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Triggering – And What To Do About It!

Source: | by Arn Allingham

The psychological effect of “being triggered” by an external event is something that one hears about a great deal these days. It has become a mainstream concept, often mentioned in the press and in online articles.

The concept, in case you are not familiar with it, is quite simple: someone does something or says something that causes, in the triggered individual, a negative emotional response that is so powerful as to be debilitating.

If you have never experienced yourself being triggered, a useful way to understand it is to imagine yourself being offended to such a degree that you feel emotionally unable to cope. Typically, when we speak of triggering, this also implies the individual having a loud, very visible melt-down.

This is “triggering”.

And since this is something that is now in the common parlance, I feel that it is important to gain some understanding of what is really going on here and how one can begin to respond to triggering – your own and someone else’s.

The first thing I would share with you is that the trigger is not the problem; it is merely the symptom. The trigger is doing you a massive favour, no matter how unwelcome it seems. The trigger is pointing you to something inside yourself that is in need of loving, healing attention. When we continue to reside in a state of oblivious ignorance of our own psychospiritual trauma, our higher selves actually contract for a trigger to bring that trauma to our conscious awareness, so that we might heal it.

Spiritual children, feeling the pain of the trigger, demand that the trigger must change.

If I feel triggered by someone, then that is absolute proof that they are evil and they must change,” says the spiritually immature individual. They insist that their triggering is, in and of itself, objective proof that the trigger is the problem. And then they proceed to escalate their sense of displeasure over the issue until they see the trigger silenced or removed from their awareness. Which actually resolves nothing at all since the real problem remains unresolved and unaddressed in the deep recesses of their psyche (the Shadow). Which means that the triggered individual will then need to again be contracted for further future triggering. Which, in turn, means that their pain will only become more and more extreme and debilitating until everywhere they look, everyone they meet, in one way or another, triggers them. If they do not come to a New Decision about themselves, about life and about their own rigid attachment to their own victim consciousness, they are guaranteed to eventually find themselves locked into a constant state of roiling meltdown. A non-stop, unremitting panic attack.

This must unfortunately be so. And not because anyone, anywhere, in all that is, wishes this pain upon them. Quite the contrary. Their own higher self, as an act of love towards them, is contracting for these experiences simply because no other kinder, gentler way has ever been found to cause those who are rigidly attached to their victim beliefs to choose, of their own accord, to re-evaluate those beliefs and to release them.

And so it is. As the triggered individual evolves their consciousness, raising it by coming to new beliefs about themselves, so they begin to use their trigger events as a tool to see into the hidden parts of their psyches.

If I feel triggered, there must be something within me, of which I am unaware, that needs healing,” the spiritually advanced soul says.

Spiritual Adults experience these triggers as unpleasant blessings. They do not enjoy them… but they do, nonetheless, bless them with their gratitude as they use them to work on their own healing. And as they affect that healing, so they continue to raise their consciousness into ever higher levels, coming ever closer to knowing themselves to be eternal, immortal beings of limitless creative power.

And so my invitation to you: the next time you feel triggered, place a gap in time between the stimulus (the trigger) and your response. See if you can THIS TIME use the trigger like a Spiritual Adult. Instead of simply reacting to the trigger, see if you can stop and give the event some consideration. Ask yourself how and why you brought this experience to yourself. Ask yourself what you can learn from the experience. Ask yourself if there is a New Decision that you can take about yourself so that you might not, in future, have such a violent response to the same trigger. And then, when you have begun to answer these kinds of questions, ask yourself if you have a response to the trigger that comes from your most whole, healthy and mature Self. And see how that compares to the triggered reaction you might otherwise have come up with.

You CAN heal and you CAN overcome your triggers. And this is a beginning in that direction. If you cannot do this on your own, seek help. An attachment to victim consciousness will not serve you! And if you cannot heal it, you really should get help from someone who can assist you and guide you. (Find a professional in the field of mental and emotional health or consider Soul Re-Integration).

So much for the triggered individual. Next I would like to address the rest of the world: those who need to cope with triggered individuals in their midst.

When an individual or a group displays signs of being triggered, I’d like to invite you, first of all, to not take it personally. They will often do their utmost to make it feel personal. Spiritual Children are enabled to remain in a state of immaturity whenever we allow them to manipulate us. Think of a child throwing a raging tantrum in the supermarket. We’ve all seen that happen. If the parent becomes ashamed and then gives in to the child’s demands, that child will have “learned a trick”. It will then know that it can get whatever it wants if it just sufficiently amps up the emotional drama. The child will take its distress at not getting what it wants and turn that into “Armageddon in aisle 9” to get the treat it wanted.

Triggering is not entirely unrelated. The triggered individual feels some genuine distress. But their life’s experience has taught them that they can affect the world by allowing that distress to balloon to the point of melt-down. This is usually a totally unconscious process. It is usually the Shadow that enacts the triggering. But, whatever the case, this IS a manipulation ploy. The personality will vehemently deny this if you were to ever dare to suggest such a thing. And it is to be accepted that they are most likely not consciously choosing to be triggered. But it cannot be argued that the triggering process is an attempt by the psyche to change others’ behaviour.

If they just stop doing that, then I can stop feeling triggered,” is the way the triggered individual rationalises it – reinforcing their belief that the “problem” is outside of themselves in the other’s behaviour.

So, if you can rise above the triggered individual’s attempt to take their triggering personally, you will become like the supermarket parent who simply refuses to feel ashamed over their kid’s tantrum. I am not here to give parenting advice, but if one did not react at all to the tantrum, it would blow over eventually. And if one were to not concede a single reward to the tantrum thrower, they would be less likely to do it again in future.

So the first thing to say to yourself when you observe a triggering is, “This is not about me.

The second thing to say to yourself is, “It is unhelpful if I concede anything at all to this person while they are in this triggered state.

See if you can remain centred in yourself and in the awareness that what you are witnessing is a sign of THEIR deep spiritual pain. Be as compassionate as you can. Kind as you can. But also firm as you can. You do NO ONE any favours by capitulating to the manipulations of a Spiritual Child.

What you MIGHT want to do is to suggest a future date at which to discuss the triggered individual’s grievances, when they are feeling less emotional. Only when they are able to approach the subject in a calm and rational way can there be a discussion. And only in a calm discussion can there be negotiation. And only with negotiation can two parties come to a resolution which both feel is acceptable. And this takes maturity. It invites the Spiritual Child to grow up.

In closing: I do not suggest that Triggered Individuals do not have a genuine grievance. I am not debating the issue that they feel causes the triggering. I am simply making my position clear: an emotional explosion is only productive if you are using it as a tool of manipulation. And if you don’t like being manipulated, you should not treat others this way. If you wish to affect change in a helpful and positive way, you will need to do so in a mature, adult fashion. You will need to outgrow your triggering.

About the Author

Zingdad is the pen name of Arn Allingham. He writes books, blog posts, napkins… whatever. He also makes video and audio recordings. He offers guided meditations as a means of experientially sharing what he has discovered and “Soul Re-Integration Therapy” to help others past their deepest blockages. Find out more about Zingdad and all of his offerings on his website,


82 thoughts on “Triggering – And What To Do About It!

  1. I experienced a triggering of prolonged childhood trauma (C-PTSD) last week on a massive scale that unleashed a flood of memory and emotion-laden memories that somehow connected SO many disconnected dots in my childhood. (deep breath) extreme. It was totally unexpected and sudden. Even tho I knew this to be the case logically, still, emotionally I was in deep water…and working sincerely with breathing and EFT tapping, I still reached out for every cookie and ice cream that I could connect with emotionally and went nutty. WHOA. lol

    I know there is still so much work to be done in this profound state and will continue. Some really valuable insights did occur one of which is this: I am standing in the middle of a meadow that is my childhood. I am a giant and my shoes and socks on my feet and legs are about at the tallest trees on the outskirts of the meadow. I am nowhere near the awareness of the tiny child and have completely outgrown this entire drama/trauma. It only persists because I do not see it with the eyes of the giant person I have become…I am still seeing/feeling it from the eyes of the traumatized child.

    I am coming into the possibility that I could pick her up with me and hold her and show her from this perspective what’s what. Sill protecting and being aware of her pain about it. This is all I know how to do but if feels like a start. Thank you for this good article. It is spurring me to further make use of the triggering event. bless.

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  3. This post displays ignorance. A “trigger” is not someone throwing a tantrum. “Trigger” is a medical term for a thing (person, place, object, image, sound, etc.) that triggers an involuntary panic reaction in a person with PTSD or C-PTSD.

    You are spreading misinformation that will harm many people who are struggling with their mental health, and I ask you to please do some research on PTSD and rewrite this post.

    • First of all, you just proved the author’s point, being triggered by this article, throwing a tantrum in the comments section, and making rude demands.

      Second, this is a repost (in case you hadn’t noticed). I am not the author, so I will not be rewriting this post. You are free to contact the author with your concerns. His website is clearly displayed.

      Third, in case you haven’t been following the news, the idea of triggering has now become a political term used on liberal college campuses to shield students from free speech and other things they find objectionable, like the results of a democratic presidential election (which is not PTSD).

      And forth, in case you haven’t done enough research yourself, triggers are also used in Monarch mind control programming, where physical and sexual trama are used to shatter an individual’s mind in order to control sub-personalities with trigger words, sounds, and images. (which is manipulated PTSD).

      The author’s point, that trauma must be addressed and healed, not avoided and enabled, is valid. What we resist, persists.

  4. Hi David, I’m aware you’re not the original author. Greetings. However, you are reblogging this article since it resonates somewhat (or entirely) with your beliefs. Like you, I support the idea of taking full responsibility for how one perceives and reacts to others’ actions, to forgive all in order to clear all of one’s karma as indicated in your well written article “The Misunderstood Matrix of Karma, Reincarnation, and Soul Contracts” where you state:

    “Just forgive yourself. Forgive others who have wronged you. That’s how you clear Karma. That’s how you get off the wheel of Reincarnation. That’s how you avoid more Soul Contracts and painful Soul Lessons. That’s how you move beyond duality. These dark entities don’t want you to forgive anything. They want you trapped in repetitive cycles of shame and ego so they can feed off your negativity. You can’t be both fearful and forgiving – these are of opposite polarity, very different vibrations. Stop obsessing about all the darkness and just forgive. It’s not easy, but it is simple.”

    This article here by Arn Allingham also states for the spiritual adult to do this:

    “What you MIGHT want to do is to suggest a future date at which to discuss the triggered individual’s grievances, when they are feeling less emotional. Only when they are able to approach the subject in a calm and rational way can there be a discussion. And only in a calm discussion can there be negotiation. And only with negotiation can two parties come to a resolution which both feel is acceptable. And this takes maturity. It invites the Spiritual Child to grow up.”

    This matches closely what I’ve previously read about dealing with “high conflict personalities”, waiting for the triggered individual to get back to a calmed down / more rational state before discussion. It’s a good move. However, I, as one who questions everything, have seen firsthand in how people interact with each other, how a spiritual adult can easily take the above quote to then become a “so-called” spiritual adult towards a spiritual child by twisting it around to not take any (or very little) self-accountability for how their own negative actions may affect another person. Many people do it that way. Something just doesn’t sit right with me about that. I’d like your thoughts on this. I wrote a small poem to illustrate this point (starting from my POV):

    “The invisible concept being of such that
    For whatever I do that hurts you,
    Be it knowingly or in ignorance,
    I often realize on my own and bear some accountability
    Taking action to rectify as soon as needed,
    Clarifying in ways that lead to growth for both of us,
    While most never think and readily shrug off accountability
    When they inflict harm on others with or without realizing it,
    And as soon as they find out
    They say it is always the other person who’s responsible
    For his/her feelings or experiences
    Whether hurt intentionally or unintentionally.

