sending child pornography of me through the US mails, he was granted immunity from prosecution for selling me into MK Ultra mind control. He remains immune from prosecution to date under the 1947 National Security Act the same way US government officials, politicians, and global elite have for decades.

Now that every cell phone has a camera and recorder, it has become increasingly difficult for crimes to go unnoticed. Controlled media is losing its grip on the minds of the masses and suppression of truth, while the internet is abuzz with exposes. Awareness is the first step toward positive necessary change. That awareness is rising so high that the majority of u.s. are now peacefully reclaiming control over our own minds and lives while demanding that Constitutional values of Justice for All be re-instated.

My father brags how he began sexually abusing me from the moment I was born in Muskegon, Michigan in 1957. His perversions quickly expanded into child pornography and prostituting me to local law enforcement and politicians through my grandfather’s Blue Masonic Lodge. Local politician Gerald Ford, who went on to become the un-elected President of the US, was responsible for granting my father immunity from prosecution for selling me into MK Ultra.

MK Ultra mind control was already well established in the US at that time. This included sanctioning child pornography and child trafficking in order to target children like myself for MK Ultra. It was known that any child so abused would be suffering from a dissociative identity disorder whereby memory of trauma was repressed into the subconscious. The criminal globalist faction in control of the US Government believed their secrets would be safe in the mind of someone who could not think to tell.

Many government secrets and personal reputations were staked on the belief that I could not be deprogrammed to remember what I was supposed to forget. They did not consider the strength of the human spirit, nor what would happen when a good man like Mark Phillips used their ‘secret knowledge’ to free a mind rather than control one. Since the brain photographically records events surrounding trauma, I also remember conversations and plans behind the ‘seen’ of what Adolph Hitler and George Bush term New World Order as detailed in TRANCE Formation of America.

30 years of MK Ultra mind control extending to a White House/Pentagon level exposed me to numerous CIA covert operations and black budget funding mechanisms. This included expansion of child trafficking to a global level, and perversions without limit.

Secret Knowledge = Power, and absolute Power corrupts absolutely.

This corruption has run rampant for decades under cover of the National Security Act. Blackmail was standard procedure for compromising politicians and world leaders through covert filming of their illicit and illegal perversions. Our world has been shaped by pedophiles, perverts, criminals, and global elite power mongers for decades. Bringing these dark secrets into the light of conscious awareness is imperative for diffusing the powers that have been in control of u.s., our information, our government, and our children for so long. The more you know the more you see that the likes of Pizzagate are merely a peek into what Mark and I have been blowing the whistle on for over 25 years.

Open your eyes. Open your minds. Dare to Care. Peacefully reclaim control of our world, information, and lives for the sake of our children and the future of humanity.

To learn more details of my documented experiences please read TRANCE – Formation of America, and ACCESS DENIED For Reasons of National Security. Both share great detail of my life experiences and the cases that helped bring this information to light.

About the Authors

Cathy O’Brien, born in 1957 in Muskegon, Michigan, is a nationally and internationally recognized US Government Whistleblower on the subject of MK Ultra mind control and healing from it.

In 1995 when the US National Security Act was invoked on her testimony for US Congressional Permanent Select Committees on Intelligence Oversight, it was released en masse through her book she wrote with Mark Phillips TRANCE Formation of America.

Cathy became a ‘candidate’ for MK Ultra mind control due to a dissociative disorder developed from incest. As detailed in TRANCE, Cathy’s pedophile father Earl O’Brien sold her into MK Ultra due to his illicit connections into a local Michigan Mafia child pornography ring sanctioned by local politician Gerald Ford. As Ford’s political career escalated to heading the infamous Warren Commission that reportedly investigated the Kennedy Assassination and to becoming President of the US, Cathy’s victimization rose proportionately.

Through systematic torture and well documented NASA/military mind control programming, Cathy was forced to do the “unthinkable” and participate in CIA Black Ops and White House/Pentagon level operations during the Reagan/Bush Administration.

