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From Awakening to Transcendence – Deus Nexus 2.0

By David Nova | From Deus Nexus

“The only thing that is constant is change.” ― Heraclitus

Dear Readers,

Thank you for supporting Deus Nexus over the past five years.

Deus Nexus will be changing format. This transformation has been building for some time now. I feel the time is right to shift gears, from what has primarily been a personal mission in support of global awakening, evolving into a mission supporting the transcendence of the 3D duality paradigm. Going forward, I will no longer be reposting Alternative news (with rare exceptions this will no longer be a news aggregator website). I will occasionally repost other writer’s essays when I feel they align with my values. I will attempt to write more articles and post shorter messages. I’m going back to the root mission of delivering a personal blog with a spiritual message. I may lose a few readers along the way, however, there are plenty of other alt-media news aggregator sites out there to choose from.

Deus Nexus has always been and will continue to be my personal blog, completely free of paid advertising (excluding what WordPress chooses to add to their platform). I do not make any significant money from it. This site is solely created and funded by me, built and maintained in my free time, what little free time I have to give.

Changing Frequencies

I’m sure that a few observant readers have noticed that lately I have been reposting articles with less frequency. I took a hiatus a couple of months ago when my father passed away from cancer. He had successfully battled cancer for years but it spread suddenly and very aggressively. So I took time away from work, home, and blogging to deal with personal family matters.

As a teenager, my father and I had a terrible relationship, but over the last decade we became good friends. That’s the power of love. It’s never too late to change, never too late to forgive, never too late to make peace with an adversary, to erase the chains of karma.  The death of my father allowed me this opportunity to better see myself, and honestly decide what I wish to do with the rest of my life.

Now, I could explain how the Earth is being bombarded with new cosmic waves of energy, how our planet is changing frequencies, how we’re ascending to 4th density. But I’m not going to talk in new age jargon. I’m just going to be ‘real’ with you.

Over the past year my tolerance for drama and darkness has steadily declined. Entertainment programming that I once watched and analyzed no longer holds the same appeal. If I need a mental break I’ll watch something nostalgic and personally uplifting. Similarly, I have begun to lose all attachment to the drama, duality, darkness, and insanity that permeates the news, both the mainstream and alternative media.

Both the mainstream and the alternative media are filled with more division, hostility, scorn, ego, manipulation, and fear than ever before. I see it creeping onto my own site. Despite the steady portrayal of dark shadows over our future horizon, I no longer feel as invested in a failing world.  I feel the inner impulse of more love, more joy, more trust, and more hope than I can possibly explain to someone who is keeping up with the news every day. When I attempt to continue to post this steady stream of negativity, it creates an uncomfortable internal conflict within my being. One side needs to win out. So I am choosing the Light.

Some readers will shout, “It’s about time.”  Other readers may protest, claim that I am closing my eyes to the darkness. I really don’t care. If you are invested in fighting (or fleeing) the darkness, you will carry that darkness within you, as a part of you. You will find your inner self in a perpetual state of conflict. Like a fire it will feed your motivation, but it will slowly burn you out. Only then will you seek the stillness of inner peace. You will be in the world, but not of the world. You will acknowledge the darkness, but not be blinded by the darkness.  You will seek to become the essence of undying Light.

An Addiction to Reading and Regurgitating the News

I’m getting off the treadmill and kicking what has become a terrible habit.

“Hello, my name is David, and I am a news addict,” I proclaimed at my imaginary 12 step program.

Jokes aside, this year I finally confronted the problem, and realized that this blog was acting as my enabler.

When I’m spending more time checking my phone every hour, going online, compulsively searching for headlines, reading a dozen articles, planing what to repost. When I’m spending more time in the cyber world than I am in the real world. When I’m consumed by what I read in the morning, constantly checking for more updates, staying ahead of the news cycle. Reposting, updating, reblogging, rehashing, obsessing, over thinking, going through news withdrawal, then there is a real problem, and it’s an addiction that many of us share, with the media acting as our dealer.

However, the mainstream media is in serious trouble. Public trust is at an all time low, and the main demographic of traditional news is quickly dying off. (Harvard Poll Shows USA is Woke: Majority Say Mainstream Media Publishes Fake News)

The Alt-media is also in trouble. It’s having growing pains. It’s splintered. It lacks emotional maturity. It’s not evolving. It tends to emulate and imitate all of the same journalistic techniques and flaws of the mainstream media. It often relies upon sensationalism, conflict, and controversy to gain readership. It is largely driven by mass psychology and emotional triggers, instead of critical thinking and rational debate. Much of it is deeply stuck in a dualistic mindset, which is still the basis of mass mind-control. Worst of all, some parts of the Alt-media like to stoke fires, foster divisions, feed fears, pander to our lowest vibration, and unwittingly raise the profile of the darkness all in an effort to expose it.