    Humanity says to the one who was damaged,
    “Don’t look at me. Look at yourself.
    Resentment will get you nowhere with us humans.
    I do not need to take any accountability or apologize to you.
    Or maybe I’ll take a little accountability, but the issue is yours first and foremost.
    Learn to embrace us just as we are.
    Let’s pretend all is good. Free your emotions
    Of its resentment. The problem is YOU, not us. Lalala.”

    Now, we can definitely progress by just forgiving humanity and not taking anything personally. But do you see how spiritual adults could actually be “so-called” spiritual adults by refusing to do things like genuinely trying to understand the other person first and apologizing for how their own actions affected the other person, even after the spiritual child has calmed down. Where’s the genuine understanding and empathy for any pain one inflicts on others? Why should a spiritual adult choose to remain in ignorance instead of proactively pursuing understanding of others? The curiosity of most “so-called” spiritual adults as to how their own actions affect others is… dead. This seemingly common approach comes across as hypocritical and incorrectly paternalistic. Do you see what I mean? Of course, I could be missing something. I would love your input on this. Thanks.

    • Starlight,

      Thank you for your thoughtful comment. You raise a very interesting point, and I absolutely agree with what you are saying. This is going to be a long response.

      For those of us who write articles and blog in our spare time, it is never easy to address every point of view in every post. And occasionally we may use a word or make an analogy with the best of intentions that might offend a reader or trigger a negative reaction. There are no easy answers here.

      In the case of the article above, I perceive two things that may be the cause of misunderstanding and offense. First, the use of the word “tantrum,” and second, the parent-child analogy.

      Because I believe I understand what the author is saying, and saying it from a place of love, these ideas do not offend me. However, someone else interpreting his message differently may come to a different conclusion, one that was never intended.

      Thus, I do not believe the analogy is meant to be patronizing. Most parents approach their own children with a great deal of love (and a little frustration.) If a child is throwing a tantrum in a supermarket because he or she is not given a toy or a treat, I don’t think it’s particulary easy for a parent to show some tough love and not give in to the child’s emotional outburst. It’s much easier to just buy the child off with a chocolate bar. But that moment of weakness will not help build the child’s character or help shape them into emotionally mature adults.

      Now is this an appropriate analogy for talking about triggering and PTSD? If we are talking about the new political defininition of triggering, I believe it is perfectly appropriate. However, if we are talking about severe trama and PTSD, probably not so much. (The original commentor did not make this distinction.)

      But you are absolutely right, a spiritual adult would take responsibility for their role in any misunderstanding or harm done. Sadly, there are few spiritual adults in politics. The spiritual adult would show great compassion to the spiritual child who is suffering. However, if that suffering only exists in the mind of the child, the spiritual adult is not doing the spiritual child a service by perpetuating the illusory nature of their suffering. This is how frustrating it must be for Angels to work with us humans, yet they still love and protect us.

      Right now, there are cosmic energies hitting the planet and causing many people to be more emotionally raw and more easily triggered, because our inner conflicts are rising to the surface and our karma is manifesting much faster. We are seeing this happen in real time on the news. It will get more intense before it lets up. So we should all learn to take a deep breath, learn to relax, and learn to let go of our little triggers, because the big ones will be much harder to release. I hope this helps to answer your question.

      • David, thank you for your equally thoughtful comment and I agree too. I read the article a little too fast the first time, getting things a little mixed up. However, you were able to clarify and differentiate between two different situations.

        I understand the supermarket example (also provided by the author). An outburst like that isn’t due to anything done by the parent to the child, but isolated to the child’s mind. The parent shouldn’t take the easy way out by giving in (as that teaches the child it’s OK to be manipulative) and needs to respond with tough love, in order to teach character.

        That example is just a way of showing how to deal with real world scenarios where you encounter individuals that try to bend others to their will because something reminds them of an unwanted *this* or *that*, or is simply objectable to them. However, there are certain circumstances (such as severe PTSD) where some leeway can be given.

        But triggered individuals also need to learn that they can’t just ask everyone to change something that serves as a “trigger”. This is unfair to other people. And does us a disservice (e.g., fear of lawsuits, censorship, etc). Growth has to come from within. So the article makes sense.

        I hope I got all that correct, and this helps other readers better understand the purpose of the article.

        At least you could still see what I was getting at. Looking out for others by having a “quick willingness to take some accountability for how our actions affect others” is NOT how most people think nowadays, especially in politics… but just imagine if that was the status quo. I’ll mention something related to this in my next comment.

        I can see what you mean by your last paragraph. I am not as informed on all this as you are, but I have studied some things related to the astrological ages and galactic alignment which resonate with what you’re saying. Also, I thought you did a really good job of answering my question.

    • Interestingly, this discussion extends to a much larger spiritual topic, and I may have to write a post about it. A natural truma is something that happens in a moment of time, which then becomes part of our past. When we are triggered, we are reliving that trauma, as if it were happening in the present. However this is an illusion of our mind, because we have not yet healed the trauma within us. It holds us prisoner. Until we can heal and release the trauma, we cannot be free of it, and we will carry it with us. It will hold us back. In the bigger picture, this is exactly what is holding us prisoner to the reincarnation cycle. And there may well be a form of collective consciousness trauma that needs to be addressed and healed, that is holding us back from Ascension.

      • If you decide to write a post on that much larger spiritual topic, I know I’d want to read it. Your comment here has many points I absolutely agree with. In my other comment, I mentioned something called “status quo”. Well, imagine a civilization where there is a widespread creed in which everyone is *taught* to look out for others before self and hold themselves accountable in a heartbeat for any action that hurts others, otherwise they’d have to undergo counseling, as per law. The difference between our civilization and that civilization being their universal teaching and lifelong reinforcing of values such as “self-accountabiilty to others”. For them, it’s a “status quo”. Think of how that applies to fixing our collective consciousness trauma so we can ascend. What do you think of this?

      • I’m going to meditate on the matter a little more before I write a post, however I think it will expand upon some of the topics I have already written about.

        Unfortunately, I see a problem with the civilization that you imagine. When a society requires counseling, reprogramming, or social rehabilitation by law, what you have is dangerously close to a psychological police state. (I described such a spiritual police state in my second novel.) If the Golden Rule was infact the foundation of a spiritual society, it would be largely self-sustainied by social convention, education, and personal spiritual connection. This would be a 4th Density Service-to-Others society, as described by the Law of One, as opposed to a Service-to-Self society.

      • I’m pretty sure, but I can’t be 100% certain, that Jesus was describing reincarnation when He was talking about hell. I do feel that there is a finite number for the Earth and then there is no more choice after that. Read Revelation and please comment if you want.

      • I think at this point, it is moot because I think this is the last incarnation of the soul for everyone on Earth. If they choose the Mark of the Beast, God help them because they will decent into lower and lower realms for eternity. “The smoke or their torment go up forever”. That is a really sad thought for me.

      • David- Thanks for your insight on the hypothetical situation I gave. I knew you might have a problem with it and was just curious as to your perspective on whether there might be something wrong with the idea of counseling per law (especially if social convention decided the action was enough to warrant the counseling, such as in the case of someone gone astray and incurring violence in 4th Density, if that’s possible?), but your answer does make sense. I need to read and learn more about all this, I guess.

    • Hello David and Starlight. If I might, I thought I’d jump into the middle of your conversation here. I’ll respond in a sort of overall way as opposed to addressing specific things said.

      Something I talk about often as it is fundamental to healing and ascension, is this:

      The name of the game is Empowerment, but Power and Responsibility go hand in hand. If someone wants their Power, they must take Responsibility… for their OWN creations. OWN. You have neither the Power nor the Responsibility for other people’s lives and choices. You have no Power to make other people’s choices for them so you also have no Responsibility for their choices.

      It does not serve you or them to attempt to “steal their karma”. WHOSE button is pushed? WHO is triggered? They will be the one who needs to OWN that button / trigger.
      See my post

      A big part of this whole healing and relational interaction thing is KNOWING WHAT IS YOURS AND WHAT IS OTHER’S. It no more serves anyone involved for you to take on others’ stuff than it serves to put what is yours on others. You can only take Responsibility for what is YOURS. You will not be Empowering either yourself or others by attempting to carry the burden for someone else’s triggers.

      What you have is Influence. Use it. Lead by example. Lead by leading your OWN life.

      Demonstrate the Power that comes by taking Responsibility.

      • Thanks for the input GAF. I definitely agree about empowerment, it’s a fundamental spiritual principal. I would say the main factor that separates the “spiritual adult” from the “spiritual child” is empowerment, taking responsibility for one’s own life, thoughts, and creations. Absolutely.

        However, I think the core of the conversation we’ve been engaged in is less absolute in nature – that being compassion and the wisdom to know when to show compassion, or when its more appropriate to take a step back. Because we are Service-to-Others oriented, we are called to assist when spiritually appropriate, not stand back and remain uninvolved. Thus in the eye of the spiritual child, the spiritual adult can be perceived as cold, impartial, and aloof, or warm, meddlesome, and overprotective. As in all things, balance must be sought.

        One of the biggest triggers for a spiritual child is this concept of empowerment, taking responsibility for every aspect of our life, releasing our suffering and our attachment to victim mentality and victim identity which is so prevelent in our society. Identity politics is all about maintaining victim identity, wrapping ourselves up in our separateness, and expecting others to do our own healing work for us. Those of us who are pursuing spiritual wisdom may inadvertently trigger those who are less spiritually evolved with this concept. So it is our own higher lesson to determine the amount of compassion we should demonstrate to help raise up others, or when to stand back and let them figure it out for themselves.

      • Not about “remaining uninvolved”. It’s about Compassionate Non-attachment – don’t attach to what is not within your power to change. Again, you may have influence and also an energetic connection, but you do not have control over others.

        The OUTWARD difference between someone who is “attaching” or “investing” in what others do with wisdom they offer others and those who don’t attach, well, a casual observer may not see the difference. But if one pays attention to themselves, they will notice when they are attaching. It’s really not about what is done or said outwardly, it’s what you’re doing with it inwardly. What is done / said outwardly may not be different.

        And yes, when to “help” and knowing when so-called “help” is really interference. Yep, discernment required throughout… and intuition / Divine guidance in general.

        When you don’t attach, it makes it even easier / more natural for you to know / intuit when to act / speak and when not to.

        “Balance” may not mean being the same at all times or never going to extremes. Different situations call for a different response (as you’ve already said in your own way) – Responsibility, “the ability to respond”… yep, in the appropriate way for the specific situation in the present moment… and following Divine guidance the whole way.

      • GAF- I’ve been very busy and just now have time to respond. Since David put the triggering issue into the correct context and I’ve had time to think about it, I understand better now. It’s similar to when my wife asked someone at her work last year if everything was going ok with the group they both were working with, and that coworker seemed somewhat triggered and said “Mind your business” with a rude expression. As if there was something triggering him for no known reason. Point being, you don’t always know why someone gets triggered. Did I get that correct?

        I read your article (at the link) and all the comments (I really liked the ones on the difference between pain and suffering/struggling — some of the most brilliant comments ever). Your article “Enabling Others’ Dysfunction” makes sense to me in contexts like the one of my wife’s coworker. People will be triggered for all kinds of reasons beyond our control. We take away from their learning opportunities if we give in to their triggers, or even try to walk around their eggshells (stealing their karma) to prevent them from being triggered. So by calling them out on their trigger, it’s like giving a gift they can learn and improve from.

