The Trump Charade: Fighting Ego with Ego

UPDATE: Well, the lucky Machiavellian genius of Trump wins again, as the narrative of his ridiculous boxing video tweet has now boomeranged against CNN, as they once again shoot themselves in the face. The Clinton News Network is Imploding in Real Time. However, my post below is just as valid – as the Trump vs Media war descends to a comical new low, we are in for some insane weather. Only some form of mature disclosure & real justice will put a halt to the ego games and bring some much needed healing to the nation.

By David Nova | From Deus Nexus

For some time, in regards to running his election and his administration, I have been pondering if President Donald Trump is some kind of Machiavellian genius or if he is simply a crass buffoon. Well, he is probably a bit of both.

It is perfectly conceivable that Trump [and his allies] have used the Russia-gate conspiracy as a clever bait n’ trap, so that Democrats and the mainstream media would enthusiastically fall into a pit and impale themselves, which they have.

And who doesn’t secretly enjoy seeing the arrogant MSM publicly discredit themselves? But when satisfaction shifts into juvenile personal attacks, it gives up the moral high ground.

And so the scales tilted heavily towards buffoon with Trump’s completely unnecessary and unpresidential tweet: Trump Slams Morning “Psycho” Joe, Says Mika “Bleeding Badly From A Face-Lift.” This is really beneath the dignity of anyone’s office, let alone the President of the United States. Plus completely unnecessary, as Trump appears to be winning the “media wars” with the most recent embarrassing exposures of CNN as “fake news.”

But wait, Trump just had to take the buffoonery one step further.

Trump Tweets Mock Video Of Himself Pummeling “Fraud News CNN” In A Wrestling Match

(Zero Hedge) Just when you thought American politics couldn’t get much more surreal, this happened:

Suddenly, the Machiavellian genius meter seemed to evaporate as Trump tweets about defeating the MSM, which wasn’t entirely his accomplishment (Project Veritas).

Perhaps the real genius of Trump is that he has some invisible allies behind the scenes who are instructing him how to play his hand in this game of high stakes poker? Sometimes his midnight tweets seem to serve this agenda, other times they seem to undermine it.

Ask yourself this question – After vowing to end the deplorable practice of human trafficking, why isn’t Trump tweeting about the success of recent pedo-arrests instead posting juvenile videos?

What makes President Trump simultaneously a Machiavellian genius and a crass buffoon?

In a word, his EGO.

He exhibits the personalities of both the calculating business mogul and the juvenile frat boy. His ego is the motivating factor behind everything that he says and does. He simply cannot help himself, nor control himself. And neither can the occult elite, to some degree.

This makes Trump habitually predictable and yet completely unpredictable at the same time, as a second-to-worst case scenario for the occult elite. The worst case scenario would be a candidate of tremendous personal integrity with the full support of the public on both sides of the aisle. Sadly, there are very few, if any of these candidates, and they don’t survive in office for very long.

So it takes a Trump to survive in office and stand up to the elite. It takes a self-deluded, self-aggrandizing ego to do this insane job, which is like saying we need a lesser villain to fight a larger villain, which has been the narrative of many a recent Hollywood comic book movies featuring anti-heroes, perhaps most notably, Suicide Squad, which I haven’t seen. This narrative is meant to persuade us that personal integrity and morality is fundamentally weak when dealing with the law of the jungle.  “You have to be bad to do good,” which I reject completely.

Perhaps the occult elite can manage to manipulate Trump’s ego, but they cannot completely control it (or mind-kontrol it.) And they seem to fear this, which is why they are desperate to get him out of office, any way they can.

If Trump was indeed the occult elite’s true choice for President of the United States, wouldn’t they have instructed Hillary Clinton to “stand down” by now? The same way Al Gore “stood down” when George W. Bush so controversially took the White House? And simply let the script run its course.

Instead, Clinton has hitched what’s left of her reputation to the fake news Russia narrative that the MSM is frantically selling. The elites need someone in the White House whom they control completely at this critical time, to enact their end game. They seem to be making the best of their bad situation by constantly stiring the pot.

What the occult elite want is quite simple. Too simple really. They want a rerun of World War II. They want a stock market dive, another great depression, and another global conflict.  Only after this terrible tribulation is fully enacted will the sleeping people of Earth demand what the elite want to give them: a New World Order, a one world government, a financial reset, and a new world religion. Problem-Reaction-Solution.

Yet it appears that President Trump doesn’t really know where to stand except inside his own ego, a very lonely place for a President. On the one hand, Trump is spoiling the Russiaphobic narrative, exposing the MSM as fake news. On the other, he is inflaming a cultural civil war, wants to sell billions of dollars in weapons to Saudi Arabia, continuing to inadvertantly fund terrorism, and is recklessly moving us towards another great war.

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Is Trump fighting the MSM because they are corporate propaganda for the deep state intent on deceiving the American people, or because they are personally antagonistic towards Trump and his administration? Is Trump’s hatred for the mainstream media simply an ego reaction?