Exposing the darkness is an incomplete cure for darkness. First you expose it, but then you must fill the vacuum with Light. Exposing the darkness without adding any Light is just providing publicity for the darkness, especially if your audience is made up of morally complacent news junkies. They just want their fix. They want that adrenaline rush.  The hangover leads to stress which needs relief, so they seek another hit, hoping for a different result.

One thing the mainstream media and the Alt-media both have in common – feeding the news addiction of their readership/viewership.

I’m old enough to remember when the news was only on 3 network/local TV channels. Then came the era of the 24-hour cable news networks. Then the era of the internet. Then the era of iPhones and social media sharing. suddenly, the news was not just on TV an hour every evening, but available at the touch of a button, every second of every day. That’s how we became a nation/world of news junkies.

Reposting Everything Is Discernment of Nothing

Some bloggers repost everything that comes across the bow of the alternative media, and they explicitly leave the job of discernment up to their readers. Unfortunately, I feel they are doing their readers a disservice.  They should lead by example. Instead, they become what I would call Alternative Media News Aggregators. Don’t get me wrong. This  serves a need. It helps with the general global awakening process. However, Deus Nexus is getting out of the news aggregator business.

Exercising discernment in what I post and repost has been my objective since I started this blog in 2012, with the presumption that we all lead very busy lives, and wouldn’t be great if there was one site you could check to get a quick update on the big picture without having to sort through a lot of nonsense. And presumably that is why I have some loyal readers, who appreciate my effort to sort through the weeds and repost what I find worthy to share. This has never been a perfect process, and I have never claimed I have divine discernment powers. But I have made the attempt, and many readers have appreciated the effort, and have learned how to exercise their own discernment.

However, it has become much more difficult to repost other people’s articles, particularly this past year. Maybe I set the bar of discernment too high. Maybe people are more easily triggered by something they don’t agree with. Maybe it has become harder to find articles that are more balanced or spirit-centered. Maybe there are a whole new crop of untested belief systems that have sprung up since 2012 and have taken over the internet like weeds. But I find that I no longer have any desire nor take any pleasure in sorting through them all. This is no longer my passion.

I am turning inward. I am seeking my Truth within, and I will share some of my thoughts when they are worthy to share. It’s going to be predominantly my words going forward. So stay if you find some inspiration here, or leave if you disagree with me, but don’t expect more.

Moving Away From The CFWG Narrative

If unquestioning devotion to the CFWG narrative is what is proposed for Unity within the awakened community, than I am more than happy to be a rebel and pave my own independent path.

I’m not going to surprise any long-term readers here when I admit that Deus Nexus has been moving away from the CFWG narrative for several years. In fact, some of you vocalize strong disapproval when I do stray back and occasionally repost a bit of their narrative without commentary.

What is the CFWG narrative? Explaining the acronym should suffice:

Obviously, everyone should make it their practice to use their own discernment when reading anything online by any self-proclaimed messenger, myself included.

Once upon a time I followed each of these gentlemen with keen interest, and reblogged some of their work. However, for lack of a better word, I have become ‘disillusioned,’ [as in discarding the illusion].  I have nothing against these hardworking individuals. They have each performed a valuable service in aid of humanity’s awakening. I have no interest in publicly critiquing them going forward. I don’t want that job. That’s not how I want to spend my time.

Simply put, the CFWG narrative is no longer a productive part of my personal spiritual path, so I think it’s best to make a clean break. However, I will share one personal experience before I go.

A Personal Experience

Several years ago, back in 2013 when I was still following Cobra’s narrative, I was contacted by several members of his IT Team about their public split with Cobra’s organization, Prepare For Change. They were looking for someone to tell their side of the story, and I innocently, perhaps naively, agreed to listen and give a voice to their story. It was an interesting learning experience.

Remember, back in 2013 Cobra was still predicting that The Event was just around the corner, and Prepare For Change was frantically preparing for it.

I wrote the piece largely from the perspective of their work environment, as I have held several professional jobs myself in a similar situation, in both positive and negative creative corporate environments. In my experience, the tone of a workplace is always set by management, whether the workplace is supportive and collaborative or suspicious and dictatorial. The IT team claimed they started work with the best intentions in one polarity but eventually found themselves working in the other. You can find the old article here: Behind the Scenes at “Prepare for Change”

After posting, it didn’t take long before I attracted the attention of Cobra’s inner circle. Now, I had no interaction with Cobra himself, so I have no personal opinion of Cobra, one way or another. In fact, he was not even a main character in my article. However, I did receive a very strange email from one of his acolytes, for lack of a better term. Not so much unusual in content as it was unusual in effect. Immediately upon opening and reading it, I experienced a pronounced altered state of consciousness. And I am no stranger to altered-states of mind, as I have written here: My Spiritual Experiences with Psychedelics