        I got confused earlier over a different, more personal type of trigger. Here’s a hypothetical example, in case you’re wondering:

        Imagine a situation where a person (Person A) oversteps the other person’s (Person B) boundaries *on purpose* (a violation against Person B’s expressed will). At a later time, Person B gets “triggered” by Person A’s actions when Person A (1) pretends nothing happened, (2) when called out, tells Person B to get over it and grow up, (3) and persistently wants to have a normal relationship without having shown proof of learning anything. The three avoidances of reality by Person A (who could have either non-malicious or malicious intent) can trigger Person B, similar to PTSD. There are plenty of “boundaries being violated” situations that could apply here, some benign while others are *far* more serious.

        We don’t have to be triggered if we don’t want to (via compassionate non-attachment). But… how should one deal with a potentially triggering yet different kind of situation like that? Is it OK to call out others / set / enforce boundaries (after they’ve crossed ours), since trying to control others’ actions/creations and enforcing boundaries (giving a consequence) seem to be against the idea of forgiving all?

      • P.S.: Person A could also (4) use a false sense of compassion (in denial of self-accountability) by reading an article like this one and doing what this article suggests towards the “triggered”. That’s what I was talking about in my Aug 17th comment.

      • In your hypothetical situation… It is ultimately ALWAYS Person B’s responsibility to look out for themselves… whatever that takes. It doesn’t even matter if Person A is a saint or an a-hole, ya know. B has no control over A and could stand to accept that fact. B only has control over their OWN choices. What does B choose to do with this situation with A? The ultimate boundary is for A to not be in B’s life. Does it need to come to that? B has choices to make for themselves ‘cuz they can’t make A’s choices. They can only RESPOND to what A presents not change what A presents – not within their Power or Responsibility. Yep, setting boundaries, at whatever level… and perhaps letting go of “boundaries” when that’s called for also… that is, if it truly is a “boundary” thing or is Person B asking Person A to, yep, walk on eggshells for THEIR buttons and triggers?

        Through all relationships / interactions, a useful first question is always “What’s in this for ME?” But it doesn’t always end there because the issues involved may not be yours, you’re just the messenger or what have ya.

        On this:
        “We don’t have to be triggered if we don’t want to (via compassionate non-attachment).”

        When I said, “Not about “remaining uninvolved”. It’s about Compassionate Non-attachment – don’t attach to what is not within your power to change.”

        I guess I’m talking about the TriggerER not attaching.

        Ah, lets say you run into someone’s button and they are triggered OR even in just a situation where you share some info with someone. I’m saying in that situation, don’t attach to what they do with your info or in the case of triggering, don’t take Responsibility for THEIR trigger.

        And people notice your energy, even if unconsciously, even if it takes ’em a while to realize what is different. I have flat had people say to me, “Thanks for not getting caught up in my drama.” They didn’t feel I was cold but they couldn’t help but notice that I didn’t pump enegy into their drama. I remained unattached. Still VERY compassionate, still willing to take Responsibility (ability to respond) when interacting with my fellow human but not attached to their drama or what they do with my light / info… but nope, not willing to enable their continued dysfunction.

      • Also Starlight, there is more to ending the triggers than just choosing not to be triggered. Yep, awareness of one’s triggers and owning them is a good start. But there is a re-active energy there – just waiting to shoot metaphoric bullets at innocent bystanders, the chip on one’s shoulder – that needs to be addressed. In broad terms, it more than likely is an emotional backlog – emotions from past experiences that have not been fully expressed. See more here:

        With this or anything, ask and ye shall receive. If you have a trigger (or want to know if you do) and want to know what’s behind it, then ask the Divine. Then leave yourself open to the answer so you recognize it when you see it. And yep, there may be some healing / inner work to do, some process to it. Just Trust and Flow and let it reveal itself.

      • And Starlight, I’m being urged to share this very condensed tidbit (going where guided) – I was in a relationship with someone who was abusive in their own way. They controlled the situation by always being late (one example). I called ’em on it. I know they were totally coming from a wounded place and it was very unconscious and to this day, I know they still don’t understand why they acted that way. But that still doesn’t mean they were allowed to take it out on me.

        But, I could have (and did) talk to them about it till I was blue in face but I came to find out later, after we split up, that language was not their language. They needed me to show them. One time I didn’t wait for them. When they showed up, yep you guessed it, late, the revelation that I had not waited, that time had not stopped while they attempted to elongate the 24-hour day, lol, was abundantly clear on their face. They were just about never late again for me and if they were running a tiny bit late, they proactively communicated that to me without my prompting.

        It was like throwing a switch, like night and day. The lights totally went on for them by me doing something different… not just talking about it.

      • Hi GAF, I do understand the “dropping the emotional baggage” thing very well, and your article is excellent. What I’m trying to understand related to all this is: AFTER you’ve *removed* all emotional baggage/all triggers/all chips on your shoulders/all backlog of emotions/all metaphorical bullets ready to be shot at innocent bystanders — ALL GONE — are you still allowed to protect yourself as part of forgiving everything? Or will that prevent yourself from getting to a higher density (4D, etc)?

        “I guess I’m talking about the TriggerER not attaching” <– I knew you were talking about the triggerER not attaching. I decided to talk about Person B as someone who could resist being triggered and also exercise compassionate non-attachment even though what Person A is doing is very self-centered (and could work on being compassionate). Sorry for the confusion. Bad communication on my part.

        Let me try again. What if Person A had done a really serious offense — like the worst kind of sexual assault? Person B can be fully emotionally healed with no emotional baggage / triggers but would still need to set boundaries to prevent further risk of assaults, especially if Person B wanted to have normal relations without having learned anything… correct? I'm trying to better understand what's allowed vs. what's not allowed as far as boundaries go as part of forgiveness AFTER you're no longer triggered. If you're NOT triggered anymore but you want to establish healthy boundaries, would that be viewed as an attempt to control the other person's free will (which seems to be a "no no" here if you want to get to a higher density)? I think I'm not understanding something.

      • Everyone is always allowed to protect and otherwise look out for themselves. Protecting yourself will not keep you from spiritually advancing. Quite the contrary. Protecting yourself has to do with Self-Love and Self-Respect and those are some of the most important things to achieve and make one’s top priority in their healing and ascension process. “If ya can’t love yourself, how the hell ya gonna love somebody else?”

        We create through our Thoughts, Words and Deeds. That includes “protection”. Get into a space of knowing you are safe… then follow your Divine guidance and that will ensure it. … and that also may require releasing any fears of not being safe.

        The more advanced you are, and the better you follow Divine guidance, the less likely you even “attract” such to your life anyway… and along the way, you release whatever and whoever you may have to.

        I was thinking the other day – It’s kinda about not putting up with other people’s b.s. (setting boundaries) and you also about not putting up with your own b.s. (knock out the healing work).

      • And Starlight, we draw to us what we fear. It’s not a crisis, it’s an opportunity… to face that fear and see it for the illusion that it is (False Evidence Appearing Real), then release it.

        And you’ll know you have released the fear in full when such no longer shows up in your life… because it doesn’t need to since you’ve addressed, healed, cleared and released the fear.

      • (Sorry, I read your comment through my notifications and it didn’t show me the whole thing earlier.)

        So on this:

        “If you’re NOT triggered anymore but you want to establish healthy boundaries, would that be viewed as an attempt to control the other person’s free will (which seems to be a “no no” here if you want to get to a higher density)? I think I’m not understanding something.”

        Trigger or no, wound or no (as in, if you ever had anything to be triggered about in the first place), it’s always ok to set boundaries.

        And when dealing with those who are not as aware or as advanced or healed, they are like someone who is possessed or like if your dog got rabies, in either case, you don’t want to hurt them but you have to acknowledge that they can be harmful to you so you do what you have to to look out for yourself.

        And on the free will thing. Shy of physically abusing someone in some way, you technically CAN’T violate someone’s free will. By “can’t”, I don’t mean “not supposed to” but “not able to.” You are not able to violate someone’s free will. Now, by that, I mean… back to you can’t make their choices for them. How many times have you advised someone and they’ll have nothing of it. They just demonstrated that you couldn’t violate their free will even if you wanted to.

        They can do as they please… within reason, within set boundaries. No, they are not allowed to be abusive and no, just because you may have knocked out some healing and are more advanced doesn’t mean you have to put up with anyone’s abuses.

        Brené Brown, who musta been / is a psychotherapist of some nature, learned this from years of her work, something that I myself have personally lived:

        “One of the most shocking findings of my work was the idea that the most compassionate people I have interviewed over the last 13 years were also the absolutely most boundaried.”

        And this has become one of my favorite quotes:

        “When we talk about compassion we talk in terms of being kind. But compassion is not so much being kind; it is being creative [enough] to wake a person up.” ~ Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoch

      • A point I’d like to clarify about compassion. Compassion without wisdom often does not know how to set healthy boundaries. True compassion comes from inner strength, not inner weakness or inner need (a need to help or play savior perhaps). Compassion doesn’t necessary mean becoming caught up in another person’s inner storm. Sometimes the best form of compassion is just being a little beacon of light and strength in the midst of stormy seas. We certainly cannot offer aide from drowning if we are in danger of drowning ourselves. And sometimes we need to withdrawl our compassion if it leads to emotional reprisal or psychic vampirism. We can still remain compassionate beings. Often we simply need to wait for a request for our compassion. Sometimes prayer is a better form of compassion. Every situation is different, no doubt.

      • (Two clarifications regarding my previous comment.

        #1) In 3rd paragraph, I put B instead of A. It should show “especially if Person A wanted to have normal relations without having learned anything”

        #2) In using phrases like “AFTER you’ve *removed*” and “NOT triggered anymore”, I ran into a tiny tripping block. I was referring to not being triggered _in the first place_ by anything anymore. But at least you got my point)

        GAF- wow, that was very well explained. Thanks to your comments, I understand everything much better now… it’s something I’ve always thought to be important and have done several times – setting boundaries. It gives others an opportunity to learn to grow by respecting others’ boundaries too. The quotes by Brené Brown and Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoch are perfectly stated. Great video too.

        Your quote hit it home:
        “It’s kinda about not putting up with other people’s b.s. (setting boundaries) and you also about not putting up with your own b.s. (knock out the healing work).”

        Your comments made me smile. I appreciate people who like to help others. I feel like I’m learning a lot of good things from you!

        Back to my Aug 17th comment and how I noticed that there can also be “so-called” spiritual adults. Person A is the “so-called” spiritual adult if you take into consideration actions (1)-(4) as mentioned in my Aug 21st comments. I was trying to show how this article could be read differently and twisted by a “so-called” spiritual adult who’s under the illusion of being compassionate without really listening or owning up to their own actions. So that’s another *important* perspective to think about, since not everyone is guided by clear ways of thinking.

        *below is the very important distinction*

        I wasn’t saying that spiritual adults must avoid triggering the other person (stealing that person’s karma). I was trying to make clear that the spiritual adult (Person A) can’t be hypocritical and lack curiosity or a sincere effort to understand when dealing with a person (Person B) that could be triggered by something the spiritual adult does that lacks wisdom/discernment of themselves! There are many Person A’s like that out there. With this known, I turned the focus onto Person A. Ignore Person B, for a moment.

        As Jesus said in Matthew 7:3-5:

        3 “Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye?
        4 How can you say to your brother, ‘Let me take the speck out of your eye,’ when all the time there is a plank in your own eye?
        5 You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye.

        This perspective is important enough to be addressed. This article (since people that write articles can’t always addess every POV) didn’t address that perspective. And without this *crucial* piece of wisdom included in the article, there are numerous Person A’s who are not “ready” to read this article. They’d misinterpret and go down the wrong road. That is why I made mention of the “so- called” spiritual adult in my Aug 17th comment.