We are only fighting fire with fire when we choose to fight ego madness with more ego madness. This may buy us some time, but in the end this strategy will not save us. Trump’s ego is a double edged sword. On the one hand, he wont go down without taking the MSM down with him and exposing the elites. On the other, he may take us all down in the process. Fighting ego with ego will not uplift us or make us great.  This will only lead the country to a very insane place, where the old rules no longer apply, where chaos reigns as we sink further into cultural Nihilism.

America is not simply falling apart financially. Anyone who focuses solely upon the stock market and the Federal Reserve is missing the big picture. The psyche of American is falling apart. Our supersized sense of destiny is falling apart. Our delusion of our own self-importance is falling apart. Our extravagant, unsupportable celebrity lifestyle is falling apart. Our ability to dictate our imperial demands to the rest of the world is falling apart. In short, America’s ego is failing, crumbling, imploding, in a spectacularly insane fashion fit for reality television.

This is serving a deeper spiritual goal, an internal house cleaning of sorts. A dark night of the soul from which to evaluate our own addictions to power, hypocrisy, and elitism.  Will we wake up and learn from it? Some of us will stand to the side and let the storm of insanity pass us by. Others will find themselves drowning it it. Those of us who are not ruled by our egos will find ourselves in a position to create a new and better world.

I highly recommend reading, or rereading this post: A Completely Different Perspective On Trump’s Presidency by Bernhard Guenther.

“Here’s the thing from a basic Jungian perspective: Trump is your shadow, America, a reflection of your unconscious, especially concerning people who identify themselves as Leftist, Liberals, and Progressives, their own shadow which they never deeply acknowledged, and hence project outwardly at the “other side” in their “holier than thou” political correct attitude, over-estimating themselves and dreaming to be awake.

The self-inflation, narcissism, greed, the “bigger is more,” the “quantity over quality,” the entitlement, the hypocrisy, the drive for recognition and fame, the “best” in the world, the bully, the “money can buy everything,” the racism and sexism, etc…..or anything else you despise in the man….it’s all you, buried in your unconscious. It’s also the shadow side of the “American Dream” and obviously reflected in America’s Imperialism.”

About the Author

David Nova is the author of the metaphysical fiction series “Season of the Serpent.”  He is a truth-seeker, a Wanderer, a blogger, and the moderator of Deus Nexus: Messages For An Entangled Universe.  For additional information about the author or his novels, visit his website, or his Facebook page.

This article is offered under Creative Commons license. It’s okay to republish it anywhere as long as attribution bio is included and all links remain intact.

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5 thoughts on “The Trump Charade: Fighting Ego with Ego

  1. Isn’t funny how we try to box people into labels and so we can be comfortable in our day to day? Let’s not forget the constant narrative of the so called press whom we have liked to think they are actually reporting news, but many have been aware that most of them are just repeating from a script from their masters on the social engineering spectrum, and most brain washed have been quite happy in their bubble of fake news. After all, they are ‘journalists’, and they are suppose to report the facts, unbiased and to the best of their knowledge. Every president since this country started has towed the line on dealing with press that has spread rumors or lies in their own way, more so in the past 4 decades or so, they have become more like a small town satire. Except Obama who put them in jail, and one reporter got blown up in his car…remember that one? I suppose it’s dangerous to be a REAL journalist when you have a President like Obama.

    Same with many churches and their pastors to be against the evils of the world. But as more and more corruption is exposed, especially of the elites and the child trafficking ring, and the travel ban, they can’t keep up their little scheme making money off the sick pedofiles of the vatican and other supposed high up elites. This perhaps is the true reason for the disdain of Trump, they knew the gig is up. The travel ban serves to stop the child trafficking ring…not just to keep terrorists out.
    Since this has all become quite apparent what the left wants, how they can’t deal with the outcome of this presidency, because they were SURE Hillary would have won…they were counting on it. When that didn’t happen, it was more than they could handle. They have spent months talking bad about the president, not journalism, but just like a small town, constantly slandering him since day one before he even had a chance to get anything done.

    As Presidents come and go, it has been quite entertaining to say the least because most always felt the President was just a puppet, read from a teleprompter, and never said anything bad or revealed anything about those attacking him. Some say like you do that he should be held to a higher standard, to not respond and just pretend they are not constantly trying to get him impeached or performing their ‘artsy’ assassinations and I suppose the higher ground, putting him in a box to a higher standard, is why many can’t seem to understand why he has ‘fought back’. Because the norm would be to just ignore, and pretend the fake news is real news and pander to them…they are like little kids that keep asking the same question, over and over…hoping for a different answer. Well, they have been treated like royalty all this time, no one has ever put them in the corner for a time out, but Trump did. He has exposed them in his way…you gotta love the show, so much it is like a comedy. I still have my sense of humor.

    If we lose our ability to laugh at ourselves and the ridiculousness of a public tantrum of the social programming and the narrative to box everyone into the ‘shoulds’ and ‘shouldn’ts’ because that is a position to be respected when they gave NO RESPECT from the beginning, and act outraged when he fights back, then we have lost our humanity. This is what Trump is doing…outside the box, because you can’t box in humanity anymore. The social programming is not working like it use to…although it still works on some. The ones melting down over a tweet or a video, but where was the outrage, where were the protests, when these people were doing a play depicting the murder of the president who got voted in and still, they just can’t accept it. I know if it were me, I would have said something sooner.