At that point in time, I was unaware than someone could remote-influence or cast a spell through an email. I had experienced remote psychic readings, thus I consulted with a psychic acquaintance about this experience. She confirmed that it was indeed possible to remote influence someone through an email. To me, this felt like a psychic attack, completely unwarranted and uninvited.  It had the effect of putting me in a trance or drug-like state, and it compelled me to respond to the email in a childlike fashion. And yet I was fully aware of myself observing the whole experience. I dare say the experience inadvertently made me more aware of my own higher spiritual self, as I was in a kind of temporary dissociative state.

Now as a new blogger, I would have welcomed a statement from Cobra’s team/Prepare For Change, and I would have published it freely without them having to resort to remote-influencing me. And I did, here: A Response from “Prepare For Change”

Nevertheless, I was disturbed by the situation and the intense energy behind further emails, and so I decided to have nothing more to do with Cobra, his inner circle, or Prepare For Change. And of course, I never experienced another psychic or remote attack.

I have only shared this story with a few people, however I am now making it public. I’m not going to judge the remote-influencing as light or dark magic. I suppose it could have been a defensive action on their part, and perhaps they were attempting to ascertain if I was a threat to their organization, which I was not. However, it was still an unwelcome, uninvited, reactionary psychic attack. Therefore, it did not feel of the highest Light. And I have experienced a much higher Light many times in my life. So I will leave it at that and say no more.

No Butterfly Metaphors Here

Talking about the transformation of this blog, I could easily insert a butterfly metaphor here, however I am reluctant to ever use butterfly imagery and naturally suspicious of any new ager who does so (out of ignorance, complacency, or programming) simply because the dark side has completely co-oped monarch butterfly symbolism. [Origins and Techniques of Monarch Mind Control] And it’s everywhere, seeded into our consciousness like the icon of some new illuminati religion.

Actually, the caterpillar to butterfly metamorphosis is a very poor metaphor for our positive ascension process. It illustrates a type of spiritual materialism. Unlike caterpillars, who have no freewill when it comes to their transformation process, we do!

Our freewill is a vital part of our ascension. We have to awaken. We have to make a choice. We must work at making an internal transformation. We must be the engine of manifesting that inner transformation externally. We have to be both partner and caretaker of our own spiritual evolution. It is the more difficult road traveled.

This is not a biological evolution. This is the evolution of consciousness. It’s not going to happen automatically via DNA upgrades while we sit around waiting for a sun burst. We as a species are not in the midst of some collective physical evolutionary process where our flawed state of mind miraculously changes physical vehicles. We are not X-Men mutants in a comic book. We are not going to wake up with magical powers. As usual, so many have it completely backwards, putting their ideal of the physical body ahead of their true eternal spiritual being.

So instead, let us return to the classic and more apt fish-out-of-water metaphor that is symbolic of the astrological ages we are currently transitioning, which the ancients knew all about.

The old astrological age we are leaving is Pisces, symbolized by the fish. Pisces was the age of faith, religion, and sacrifice, the age of Christianity, Islam, and Buddhism. The fish was also the symbol of the early Christian church. Its shape was used in the catacombs in order to identify the first Christians. In this respect, “Ichtus”, the Greek symbol representing a fish was also an ideogram translated into “Jesus Christ, Son of God, Saviour”. You’ve probably seen the symbol on the bumper of a Christian’s automobile. Jesus named his disciples “Fishers of Men.”

The new astrological age we are entering is Aquarius, symbolized by the water bearer who pours water from his container back into the source-stream. We are that lucky fish being poured out of the individual fish bowl of our ego and subconsciousness. We are being poured back into the living waters of the collective consciousness. When we hit the air, we are an ego vulnerable, awakened, and fearful.

We must face this cosmic choice – to embrace this new, unknown spirit-centered environment and thrive, or fight for our old ego way of existence and perish (and repeat the cycle). It is our conscious soul choice, not the unconscious choice of our DNA. Our choice then instructs our DNA.