        I have learned new things here, but for some reason I can now explain where I was coming from more clearly. Thoughts on this?

      • Ya know, what comes to mind for me (excuse the long ramble in advance) in reading what you’ve said here is (and it may or may not address much of what you’ve said but I jumped into this convo with a “flavor” of something rather than addressing specifics, and some of this is rehash, so if there’s nothing of use for ya here, well, I won’t attach to that either, lol)… that there are many levels of “awakening”. It doesn’t happen all at once. Someone can be a “spiritual adult” and still have plenty left to learn. I know that there are millions of lightworkers who have “completed” (completed their ascension process / full Christ embodiment) very recently (and in some cases I know who they are) and yet they know next to nothing about the mundane world. I learned / re-membered about both the Heavenly and the mundane in tandem so I must admit that I have been a bit floored by some very “advanced” lightworkers who still don’t know things about the world and even though “complete” (so basically fully connected into the Divine) they still are having to work on releasing 3D more because they’ve not learned what the 3D mundane world is really about so they don’t really know what to unplug from.

        And “good students of life” know there’s always something more could be learned and remain open to that, but some folks like the whole “teaching” gig, ya know, and there have been plenty of folks for them to “teach” so they don’t always keep moving forward on their own path ‘cuz they’re still head and shoulders above so many others. I’ve wondered how many of their “students” will have to fly on by them before they continue to move along themselves.

        And there are dogma and beliefs to keep shedding. In the lightworker realms sometimes they get caught up in not only old dogma but take on new also. A lot of my blog is just pointing out where lightworkers aren’t getting it quite right and hence are putting out bad advice. And yes, like you said, they can take some info and run in the totally opposite direction with it – we hear what we want sort of thing.

        And yep, in a world of Duality, you seemingly have to keep showing the balance and different sides because any time you speak of one “side” of things then someone pipes in with the other side but often times in a way that makes those sides seem mutually exclusive or “opposites” or so black-and-white / written-in-stone kinda thing. I was thinking here lately that many spiritual folks, both old religion and new agers, are still very stuck in Duality, even in this regard – they keep looking for that line that can be drawn to separate good from bad “Everything on this side of the line is good, on that side bad.” Like they’re too lazy to actually hone and use their own discernment skills so they still want black-and-white rules stuff and that is just so limiting… and disempowering… and lacking in Responsibility. Some entities above the veil, who don’t have the 3D consciousness veil as an excuse, also love the whole black-and-white rules thing. *shaking head* Oftentimes truths are mixed in with illusions and you’ll have to learn to sort ’em out and there’s no guidebook that can cover every scenario, so… it’s just like some raffles – you must be Present to win. What’s the “right” thing to do IN THIS MOMENT, because a totally different thing may be required by the next moment.

        And there are many times when it’s just assumed that because we’re using the same terminology, we must be talking about the same thing. Scary assumption that. This is why I have to admit I cringed to see David use the term Service to Others (I have a post on that too) and I do believe David and I have touched on this topic before. Here again, it’s about the things we’ve spoken of here – “serving” in what way and is it really a service or a disservice, helping or interfering? And as we’ve brought up in this conversation, in the name of serving others, people can be just serving old disempowered programs or ego trips, yeah, like playing savior or what have ya.

        And in the whole Service to Others thing, the Service to Self side really gets a bad rap. As if to say that serving oneself is “selfish” and inconsiderate. I’ll leave my post for more on that.

        And yet I’ve known for years that self if one’s top priority. Self first! Self-love, self-nurturing, self-respect, self-healing, etc. If you don’t take care of yourself you’re not of much use to the next person anyway. OF COURSE you are your top priority. OF COURSE it’s YOUR job to look out for yourself.

        LWs get confused about Unity in this regard also and are looking outwardly / horizontally for unity when they could stand to find it inwardly / vertically by connecting to all aspects of themselves FIRST (or top priority). When they have self-unified, there’ll be no question, they just KNOW of their unification with others. The others may not be in that paradigm yet, but they are… and their side of things is what is theirs to tend to.

        You asking if you’re basically “allowed” to set boundaries and does that violate others’ free will… Years ago I wrote about how altruism gets warped and people will literally sacrifice themselves for others for reasons and in ways that are just not necessary and not helping a thing, for anyone involved! … but it’s sure wearing them out.

        People have a right to cling to their free will / veiled consciousness state and yet they don’t have a right to you. Ya know. But the only one who can enforce that is you. It’s not only ok for you to look out for yourself, it’s your duty, your job and no one else’s. Yep, self-empowerment and self-sovereignty. That’s what is for anyone to work on and the collective connection / unity just is. We are never not connected, it’s just a matter of being aware of that. And one can only be aware for themselves… can offer up light and others options but can’t make someone else actually absorb it.

        Which reminds me, on the boundaries thing, for years I’ve defined boundaries, just like Brené does, as just simply the difference between what is ok and what is not ok. And people too often assume that everyone is the same and others can read their mind and they forget to actually COMMUNICATE their boundaries. Not saying or doing anything IS communicating and it’s communicating that everything is ok. If everything is NOT ok, then something needs to be said or done. Enough with assuming the next person can read your mind. I had a martial arts instructor who, when they could tell what they were attempting to communicate wasn’t getting through, they knew they had to attempt a different way to communicate. Like I learned with my ex, that language was not their language.

        There are many lightworkers (LWs, have to start abbreviating, lol) who fancy themselves to be spiritual adults but they are very spiritually immature. They remind me of the old joke: “Hire a teenager… while they still know everything.”

        I look forward to being more out in the world in the near future and interacting more with “non lightworkers” because they are often more open to info and you’re catching them before they’ve gotten caught up in New Age dogma. So they may be ripe and ready to release old world dogma and they really don’t need it replaced with a newfangled dogma. Many LWs, well, ya can’t tell ’em a thing. They obviously just need more personal experience ‘cuz attempting to just use wisdom to correct their stinkin’ thinkin’ doesn’t work (can’t violate their free will, even if ya wanted to)… and they turn back to the “echo chamber” to find folks caught up in the same dogma so they remain stuck, perhaps at a rather “high” level, but still stuck.

        And yep, ya just can’t force ’em to see the log in their own eye. They’ll understand such concepts as “mirroring” but use it in some pompous way to say there is something “wrong” with the next person BEFORE they use the wisdom of mirroring on themselves. And unlike with this article – to do with triggering, well, if one is triggered they can wait to cool off before replying to someone but… – when there is dogma / beliefs involved without any triggering mechanism, then the only thing to alert someone to their own dogma is an honest self-assessment. A “Divine messenger” (or many) may be sent but if they aren’t willing to look to themselves with a clear eye, then the message will more than likely not get through… yet.

        How’s Zat!? Anything worth a darn there? lol Oh well, I got to express today. I’m happy. Served me. 😉

      • Great conversation guys. I just want to interject one point. According to Ra and the Law of One material, the Service-to-Others polarity does not mean exclusively serving otherselves at the expense of oneself. (Otherselves are an illusion/distortion anyway in the Ra Material, as all are aspects of the Source Creator.) It also means serving one’s own spiritual needs as well, and serving the Source Creator. I know that people get stuck up on terminology. Human vocabulary is such an imprecise thing. Many people have a problem with the term “Harvest” in the Ra Material. However, Ra uses the term Service-to-Self in the most extreme definition, which is basically occult elites enslaving everyone else to serve their own needs. That is the definition of the Service-to-Self polarity in the Ra Material, and there is a very high bar set for evil self-interest in order to ascend to 4th Density Negative.

      • Thanks David. And that’s just exactly the kind of clarification that some folks could use… especially those not up on Ra and the Law of One. 😉

      • And see David, this irks me because words DO matter… most especially in communication at a 3D / 4D level (mundane), but Thoughts, Words and Deeds are also how we create.

        So… these concepts from Ra and Law of One (not something I’ve ever been drawn to but STS / STO has been spoken of by everyone and their dog for years, mostly ultimately sourced from ABOVE the 3D consciousness veil / higher Ds or realms, not meaning Divine level here but more like channeled ETs) and these concepts, no problem… because yep these things exist, ya know, the definitions you just provided, but I’m just gonna say, whoever came up with these terms just flat picked the wrong terms.

        There is nothing inherently good or evil, it depends on the intent behind it. “Self” is kinda made to sound bad in this whole thing. And that just feeds the whole disempowering self-denial (“self love is bad” program) thing that old world religions have had going on.

        Why pick “self” and “other” at all in this? Perhaps Service to Light / Service to Dark would have been better terms, ya know… no matter if the light / dark is found in self or other.

        In the whole healing and ascension gig, as we’ve said in many ways already, serving self is the path to even being ABLE to serve others. Priorities have been messed up in this world and these terms, yes, from above the veil, ya know, from those beings who are not always wiser than humans, have kept people “out there” when the biggest bang for folks’ buck towards helping others is still by helping oneself “in here.”

        Just coulda been a better choice of terms to express those concepts. Not about self and other and one is good and one is bad and oh such black and white terms. And we can always change our language…

      • Ironic, considering the topic of this post, as I find word choice/vocabulary is probably the #1 cause of triggering in my comments section. (I just have to smile at that.) Ra himself lamented the limitation of using human vocabulary. Personally, I am not overly fond of the STO and STS terms myself, but it seemed to Ra to be more precise terminology than simply saying Light and Dark, and I tend to agree with that. Saying STS was also perhaps a way of referring to the dark side without implicit negative judgment, because in Ra’s cosmology, the dark side serves a purpose in creation. However, I think the meaning goes even deeper. I think Service-to-Self also implies an out-of-control ego, the consumption/stealing of other’s energy, putting everything under one’s glorified individual self (as in Lucifer). Whereas Service-to-Others implies humility, giving our abundant energy freely like the sun, glorifing the greater self.

      • And out of that… I’m going with this:

        Humility is highly overrated! lol 😉 Hey, enough with playing small! Shine a BIG sun. After all, you are a reflection to others. If you won’t show them how frickin’ HUGE you are, how will they know how HUGE they are?

        Another of my favorite quotes:

        “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, ‘Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?’ Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It’s not just in some of us; it’s in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.” ~ Marianne Williamson

      • Here’s a quote from a pretty good article on this site about Understanding STO, STS, and Densities

        “Properly defined, STO means serving self through serving others in a balanced way that is of maximum spiritual benefit to all. It means being neither predator nor prey. It does not mean being a doormat, nor neglecting personal well-being to the point of interfering with one’s future ability to serve, which is a shortsighted form of martyrdom.”

      • Yep, and I’ve no problem with the definitions / concept / experiences, whatever, but just feel it was a poor choice of terms to define / “title” / nickname such.

      • “Saying STS was also perhaps a way of referring to the dark side without implicit negative judgment, because in Ra’s cosmology, the dark side serves a purpose in creation.”

        First, I myself don’t see “light” and “dark” as negative judgment, just another way to express high and low frequency.

        So you see… lol… what I’m saying is… as you’ve said Ra said but I’m gonna change up a few words here:

        “…. perhaps (we can now come up with) a way of referring to the SELF side without implicit negative judgment, because in MY cosmology, the SELF side serves a purpose in creation.”

        Eh?! lol

        So concerned about not making the dark sound bad but instead we’ll make the self sound bad? I think not! 😉 Not me!

        The Individuated Soul experience is the Self that is getting a bad rap in all this. What are we talking about when we are talking boundaries? Honoring Self! Honoring one’s own Individuated Soul Experience.

        The imbalance is then when people assign MORE importance to serving others, to the Connection to the Collective OVER one’s own Individuated Soul Experience. Nope. Not more important.