    I love how Trump has stepped outside the box and is more like the everyday guy. When he tweeted to Mika and Morning Joe…that was to them…because they spent 353 minutes in one month talking crap about him. What could he do? Arrest them for talking shit and lies? Well, Obama did, but that is besides the point…no, he did what any other ordinary person would do, he spoke the truth to them. So the spin was he’s talking bad about women and the bait was taken, hook, line and sinker.

    All the hypocrites can continue to try to box us in as stupid and believing in their lies and propaganda, but I for one, am loving the down to earth human nature of the president who can make a joke, like they make their ‘art’ and break the bubble of the so called ‘higher standard’ that he is expected to be, and just be a normal person like the rest of us. The press have long time needed to come off their high horse, no longer can they spin their narrative and get us to fight with each other…at least for me and those who see what Trump was doing. There was no other way to bring them down.

    If you want to look into some shady stuff, look into Mika’s father. He was CIA, member of the Bilderburg group, he served under Jimmy Carter and oversaw ‘Operation Cyclone’ in which they armed rebels, back then it was called ‘Taliban’ so they could lure the soviets out to Afghanistan…and it worked, and he knew that it would probably start a rebel aka terrorist group that would grow and become what it is today (but that was the risk he was willing to take to get the soviets out)…ISIS which was funded and armed by Obama, and oh how Obama admired Mika’s father…so he did the same thing…same strategy.

    It’s quite fascinating to look into those who try to claim the high ground here, like her and Morning Joe were some kind of angels here…and their alledged affair with each other I guess is common knowledge…LOL, see…. I never watch mainstream media, but boy do they have their own rabbit holes. Maybe they need to shut up and just report the news…so in the meantime, I know this whole game with the fake press and Trump will end soon, but for now…I am laughing, and not at Trump but with him because of the childish and constant piety they try to snub their noses at him and the people.
    Let’s just laugh and not box us into the social programming, let’s unite and get rid of the criminals, the ones who want to ‘sheeple’ us.

    • Thank you for adding to the conversation.

      If this were simply a post about sticking a belittling label on Trump it would not be worth my time to write. The entire point of this article is to show how the human ego effects our world, using the current glaring example coming from the highest office.

      We all have an ego. I demonstrate my ego by acting as a critical observer in this post. This is precisely how everyone’s ego functions in this world, as a critical observer. This can be a natural function for our survival, or it can undermine us and hold us back from experiencing our true spiritual potential. We need to recognize the role of our ego and transcend it if we wish to grow as a species and evolve.

      “Some say like you do that he should be held to a higher standard…”

      The point is not that Trump should be held to a higher standard of behavior (by myself or the media), but that he should hold himself to a higher standard of behavior, if he truly wants to govern us as an adult instead of producing another reality TV show.

      I have seen many instances where Trump seems to hold himself to a higher standard, to raise us all up, but then I see him surrendering to his lowest insticts to battle his critics. A testament of a person’s character and maturity is often how they handle criticism.

      “Because the norm would be to just ignore, and pretend the fake news is real news and pander to them…”

      I believe that I suggested the opposite, that Trump should call more stuff out in his tweets instead of posting pointless juvenille antics that serve no one, particularly children in captivity.

      Humor serves a wonderful purpose, but we should not submerge ourselves in a carnival atmosphere of negativity and expect that a positive change will be the result. That’s insanity. When we fight ego with ego, just as when we fight fire with fire, we are simply creating a bigger inferno.

      If we want to take down the occult elite, then we need calm, clear, intelligent heads and stedfast hearts. We need to be as wise as serpents.

      • RIGHT ON David, I know you were talking about ego and how we all could reach for the higher ground in response or reactions to how the world sees us or judges us. Trump is his own person, and yes, sometimes you gotta fight fire with fire.
        Many have taken the higher ground and the war of egos remained behind the curtain.
        As we have watched the media constantly slander and talk about him, like they have a place to do so, if only they had cleaned out their closet first. Even the best of people could get worn down to the level Trump has gone because these people are getting quite insane. He only opened the door to their skeletons so the spin is he is attacking women. I suppose there would be nothing he could say, even if he acted like they wanted him to.
        I find it refreshing as these people needed to be outed and either way, it was not going to be pretty. I hear what you are saying about ego, and believe me, have taken the high road many times. But if they are gonna all act like a bunch of kids, and not get with the program here, he must open that door of the ‘high and mighty’ press so the brainwashing stops or at least, they have been exposed. If he would have arrested them or been ‘nice’ to them, do you think that would have stopped the DNC and the press from bashing his every move and quit lies and rumors? It is clear more and more that the establishment thought they had it in the bag, that they would have Hillary as president. Seems they are desperate to get back in control, and still can’t accept that Hillary lost. What most are doing in the Senate and some states is considered Treason. As for the egos running amuck in this country, I agree with you, it is time for EGO 2.0. Thanks for explaining your view on the ego.

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