In 1988, intelligence insider Mark Phillips rescued Cathy and her then 8 year old daughter, Kelly. Using methods gained in mind sciences, he taught Cathy how to remember what she’d been programmed to forget and reclaim control over her own mind and life. These methods are detailed in both ACCESS DENIED For Reasons of National Security and PTSD: Time to Heal.

Now as US Government Whistleblowers, Cathy O’Brien and Mark Phillips continue speaking out worldwide to public and private groups including the UN and World Bank, law enforcement, mental health professionals, and numerous survivors of varying levels of trauma, abuse, PTSD, torture and/or control seeking to reclaim control over their minds and lives.


My name is Marquart (Mark) Ewing Phillips, born May 17, 1943 in Nashville, Tennessee. I have no criminal record and I have never been adjudged insane. I am not a scholar, professional writer, or mental health physician, While I lack the official published academic credentials, I am recognized internationally by mental health and law enforcement professionals as an authority on the secret science concerning external control of the mind.

This brief and highly condensed biography is intended to provide an understanding of why, when, and were I embarked on a study of the most secret technology known to man: Trauma-based mind control. Through the publication of declassified United States Government documents, our US Department of Defense (DOD) admits that this ancient wizard’s mechanism for control is so dangerous that most information pertaining to it must remain classified as TOP SECRET. As the employee of a DOD subcontractor with exposure to mind-control research, I was required to sign an oath of secrecy. To this day I am restricted by law from revealing certain specific information that directly pertained to my employment as, among other “sensitive” exposures, a US DOD subcontractor in mind-control research.

This super secret technology is an evolved system of remote human physical and psychological manipulation that has only recently been officially recognized by accredited mental health physicians for what it is: absolute mind control.

My first encounter with mind control research began in the late 1960’s in Atlanta, Georgia on the Emory University campus at the Yerkes Primate Center. It was there I learned about primate behavior modification–the basis for human mind control. This information would prepare me for the challenge of a lifetime.

What I witnessed in terms of technology at the Yerkes Primate Center and other government sponsored research facilities, combined with years of personal research into this science of mind manipulation, did not adequately prepare me for what I would be exposed to in 1988 through an unexpected chain of events. This exposure came in the form of a personal acquaintance with the human result officially entitled by DOD as, among other cryptic titles, MK Ultra.

I have outlined this biography in hopes that the material provided by one MK Ultra survivor, Cathy O’Brien, will incite a legitimate federal investigation of her claims.

I was able to liberate MK Ultra victims Cathy O’Brien and her daughter, Kelly, from the invisible grip of the US Government secret weapon of control. In the process, I also helped Cathy reclaim her mental and physical health. However, I have not been successful in enlisting the cooperation of my government to pursue the justice issue. There is a reason for this failure to obtain justice that you, the reader, NEED TO KNOW. I have been told repeatedly “Justice is not obtainable for Reasons of National Security.”

Cathy O’Brien did not volunteer for service to her country, but was used her entire life against her innate, voluntary will for perpetuating criminal activity by many so called leaders within the US Government. These “treasonous leaders” did volunteer for political “service” to our country. They must be held accountable for their actions.

Together Cathy and I have dedicated our lives to the pursuit of justice and rehabilitation for Kelly. All avenues of justice and rehabilitative relief have been blocked for Reasons Of National Security. The question arises, whose security? Cathy O’Brien provides the logical answer. Perhaps after reading our books, you will inspire others to read them. Collectively as patriots we can make a positive difference for Cathy and Kelly, our government, and humanity, by having our voices heard. In my opinion, our great United States Constitution does not need to be amended, it needs to be enforced.

The grim reality we must all embrace is that there is, in human terms, no justice and no revenge adequate to equal what these two, and many other victims of this US Government secret weapon experienced. What these survivors need to witness is the mass dissemination of their story and a radical, positive change in their government’s management of secrets. This would be an acceptable, though belated, substitute for justice. Their hope lies in the belief that:

“Truth lives a wretched life, but always survives a lie.” Anonymous

Mark was guest of President while Cathy was slave of President
Mark was guest of President while Cathy was slave of President

FOR MORE INFORMATION: http://trance-formation.com


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