        And I will hold firm, as we’ve all said in so many ways, and as the flight attendant instructs, “Put on your own oxygen mask before helping others with theirs.”

        So, serving Self / the Individuated Soul Experience IS the priority and is also a prerequisite to serving others and something that is not just achieved once, but is maintained over and over and over. And THAT in turn is what ultimately best serves others.

      • Going out on a limb here, but sounds like you have little love for the Age of Pisces, (the age of humility, faith, monotheism, and Christianity) when the heroic ego that humanity had built up during the Age of Aries was deconstructed and basically crucified, so that we could learn how to transcend our ego. Of course, the Age of Pisces is now coming to an end, and we are learning how to transcend those limiting religious beliefs and become more directly connected with our highest selves.

      • That’s an interesting way that you put that… “…sounds like you have little love for the Age of Pisces…”

        Well, we are moving out of the Age of Pisces for starters. Yep, don’t look back, just leave it all behind.

        I chuckle at your expression because I had MANY Pisces in my life, some in big ways over long periods of time, some just kinda passing through, but they were like textbook specimens, with their Sun and several other planets in Pisces.

        It finally came to my conscious awareness that what I was being shown through this was not about these individuals or anything about myself, but about the Age of Pisces… and how, like with danged near everything else, the energies of the Age were hijacked. So, for example, in some basic terms, instead of encouraging the “up” side of Pisces – intuition / Divine connection, compassion, etc. – instead yeah it was the “down” side that was promoted – victimhood, martyrdom, blame-game, etc.

        And boundaries?! Major boundary issues in Pisces. In both directions. Kind of a thing with all Water signs but I feel especially with Pisces.

        And… the ego has its place also. Ego ultimately being one’s Sense of SELF! And it can work with the Divine / God / Higher Self and give you that Sense of Self from a higher perspective. It’s part of us and we cannot be healed (word origin for heal = “whole”) if we dis, “kill” or otherwise reject part of ourselves, perhaps MOST especially our Sense of Self.

      • And… forgiveness. That’s all about SELF also and is NOT about Other. From my Useful Healthful Tips post:

        Forgiveness – Just remember, forgiveness is for the forgivER, not the forgivEN. You release YOURSELF by forgiving. And one of the beautiful things about this is that it then doesn’t even matter if someone actually wronged you in some way or if you just think / feel they did.

        But you don’t need to say your forgiveness TO them. Remember, it’s not about them, it’s about you. The only way it becomes or continues to be about them has to do with how you treat them because you think they’ve done you wrong. If you’re holding a grudge against someone, even if it’s just at an energetic level, that will put a strain on your relationship if you are still around this person.

        Now, just come up with your own personal short, generic affirmation that you can say any time forgiveness is in order. One affirmation that I used was “I forgive you and release you. There is no forgiveness that I withhold. My forgiveness for you is total. I am free and you are free.”

        If it is you yourself who you feel needs forgiveness, then forgive yourself. Someone else’s forgiveness of you is THEIR business, not yours. You can’t force them to forgive you. If you did screw up with them, then just apologize and let them tend to the forgiveness.

      • GAF, your comment to me was very helpful. And I agree with it. Your perspective is important and much needed. Especially in understanding boundaries and self-preservation, in different contexts!

        A little about myself. In the last 10+ years, I studied thousands of topics across several subjects, leaving almost no stone unturned. As a result, I am *very rarely* surprised by anything that pops up in conversation – because I usually know of it beforehand. That includes religious and New Age stuff and what is going on with people remaining trapped in dogma (e.g., Duality).

        Critical & logical thinking are essential tools in a quest for knowledge, otherwise it’s easy to arrive at wrong conclusions. But that comes hand in hand with equal curiosity/inquisitiveness and open-mindedness for other things than what you are into. The lack thereof is what happens to those people who get stuck in dogma — they do not have enough curiosity and open-mindedness in things that do not appeal to them.

        And yes… it’s as you say, people need more personal experience before they can truly listen to words of wisdom, otherwise they turn back and get stuck in the “echo chamber”. I forgot about that for a moment. Now I realize that I’d not be surprised if it does little good to include in the article the wisdom of self-reflection and avoiding hypocrisy in approaching Person B, when Person A lacks the personal experience or interest in such things.

        Why? Because, as I’ve seen many times before, people tend to cherry pick the bits they like and ignore the rest!

        That’s called “ineffective listening” — and it’s everywhere. It’s something *most* people will need to learn to overcome, even if it takes a consciousness shift paradigm.

        By the way, there are two types of questions I use. My questions are either to “verify” or to “learn something new”. When I asked you about using boundaries vs. imposing on other people’s free will, I was just “verifying” to cross-examine info I’d encountered. 😉 What you say is exactly with what my instincts tell me, actually. In my everyday correspondences with people, I set boundaries when necessary. I practice what’s called “assertive communication” and do not let people walk all over my (or others’) feelings, while also honoring their right to have different views.

        About humility. I know you were being funny when you talked about humility being highly overrated, but I want to share something I realized a while back about humility. It won’t be *humble* of me to say what I’m about to say… at times, like Nikola Tesla was able to do by making never before attempted inventions work *inside his mind*, that would often work *exactly* as intended once he got to work on it on the first try, I have been able to solve mysteries of how certain things work just by thinking about it.

        And I believe humility to be one of them.

        Here’s what ran though my mind:

        Pride and humility are diametric opposites of each other. Pride closes the mind/heart by ignoring possibilities under a premise of being correct, whether it be of self or others. Humility allows the mind/heart to open up and understand more about self and others. Therefore, humility is what I consider to be the gatekeeper of empathy and spirituality.

        I have firsthand experienced the pain of being around a true narcissist. A true narcissist has 100% pride and 0% humility. So do many sociopaths. I believe that lack of humility is the *inner* source of why such individuals are aloof, detached, and unempathic towards others.

        Humility is the narcissist’s worst fear, but it’s also their only real cure.

        For someone like that to be cured, that’d mean taking a terrifying “leap of faith” from the cliff of pride into the *unknown* or *forgotten* ocean of humility. This means owning up to who they are by readily facing, accepting, and acknowledging to themselves *and* others their own shortcomings (without any kind of retaliation) when it’s pointed out to them, be willing to take “no” for an answer without getting offended (because others have a right to free will too), and so on.

        Doing so on a regular basis will unlock parts of the subconscious from ages past that have been kept from surfacing, and the narcissist may experience the sudden release of forgotten trauma like a floodgate that opens. Think primal therapy. Only then can that person heal.

        The important lesson is this: the more vulnerable you *allow* yourself to be towards yourself and others, the more your heart will be able to expand/grow. Humility must be used to detach yourself from pride, in order to develop a wider range of emotions, empathy, and grow spiritually.

        It can unlock the harmony that lies within.

        (Sorry I went on a long ramble. See, you’re not the only one, GAF!)

        Do you think I am correct about humility?

      • Well, I really wasn’t joking about humility. I have not “played small”. Thank god myself and others like me didn’t… or there’s a good chance none of us would still be here. Not an exaggeration. For the love of everyone else, I am SURE glad we didn’t play small.

        I hear what you are saying with the cautioning about “pride”. And yes, in vulnerability is strength. Yep. And as far as I care, a master of self can lose the pride and be as vulnerable as they choose to in any given moment (sometimes showing vulnerability to a “rabid dog” may not always be the best bet, again, be present to win) without having any need to show “humility” as defined below.

        Let’s look at the word “humility”. First, pretty much the only definition you get from a dictionary is this:

        a modest or low view of one’s own importance; humbleness

        There’s that dissing the self thing again.

        Frankly, I wish folks (most especially lightworkers / folks “on path”) would actually ACKNOWLEDGE their importance… in this ascension project for sure, but in general also.

        As far as I care, the “self love is bad” program, just like with “fear” – really the same considering love and fear are kinda polar opposites – is kinda the ultimate reason behind a whole lot of others things that we put different labels on. Gee, Idk, maybe insecurity about oneself might make some folks completely inconsiderate of others. It’s a wounded place they are coming from. Ultimately, they’ll need to love themselves enough to, yep, no longer put up with their own b.s.

        If we serve to demonstrate our own self love by not putting up with their b.s., then they get to witness a living, breathing example of self love. We show we don’t just pay lip service to such, we live it. “… and that includes with you buster!” (whoever happens to be standing there)

        And humility originates from something that means humble, whose word origin means “low / lowly”. Again, putting oneself down. We are anything but “low” by nature.

        Self love is huge and has been discouraged on this planet for eons and people can learn to love themselves again, in part so that they know they don’t need anyone’s else love or attention or whatever it is they think they need to get from “out there” when they will really only find it “in here.”

        This whole healing and ascension gig is MOSTLY worked from within. Not totally, but mostly. But it’s really TOTALLY about SELF! … ‘ cuz as I’d said earlier, the collective connection just is and when you’ve worked on yourself you get that. And that energetic collective connection connects more advanced folks with less. We apply a “lifting” energy to others just through our sheer existence… and from doing our own inner work. It’s about returning to self and setting a good example of that to others.

        A low view of self sure has caused a lot of problems in this world.

        And for the untrained eye, humble can look like weakness or even rather victimy (sorry for the Buffyism 😉 ) and that’s kinda the last example some of these completely unawakened folks need to see. It just might very well kinda pump up their “oh poor me, I’m so done unto” attitude, which you may not see outwardly, but can also be going on inside of narcissists also. Frankly, on that topic, I wish those who had to deal with narcissists would just be a wee bit more “narcissistic” themselves.

        Regardless of the details, the people in your life are not there by accident. There is reason and purpose to it all, opportunity in it all.

        As I like to say, here in the Age of the Selfie, self-healing is the grand opportunity for folks to make it all about them. 😉

        Nope, I STRONGLY encourage people to shine their light, which as Marianne says, “gives permission” to others to do so. Having a low view of oneself has been the problem, not the solution. Yeah, it may manifest outwardly into a lot of different forms, but no, I truly do hope and pray that people come to KNOW their importance.

      • Starlight & GAF

        Starlight, I really appreciate and agree with your words about humility. GAF, I myself am an Aries, on the cusp of Pisces, with a whole lot of fire signs in my chart, so virtues like patience and humility have been a procees to understand and adopt. Where I disagree with you is where humility lives. It does not live in the mind. We are not called to make ourselves small in our minds, in our understanding of our true selves, in our nature and our behavior. Humility and meekness are not about the mind. They are about the heart. Humility opens up our hearts to a profound understanding of divine love. Recently, in my own clearing, healing and meditation process I have been experiencing some very profound shifts/waves of divine love. The only way to process this is through humility of the heart, opening our hearts to a love beyond our comprehension. It is a powerful mixture of emotions, both an elation of victorious empowerment, yet also a deep state of emotional humility that overwhelms us with tears of joy. I don’t know any other way to describe it.

      • Funny, David, I have those same heartfelt, emotional episodes when I think of how HUGE and GRAND I and everyone else is. 😉 not by thinking how “lowly” we could be and haven’t we all had enough of that (perhaps not in some cases, eh). Sorry, but *yawn*.

        Something that makes me cry is seeing people step into their own power. Nothing more joyful than that. Seeing them, yep, like and love themselves and yep CELEBRATING themselves. Awesome stuff there.

        And I like to emphasize what I have accomplished in all this… for the next person’s sake, not for mine. The message is: Look what I have achieved and yet who the hell am I? I’m nobody. If I can do this, so can everyone else.

        “Have I not said ye are gods. You too shall do these and greater things.”

        I’m not fond of “only human” line either. There is no “only” to us. Humans are NOT lowly.