What then are the signs of the coming 6th Cultural Age?  What is the call for the dawning of the Age of Aquarius and how can humanity prepare for it?  The task of the current 5th Age is to develop the consciousness soul, to become fully an individual human on earth.  In the 6th Age, humanity will develop the Spirit Self and begin its re-ascent to conscious participation with the spiritual world.  Just as in the current Age of Pisces, humanity masters the physical world of matter and fully develops the sense of the independent self,  so in the 6th Aquarian Age humanity will learn to work consciously with the life forces, the etheric realm, the “cosmic water” and come to fully recognize our spiritual brotherhood, the universal human community based in freedom.  If one has eyes to see, the seeds for these characteristics of the 6th Age are already present in the conflicts and choices currently unfolding in humanity. (Source)

From Awakening to Transcendence

There comes a point in every awakening process when we must move beyond the headlines and the control they hold over us. We must move beyond our pain and the chains from our past. We must move beyond our “Awakening Shock Syndrome.” We must move beyond the “Tyranny of Expectations.” We must ‘Transcend Our Brain Created Reality.” We must evolve beyond “the Divide and Conquer Mindset.” We must “Transcend The Duality Paradigm.” We must liberate ourselves. Only then do we even begin to comprehend what ascension actually is, that there is an entire universe of Light beyond the limited wavelength we perceive inside this matrix, asking us to remember that we are spirit beings having a human experience, calling us to the home within our heart.

About the Author

David Nova is the author of the metaphysical fiction series “Season of the Serpent.”  He is a truth-seeker, a Wanderer, a blogger, and the moderator of Deus Nexus: Messages For An Entangled Universe.  For additional information about the author or his novels, visit his website, or his Facebook page.

This article is offered under Creative Commons license. It’s okay to republish it anywhere as long as attribution bio is included and all links remain intact.

Image: “From Nothing We Become Something” by Cameron Gray

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12 thoughts on “From Awakening to Transcendence – Deus Nexus 2.0

  1. Dear David, Wishing you all the best going forward (and following your heart). I have always thoroughly enjoyed your blog and look forward to continuing to do so. I understand where you are coming from not wishing to be just another aggregate alternative news site. I recall a couple of years back when I was following Clif High on my twitter feed and all he ever seemed to post was currency updates, Bitcoin this and gold doing that. I commented to him that I just wished that with all the data he was privy to in terms of mass consciousness…couldn’t he focus on spirituality once in awhile?…I stopped following him after that. We do need to shift our awareness from the way things have always been to how we want them to be going forward. Thank you for your contributions to this effort.

    • Thanks for the support, and what a very interesting observation about Clif High – with all of his data concerning mass consciousness, he could certainly explore the process of global awakening and go down some interesting spiritual avenues. After all, he does venture into what he calls the “woo woo” world. Living off grid as he does, I suspect he makes his funds from the audience interested in gold/silver/bitcoin speculation.

  2. I get it I get it I get it. I applaud and support. I so appreciate the even-keel vibe that you Are. Personally, I think that everyone should stop following anyone and just keep their own Blog. And then who will read them? Well, God. And then we can all say that we are Blogging for God, and it will be true. And because we are no longer reacting to each other, there will be Peace. So now I have to think about this…. Hmmmmmm……

  3. Right on David…it does get daunting, swimming in the muck of drama and duality. I totally get what you are saying. AS they say, ‘There are bigger fish to fry’ so onward and upward. My father too passed from cancer, he was the longest known survivor of renal cell cancer. He tried everything and I tried helping him but he lost that battle in 2012. The Shawmen and Native Hopi say we are going into the 6th sun, I kinda like how they put it rather than the new agey ascension raise your vibration genre. Look forward to your outlook on things and what insights you gain in your new focus of the progress of consciousness. CHEERS!! 😉

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  7. Much appreciated and thoughtful observations, David. I have appreciated your evolution as I have followed your blog for the last few years. I admit that I am a junkie of the same “CFGW” siren song, which I think strikes a powerful response in the hearts of many who hope for a better future for this planet and abhor our current condition, emblematic of our loss of control and helplessness.

    I too, have spent far too many hours trying to triangulate on various news sources and opinions, in order to create a more hopeful narrative, as opposed to placing my trust in my own intuition and experience, and moving ahead on a path reflective of those, and truly without regard for the consequences. If we truly are meant to be fully responsible in the creation of our own futures and recognition of connection with Source, then I think we ultimately have to let go of any reliance on external feedback, or we are not truly independent. I would love to have the alternative, easy, fairytale path to follow, with a guaranteed happy outcome once the scary ride was over, but I am seeing that that would be someone else’s creation and not mine.

    Weaning myself away from your news aggregation, as well as those of others is a difficult exercise, but I am feeling the same call towards doing the work required of me on my own path, as an exercise of faith in my own worldview.

    I will continue to check in to see how you evolve from time to time, but I should work to avoid adopting the opinions of others for a while, as I develop my own narrative.

    Safe travels!

    • Thanks for adding your voice and experience to this conversation we are having. It’s not always an easy or pleasant ride, as we are all still evolving so rapidly. This journey still requires rediscovering personal faith, and I find the momentum moving very quickly in my own inner-experiences these days. Here’s to developing our own narrative and creating our own path! Safe travels to you as well. Sharing Love & Light.

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