        I’m not super fond of the “character” of Jesus who is portrayed as a “humble carpenter.” The Jesus I like is the one who flipped the tax collector’s tables. 😉 And that’s not about “the show” that Jesus put on. It’s about standing in one’s power, even in the face of so-called “authority”.

      • “… opening our hearts to a love beyond our comprehension”

        To me, that is big, grand, expansive. Anything but low / lowly.

      • Low and lowly are your words, not mine. I see nothing low about a humble open heart. The ancient Egyptians believed that upon death, their hearts should be as light as a feather. That is more along the lines of what I am attempting to describe.

      • Not MY words.

        I am drawing on WORD ORIGIN. I’m talking the TRUE VIBRATION of words. It’s ENERGETIC. And THAT is what we are all working with here.

        As far as words go (which we use to create) I care about what they REALLY mean, because no matter what you might want the words to mean and how much our language has been corrupted over time, words have a True Vibration that affects you always, even if unconsciously. Words ARE literally Sacred Symbology. It’s about returning to their true vibration… not about trying to change their meaning to fit our whims.

        It’s just like RETURNING to God (or to your True Self, either one). You aren’t “changing” God or redefining God. You’re just returning to God after wandering around in illusion. And how our language and word meanings have “changed” / been corrupted over time is the “illusion” in this case.

        We aren’t really “changing” ourselves in all this. We are RETURNING to our True Selves and we could stand to return to the True Vibration of words also, since THAT is what ultimately influences us with the words we use and determines our creations. We are better served to understand what they really mean than attempt to twist and turn Sacred Symbology into what we want it to be.

        Heart light as a feather… *shrug* What? As if to say that someone who doesn’t care to be “lowly” can’t have a heart as light as a feather? I’d say they are MORE likely to have a heart as light as a feather.

      • “Human vocabulary is such an imprecise thing.”

        “Ra himself lamented the limitation of using human vocabulary.”

        Indeed. Don’t we all. And yet, it’s what we have to work with, it’s what we have to use here (mostly… but telepathy is coming on WAY STRONG here recently, have ya felt it?) and that’s why I make the most of my word usage.

        It IS Sacred Symbology and so I figure a word’s True Vibration (word origin) is its closest connection to the Divine. You can bet that I want my words as closely connecting into the Divine as I can muster in any given moment. I STRIVE for precision. Yep. I don’t know the True Vibration of the entire dictionary, but the word origin is the meaning I care to use and I make sure people know that so we actually ARE communicating. If we don’t define words the same and don’t bother to explain to each other, then we’re really not communicating.

        Misunderstanding has been my bane. And it’s been that for a reason. My solution (for myself and in hopes that it then in turn helps others) is to let people know what definition I am using of a main-theme word in our discussion.

        And just like I want to keep working to more closely align MY Truth with THE Truth, I also want my word definitions to be aligned as closely to THE Definition – yes, determined by God / the Divine through the Sacred Symbology of words… in word origin / true vibration.

        David, you’d said many triggers comes from words used. Uh huh. lol Collectively we must need some work there huh.

        There are times I’ve played liaison / translator between two people who think they are having an argument but I can tell they are saying the same danged thing but they have different ideas of what the words mean. I’ll step in and rephrase it using completely different words than they are, “I hear Person A saying this ____” Person A nods and Person B looks at them and says, “Is THAT what you were saying?” lol

        We are in the Masters Program here. That includes mastering language. I’m advocating an attempt to make our words as precise as we can based on True Vibration, which is what we are striving for in all of this. Let’s not leave out our little “dirty pile clean up” when it comes to something as Powerful and Creative as words.

      • Re: GAF’s forgiveness comment

        Great tips on forgiveness. The other day, I let go in my mind. And something happened. I saw a spider crawl across the carpet floor. Normally I don’t like spiders – but I was able to look at it with love and interest – an appreciation, you might say. All of a sudden, I’m no longer as scared of spiders except the poisonous types. The spider fled after it realized my presence and I didn’t try to catch it.

        And I also experienced what felt like a higher vibration inside. Like the entire universe moving within. It’s something I’ve actually experienced before. Have any of you experienced this before and do you know what it is?

      • GAF, I think you kinda misunderstood me and I kinda miscommunicated. Funny and joking aren’t necessarily the same thing. You said ” lol 😉” after you said humility is highly overrated. You *were* being funny at first, although you weren’t joking. I *knew* that but was trying to transition into a new paragraph (albeit inefficiently), and there we go again with the trippy communication. Sometimes I think telepathy would be *nice* at the moment, since we could read the context of what each of us are actually thinking. 😉

        Ok, about humility. I’d like to point out that I am very familiar with the bible, having come from a religious family (my mother is married to my step-father, who is a Lutheran pastor). They have never independently (outside the church) studied other religions, but simply took up the religious belief they were born and raised into. I, on the other hand, have independently researched on so many different religions in the world and also have very deep knowledge of many things, even Gnosticism. And other things like the occult and how it has penetrated the world today. I’ve learned in the past that ignorance can be dangerous (to you and others), so I do my best to reduce my ignorance in everything possible. I have actually read the bible front to back (every page). So when you mention things about Jesus throwing the table of the money changers at the temple, that is actually something I was also thinking about while typing my comment about humility. Be careful not to misinterpret what I’m saying. Did not I mention also in the same comment about how I set boundaries by “communicate assertively”, so others cannot walk over my feelings? There is a place and time for everything.

        Are you still examining your own beliefs with a critical eye? Have you noticed how, in *all* my comments, I come as a humble student always willing to learn? How I ask if you agree or disagree – because I always look for opportunities to learn. Yet inside, I have the strength of a lion that others in person can observe, that narcissists are unable to manipulate. So… humility *does not* necessarily mean allowing others to walk all over you, but knowing *when* to be humble. In the case of the true narcissist, there is 0% humility which means their reasoning is really clouded. So they will not know the difference at first when trying to cure themselves and will probably need to let others walk over their feelings *at first*, in order to learn the 1% of humility needed to initially create a broader range of emotions, empathy, and spirituality within that they can then start working with.

        You can be very humble, yet shine like the sun in all its brilliance because your words can also carry an authority of their own. Like how the people were astonished that Jesus taught them as one having authority, unlike the scribes. Jesus understood humility (especially *when* to use it) but that didn’t mean he was powerless in words or let others walk over him. Now, my point in my earlier comment is that humility, the most overlooked virtue, has a very powerful use unseen to most people – it is the gatekeeper that unlocks several functions within you. It is the one thing that can truly increase spirituality. It can give birth to functions like empathy, compassion, understanding, etc. Without humility, it is *impossible* to be a spritual person! That is what I think, at least.

        Also, based on my research, I do think Jesus was a real person. I am convinced by knowledge such as that (1) in Genesis 1:1, the Hebrew word elohim (the plural of el) means gods – rather than a single God, (2) the gnostic scriptures reveal that the warlike god (Jehovah) of the Old Testament is different than the peaceful god (Baal) of the New Testament, since in the Apocryphon of John it is revealed that Jesus comes from an aeon (entity/age/realm) called Barbelo. The word Barbelo, if traced back far enough, can be split into the possibility of Bar (son of) and Belo (Baal)… and I knew that Baal was spoken of (in contempt) and Baal’s prophets slaughtered by Elijah in the Old Testament which is based on Jehovah, (3) Jesus may have actually been someone known as Honi the Circle Drawer ( ), (4) there are mythological links woven into the bible that go back to ancient Babylonian times (especially Semiramis, Nimrod, and Tammuz), (5) Saul/Paul (mentioned in the New Testament) wasn’t one of the 12 disciples and is the traitor (the one who played a role in starting the church and Christianity as we know of it today in ways that go against Jesus’ teachings), not Judas. Only Judas knew who Jesus really was, and was *asked* by Jesus to reveal who he is. The word “betray” has a different historical meaning than we currently think of it (to backstab). It comes from several words that mean “to uncover”, “to reveal”, “to proclaim”, (6) and more.

        After years of reading articles on things relating to history and the metaphysical realm (usually only 7 or 8 out of 10 articles per author that I could mostly agree with), I recently discovered to my amazement someone who did what no one else has ever done… that is, of whom *all* articles I read so far I could agree perfectly (or almost perfectly) based on all the cross-examined knowledge I already have from 10+ years. But she knew even more than I did, and I knew a few things she didn’t know about that also supported what she said. Her name is Mary Sparrowdancer, who has recently passed away. Those are two of the most powerful and relevant articles I have ever come by, and they were written by her:

        Take the time to read them. Then you will understand better about certain things related to Christianity. And by the way, I find you both to be more spiritual than many Christians I know, as much as it saddens me to say this about humanity.

        And David, I hope you’ll be ok with this but later I have some “critical thinking” questions to ask you about The Ra Material. I have not read enough of it yet to make a concrete assessment and I’m not saying the channeling of Ra isn’t based on truth or valid/legitimate (I know about the personal things that were taken out such as Don accidentally finding out about Carla’s sexual activity via Ra (against Carla’s wish) which then appears to have paved the road to his suicide, which in my eyes makes the Ra channeling *seem* more legitimate), but I saw something that made me raise my eyebrows when I cross-examined it with other evidence. Do you mind if I ask? Thanks.

      • Starlight, I am fine with any questions you would like to ask me about the Ra Material. I have been considering writing a series of posts on the Ra Material, I just haven’t found the time. However, I don’t wish to turn this thread, which is about the Triggering article, into that discussion. I would prefer to create a separate discussion. If you would like to email me your questions I can answer them in a separate post and then open it for comments, so that it may benefit other readers as well.

      • As you said earlier… about asking questions, not so much that you yourself are wanting an answer per se, but to see where someone is at with things… in kinda that same vein but in a different direction… I am mindful that we are not just having a private conversation so I know that what we say can and will benefit others down the road… so all my answers my not necessarily be direct at you (or David) but it’s more about what I’m guided to say / what’s flowing out of me. And Mini Me doesn’t often concern myself with what the Divine’s purpose is in all of it, but just to serve that Divine purpose (although for myself there has been something in this, that will be at the bottom).

        And to let you know… I’m not religious and never have been. I was raised Catholic, which doesn’t focus much on the Bible and yet I’m gonna say that was a blessing. And my mom was so good about not shoulding all over anyone. The parents would take turns teaching catechism and even as a kid I couldn’t help but take note of how my own mom would answer our typical kid questions, “A devout Catholic would do…..” whatever. She didn’t say WE had to. She was just teaching us Catholic doctrine. That just so stuck with me… through all the fog of the illusion and then into my awakening and beyond. Thanks Mom!

        I do use religious references though, often the really meme-ish ones but usually in an unconventional way, again, to meet folks where they are then take them somewhere new.

        And I have drawn on whatever reference source, various religion’s scriptures, that I am guided to. I’ve also learned an awful lot from disinfo specialists since their lies are wrapped in truths so just a matter of working with the Divine to sift through it.

        Giving oneself over to the Divine to me IS the utmost in what you are terming humility if you ask me, but there again, not a “lowly” thing in my view…. and also obviously not easy since I see so many “advanced lightworkers” still not surrendering to the Divine.

        “So… humility *does not* necessarily mean allowing others to walk all over you, but knowing *when* to be humble.”

        I didn’t interpret your meaning (or David’s or even the dictionary’s) to mean “allowing others to walk all over you”. Still not gonna take on that “lowly” energy though. 😉 Nope, sorry, I’ll pass. lol

        As far as I care, a lack of Self Love is what’s behind all the crap. I want to pump folks up! Them. Their True and Awesome Powerful Self. Not their dysfunctional self. I want them excited about themselves. I don’t like the “emulate the lowly carpenter” b.s. which to me is sheer disempowering propaganda meant to keep people down.

        Yep, whatever is appropriate in the moment – Respond to the moment. Yep. No disagreement on that as ought to be apparent by now.

        “…humility … has a very powerful use unseen to most people – it is the gatekeeper that unlocks several functions within you. It is the one thing that can truly increase spirituality”

        Ya know that whole paragraph you wrote there… what then leaps to mind for me is what you’ve already heard me term “honest self-assessment”. Honey, I’ve had that in spades throughout my own healing and ascension work, being very proactive with it… and getting Gaia ascension-ready and holding the world together for the collective. In the past it was preceded by me asking the Divine, “What more can I do?” … for this collective ascension effort is what I’m asking about. When I was working on me, the answer was often the next step for me to take in my own personal healing, ya know, that which is a priority over all else. That then shifted into other things as I moved on to help the planet and collective… but here again… I don’t see any of this as “lowly”.

        And humility / humble, yes, means lowly but also “ground”. Ok, I’m as grounded and “Joe Average” and “salt of the Earth” as could be and yet… nope, not carrying that “lowly” energetic burden. *shaking head* 😉 My one-and-only-one pair of sweat pants, one-and-only-one pair of shoes, a few old T-shirts, well, the ones that are big enough to stretch over my ascension-hell-years fat suit and me counting my piggy bank out at the store with the clerk…. kinda SCREAMS humble, well to those in person. I know you can’t see me from there, but…

        And ya know, what many may interpret as a “lack of humility” (as you define it) in some people may really just be drama… from dysfunction. Bear with me while I tell ya an anecdote to explain… in kind of a ’round about way. Years ago I was seeing someone for a short time. I was further along in my healing than they but they were in major breakthrough time on some biggies when we first met but they themselves knew they’d then be taking on all the “little stuff”. At one point they said, “How come we’re always talking about my issues? We never talk about your issues.” I then gave them some reminders of when we did indeed talk about my issues to which they responded, “But you don’t get all worked up over it.” I laughed and said, “Yeah, well, give me a little credit for the work I’ve done, eh?” and then let them know that they too can and will get to that calm also. They were also the one who’d thanked me for not getting caught up in their drama.

        What you said about narcissists may need to be “walked on” to get it. Well, this is one reason why I said I wish those dealing with narcissists – and BOTHERED by narcissists, the “bothered by” part is not the narcissist’s issue but the other person’s – would be a bit narcissistic themselves. This type of thing could even literally be an intentional conscious effort to “give ’em a dose of their own medicine” but, you’d be coming from a different Intent, a different energy than they are and that’s key.

        Because…. There is nothing inherently good or evil, it all depends on the intent behind it.

        My ex made it all about them by making me wait. I quit waiting. There issue was not narcissism but passive aggression (kind of a “natural issue” for them to fall into since they are Pisces and so naturally could care less about this whole “linear time” thing… and it showed, lol)

        The person bothered by narcissists can quit being bothered by them and get into themselves more. Just like my ex got the message, so will the narcissist.

        AND being a bit that way oneself… that ties in with mirroring. So – it bothers you (general “you” here, not you) about other because you have it going on too. The other person is bothering you because you’re being judgy… actually mostly about yourself, so much so that you think it’s actually about someone else… “That characteristic is so horrid it couldn’t be mine, could it?!”

        So it can be therapeutic to allow yourself a little narcissism… to quit being so judgy about it.

        And on this narcissism thing… I’ve been watching the global cabal’s antics for too long to not recognize a propaganda campaign when I see one. I’ve heard “narcissism” more in the last 6 – 12 months than I have heard for the entire 50+ years of my incarnation. It’s their latest way to refresh the “self love is bad” program.

        Jesus of the New Testament was / is a composite character. The stories are about more than one person, but all lumped together under the character of Jesus. Yep, Yeshua was real, but all those stories are not just his stories only. Kinda like taking snippets from oodles of modern-day lightworkers’ stories and putting it into a book called… mmm… maybe “The Book of Starlight”. lol

        Old Testament – yes, plural “gods”. And I look like a bobble-head doll reading the rest of your paragraph there. Don’t necessarily agree on all the fine details…. and don’t care, no offense to you, just falls into “details, details”… ya know… but overall flavor, yep, bobble-head doll here.

        And yes to the word meanings changing / being corrupted. Yes, just like Apocalypse if also “uncover, reveal” and we are most assuredly into the Apocalypse full throttle now.

        Omg, Mary Sparrowdancer… I used to refer people to an article by her about fluoride. Don’t know anything else about her but recognized the name. Don’t know how soon I’ll get to those articles, but yes.

        (not to necessarily “sign off” here, but ok with that too) Thanks to both you and David for yes, such a wonderful and civil conversation. Sadly, I’d kinda forgotten what those were like. Just kidding… only kinda. lol

        And, it’s been SUCH a joy for reasons beyond the present for I so feel like it is preparing me for my next phase, which, as I’d hinted at earlier, will be getting “out there” amongst the people more again (and away from being online with grumpy lightworkers who are working through their process and being all triggery and lashy outy). Praise be to that. Wow, so fun to get this far into a conversation. I’ve had a few in-person “preparations” too and they have been way fun too.

      • “And other things like the occult and how it has penetrated the world today.”

        You make that sound like a bad thing.

      • Understood David. That’s one of the reasons I asked. I’ll email you my questions about the Ra Material later once I have more time.

      • I got sidetracked yesterday when I shared the extra info about religion. And lost a bit of my own humility 😉 I do that sometimes when I am really tired (it was pretty late when I submitted that comment). Anyway, I wanted to thank you (David) for your comment (in reference to the *first* post where I started talking about humility) where you said: “Starlight, I really appreciate and agree with your words about humility.” And in the rest of your comment, I know *exactly* what you’re talking about.

        GAF, you’re welcome for the civil discussion. Your mother sounds superb, making sure you knew you had a choice regarding your beliefs! My mother didn’t do that. She’s still trying to micromanage me as an adult by telling me things in casual conversation like “resist Satan […] or you risk making Satan happy and he is the father of lies.” Well, that’s my mother — and I do my best to exercise my free will.

        Also, I thought either you or David might know who Mary Sparrowdancer is, so I’m not surprised you’re familiar with her. The two articles of hers that I linked to are as good as it gets when it comes to understanding certain things. She describes how Jesus led a peaceful revolution against those that followed the god of the OT (Yahweh/Jehovah) and tried to make the world a much better place (similar to what you and other lightworkers are doing now) *but* then Paul twisted and brought things back into the dark ages, so to speak. The 2nd article talks more about that. I think you described Jesus well. You don’t have to read it if you are satiated with your knowledge, however. You have the free will to do as you like. /end of my sidetracking

        Back to triggering…

        One thing I wonder about is… was Jesus’ cleansing of the temple (pouring out the changers’ money and overthrowing tables, chasing them all out) an example of this supposedly “perfect” man being triggered?

        Is there ever a time when it’s OK to be triggered?

      • Is Mercury retrograde? I typed up a response, then it went *poof* Gone. *sigh* Ok, let’s do this again.

        Your question – You’d have to more clearly define “trigger”.

        I told David his STO comment “irked” me (perhaps a bit strong of a term and yet…), which wasn’t about being “triggered” per se, at least not like there is some underlying issue I need to deal with. As you can see, the use of those terms doesn’t sit well with me. It’s about non-resonance. And folks could stand to learn the difference – “Is this a trigger I need to tend to or is this just my energetic sensitivity communicating something to me, most especially about the now?”

        Being energetically sensitive is a good thing. It aids your intuition.

        What also comes to mind is that folks, LWs included, stuff down their emotions so that messes with their Divine connection and hence their intuitive abilities. Like when people are caught in constant fight or flight mode, then they tend to be in a constant state of fear and can’t “hear” through the fear fog. There’s then risk of not only fearing what is not a concern, but this can also result in not picking up on that which could be threatening / harmful.

        I also think of the old line, “If you’re not outraged, you’re not paying attention.”

        I used an AWFUL lot of anger and outrage energy when dealing with the “yahoos” above the veil when my friend and I were doing work above the veil. I’d joked on my blog that I was “saving” the planet through harsh language since I’d never cussed so much in my entire life. I feel like I’ve been slowly but surely cleaning up my potty mouth since. I don’t care to be a goody two shoes but I have always liked to reserve such language for emphasis. 😉

        But… that’s how strong emotional energy is and God had us using it in defense of Gaia, humans and this ascension project.

        Jean Shinoda Bolen had said that she gets asked to participate in many things. The criteria she uses to determine which she actually does is – does it bring her joy and does it come from a place of love. She then went on to say that even outrage energy can come from a place of love.

        Whether you consider Jesus’ fit as a “triggered” event or not, I’d dare say his outrage energy came from a place of love and it may have just been a disharmonic energy that he’d reached “Enough already!” about.

        I read Mary’s first article. Some response coming shortly…

      • Concerning the first Mary Sparrowdancer article (on Judas)…

        Wow, flashback. Yes, I’m familiar with pretty much all of this… from a lot of years ago. That’s literally another lifetime.

        And yes, the connection between the non-entity “Lucifer” and Jesus… and that also connects to Venus and when it is the morning star it’s called Lucifer and when it’s the evening star it’s called Vesper.

        And yep, satan means adversary. No one’s name.

        Jehovah and Yahwah (yahoo!) are also other names for Anu of the Annunaki. In some of the Old Testament references to “God”, what was really being talked about was both of Anu’s sons Enlil and Enki, hence the seeming schizophrenia in “God”.

        “Unlike the unnamed elohim in Genesis 1 who stated we are in their image, the Jehovah elohim state instead that we are dust – and will return to dust – an insult that until the Gospel of Judas has been unchallenged. ”

        Dust? Like lowly? 😉 lol

        “The ancient root of Baal is in the Akkadian language, reaching back to Babylon and “Babel,” the tower, is yet another word that has lost its meaning over the centuries. It was reduced to “babble,” after it was destroyed by Jehovah, but its meaning prior to its destruction is from Akkadian, “Bab-elu,” which means “The Gate of God.” Jehovah destroyed the gate and confused the speech of mankind, and the speech continues to be confused today. ”

        Uh huh. See, I want to reopen that Gate of God by unconfusing the language… by getting back to words’ True Vibration! Yes, to hell with “babble”ing and let’s reopen The Gate of God! I’m SO for it! lol

        I laugh at folks arguing over whether to take the Bible literally or symbolically. All that and then some. Read William Henry’s “The Language of the Birds” (aka language of the angels) for all the different levels of meanings in words… and some folks who intentionally put together books like the Bible… and intentionally used gematria, etc., they can and do utilize all these levels of meaning… And the Divine’s hand is in everything in an uncanny way.

        I’ve read some of Zacharia Sitchen… and bunches of William Henry who talks of a lot of this “history” / symbology, for much of it is of that nature, whether it’s also telling a literal story or not. Archetypal stuff.

        The “missing link” is explained by genetic engineering.

        The Shining Ones – the “El” (that last letter is a small L) Just like all the archangel’s names end in el.

        “At this time, all vegetation containing substances that might result in a spiritual encounter are as verboten as the Tree of Knowledge in Eden. As if a further safeguard were needed to assure the worried that humanity’s spiritual gates would remain closed, DMT has been labeled a “Schedule 1 Controlled Substance” despite the fact that it occurs naturally within our own bodies.”

        I’ll toke to that! lol

        I love seeing the word “heresy” ‘cuz heretic is just “one who thinks for themselves”. Sounds so criminal, huh? lol

        ” “Something wonderful is going to happen,” he said, a line that is from “2010: Odyssey Two,” based on Arthur C. Clarke’s novel about Jupiter. “Find out all you can about the Tenth Moon of Jupiter.”I was unable to find out much about the Tenth Moon of Jupiter, other than it was said to be a “perfect sphere” by the astrophysicist I contacted. Two years ago, I would learn through Robert Temple’s book, The Sirius Mystery that a tribe in Timbuktu known as the Dogon, claims to have been visited by fish gods many years ago. These gods arrived and left in a craft and gave them gifts of grain. The visitors took the time to explain from where they had come – that they were parked in orbit around one of the larger planets in our outer solar system. Specifically, the Dogon claim the visitors were from “the star of the Tenth Moon.” Temple interpreted this as being Saturn. ”

        Ya know, seems as though I’d heard that Clarke’s BOOK (as opposed to the movie) actually did say Saturn, not Jupiter.

        Love this following line (below in quotes) in pretty much any context, but this is why humility can take a hike because we are doing those “greater things” that “Jesus” spoke of and you can bet I’m gonna tell the world! … to give them “permission” to also do great things. 😉

        “He explained that I was not being asked to convince people, but merely to tell them what I had witnessed and what I have heard.”

        And so why aren’t we allowed to let folks know what we ourselves have done? After all, as the Hopi say, “We are the one’s we’ve been waiting for.” As I often tell folks – Who the hell am I? I’m nobody. If I can do this, so can you. I want them to know what I have done because I want them to know what THEY can do. So, not really so much about myself but about what HUMANS are capable.

        Ya know, people have no problem using themselves and others as good examples of bad examples. Why can’t we use our own and others’ stories as good examples of GOOD examples. Perhaps Mark Twain nailed it about this human insecurity when he said this:

        “Few things are harder to put up with than the annoyance of a good example.” ~Mark Twain

        I’ll say it as many times as I need to – I want to inform people about the GODS that they are, not refresh the “humans are dust / lowly” program that the cabal has had going on for so long.

      • What a fantastic discussion and I’m *very* glad you know these things, GAF. I’ll get back to you on your two comments soon.
        But I wanted to say this first:
        I share your sentiment on the word ‘heresy’. I’ve personally studied the cases of several heretics. Here’s a really good one: during the early 1900s there was an ophthalmologist turned heretic. His name was William H. Bates. He was well respected in his field, worked at one of the best hospitals in the US, and taught other eye doctors.
        One day he discovered from looking at certain hospital cases that something didn’t seem to line up, with cataracts or glaucoma (I can’t remember which one). It was at that point he discovered that vision could be improved naturally. So he decided to try something with his patients and realized he could reverse it. In one of his articles, he described how the other optometrists and opthalmologists started to get angry and avoid him after that, due to how they said such a thing couldn’t be done (he also realized it’d cause them massive loss in profits due to their business model of keeping people dependent on glasses).
        He was then labeled a charalatan and his teachings suppressed by the medical industry. They cherry picked his weak links (he was definitely wrong on some things) and used that to dismiss everything else. His principles of natural eye behavior were also twisted by others who had difficulty succeeding at his methods, who went on to create their own versions of “natural vision improvement”.
        But what is interesting is that he did a study like no other on the relationships among the senses (particularly vision), memory, and learning. He realized and demonstrated that cataracts, glaucoma, and most types of blindness could be reversed, naturally.
        Ten years ago, feeling intuitively that this man knew what he was talking about, I ignored what other people were saying and tried following his exact instructions from his book and compilation of articles (over a thousand pages worth) which requires a powerful, intuitive understanding of how the mind works to actually succeed at it. This actually led me to a more advanced understanding of meditation than the Tibetan monks have, in some ways. Especially once I understood the concepts of “central fixation”, the black period, and the mathematical point (which is so small it is invisible and has no dimension).
        I learned that the smaller the area your mind focuses on, the more it can relax. And this can *easily* be demonstrated by anyone. For example: what’s easiest and causes the least “strain” in your mind: remembering a whole sentence at once, a whole word at once, a whole letter at once, or a corner (the size of a period) of a letter? His point in that example was that the mind cannot focus on many things simultaneously (dividing itself by multitasking in the *very* moment, which many people try to do regularly). This causes chronic strain in the mind, leading to chronic muscular tension, then a few problems like degeneration of the senses. The mind focuses and relaxes best on a small area one at a time. Anyway, that’s just one of the *many* discarded teachings (by the medical industry) I learned from this heretic.
        To my astonishment, something I’d never known about occurred when I meditated for long periods (e.g., 6-7 hours nonstop one evening) while imagining things “as perfectly” as possible while practicing his principles of “central fixation”, “shifting”, and so on. I experienced a mind-blowing, unexpected feeling of omnipresence where I could see 360 degrees at once for what seemed like 15-20 seconds, as if I was a floating period in the very center of a *colossal* black area where I could tell my x,y,z coordinations exactly with perfect awareness of everything in every single direction *from* my position of awareness (the period).
        That morning, after I woke up from meditating, my vision was much more clear with a surprising yet temporary disappearance of monocular polyopia (seeing multiple images of an object via one eye). In fact, based on a Snellen eye chart I regularly practiced with standing from a distance, my visual acuity (which started at 10/20) had its largest leap ever in a single day and was now *better* than 20/20 and lasted for a few weeks. I could see the strands of people’s hair from half a mile away and see very clearly the sharp craters of the moon for the first time since I was a child. Even passing cars started to look more like “toy cars” being moved by hand – the body perfectly static yet moved by the wheels as it glided by. During that time, I also developed eidetic imagery *and* eidetic memory for a temporary period of time, which left a permanent improved effect on my cognitive processes and linguistic ability and recollection. I remember my astonishment at realizing much how the increased senses increased my mental facilities, and being able to stand 30-40 feet away from a TV with its small closed captions turned on and being able to read the captions *very clearly*. So I *do* know from firsthand experience that even if a heretic has discovered something and it doesn’t work for most people who don’t understand intuitively certain things, that doesn’t mean the heretic is a liar. I’ve studied several other heretics too.
        I’m glad you brought it up.
        Anyway, I wanted to let you know that usually on weekends I help my wife with researching stuff and we go out to do things, but I’ll reply to your two recent comments as soon as I have more time. Probably tonight or tomorrow.

      • William Bates sounds familiar. I can’t remember the guy’s name but I’d read a book by a more recent eye doctor who cured his own bad vision. I wouldn’t doubt if he mentioned Bates. He had various methods to use. I tested out all his methods but it was kinda eh. But one thing that resonated was he spoke of “open focus” with one’s eyes and I can see the same could be said about one’s mind. I just kinda see it as an opening up kinda thing that’s also about relaxing. Tough to explain.

        But also, it just helped to take the glasses off.

        I am nearsighted and years ago I would walk, run, and on a sunny day in city driving I’d sometimes drive without my glasses. HUGE difference. There were times I’d be sitting about 12 feet from the TV and it was starting to get blurry. I’d get up, take off my glasses and walk around the block. I’d come back, sit in the same chair, put my glasses on and could now see the TV clearly again. By getting my glasses off whenever possible, my vision was improving slightly over time. I’ve always felt I could have knocked out the bad vision if I’d have set my mind to it (but higher priorities got in the way of my personal stuff). Like some folks have set their intentions and gotten rid of scars over time.

        During the ascension-hell years I’ve spent most waking moments on a computer (something to do) so my eyesight may be worst now than ever and yet recently, as I’m FINALLY getting some physical energy back, I am back to walking without my glasses at times.

        When I was completely exhausted from energetic service work, I didn’t feel comfortable without my glasses and had to really focus when I was walking. I gave myself one boatload of patience (I mean in my birth chart) and yet this whole ascension gig had forced me to slow waaaaaaayyyy down even from the slow, hurryless pace I’d had my whole life. Often times, my mind didn’t have the luxury of wandering as I had to pay attention to my next step, literally. Earlier this year, before I started to finally feel energized again, I was finding I was pretty much running on sheer intuition, which worked fine, thank God, since my lower mind was a total fog just from physical exhaustion.

        And… years ago I got a wee bit of a cataract on one eye. It was not over my lens and I wasn’t concerned, but me being me, I wondered it cataracts are due to a nutrient deficiency. Well, I don’t know what I’ve done differently, but I’ve notice in recent months that my cataract is almost undetectable. If I didn’t know where to look for it, I wouldn’t see it.

        Wow to your successes with meditation, etc.! Yep, powerful stuff there.

        “The mind focuses and relaxes best on a small area one at a time.”

        Yes, the idea that we really can’t multitask certainly resonated with me and yet, ya know, I’m good at what most folks call multitasking, but perhaps because I naturally know that I am not doing more than one thing, just cycling through those things, just like a microprocessor would just cycle through accessing all the integrated chips, but can’t access all at once.

        And one’s personal angels or more precisely, one’s own “thought forms” are danged handy to use for assistance. I’ve used angels to remind me of things for years. If that isn’t a stress reducer. Not necessary to write myself notes (although I often do anyway) but I think of something that I need to tend to on a mundane level but can’t get to right away. I ask my angels to remind me and just at the most appropriate time and place, I get my reminder. In the mean time my mind can relax about it because I know my angels got me covered.

        Yeah, your story of Bates as the heretic and you (or anyone) having what it takes to make his methods work… reminds me of healing in general. I tell folks their Intention is the biggest part of it. There may be all sorts of methods which actually work but if someone does not set their intention to heal, then they can, will and do blow through learning all these good methods but don’t stick with it or whatever then they dismiss the methods when it’s themselves who are not open enough and not intentional enough to get much out of these methods. Without the proper intention, some good healing methods can just end up being more “distraction” for people, turning a good thing into a not-so-good thing.

        Don’t sweat getting back to me in any hurry. I’ve preached “self first” for too long. You take care of you. I’ll still be here (well, maybe, 😉 ).

        Off topic, but do you read Gaia Portal? What an awesome message for humanity in their latest post. Yep. This year I’ve witnessed the awesome and exponential collective advancement and what a joy and privilege to see.

      • GAF, you did a very nice job of differentiating between being triggered and being energetically sensitive when communicating something. Energetic sensitivity in the context of “Enough already!” makes perfect sense for Jesus in cleansing the temple.

        I find it interesting how people can easily misinterpret one thing as being another. I have also used this energetic sensitivity to bring to attention what others are overlooking and people have mistakened it as me being triggered. But you have put this into words I can understand other than “triggered”.

        Some people do not believe in this kind of thing, but I have taken three different online MBTI tests (based on the works of Carl Jung). I tested as INFJ on all three. And the description has helped me make sense out of myself, since I’ve always had difficulty fitting in with others. I’ve always been very attuned to the inner worlds of myself and others. INFJs are also described as more easily misunderstood by other personalities, due to INFJs’ ability to intuitively grasp things that most people don’t readily grasp.

        That’s one big reason I decided to study communication — to get the point across more clearly, without triggering someone who misinterpreted what I was saying. To me, that wouldn’t be a case of “stealing someone’s karma”, since it’s coming from an unwanted misunderstanding. That happened a lot to me during my childhood with my mother, who is not a very intuitive person and punished me for her misunderstandings, and I knew that my communication needed to be more clear to avoid people’s triggers / drama.

        You gave a superb reply to my question about Jesus. Quick question for you… you mentioned “above the veil”. I have read several articles on what veils are, but none that really explain clearly what “above the veil” means. Could you tell me what that means?

        Also, I notice that your second comment (a very well stated one about Mary’s first article) has somehow vanished. It was there before. Do you (or David) see it?

      • Above the veil – the 3D consciousness veil.

        When we come to this realm, it’s 3D, dense, slow so just that can create challenges for hearing from higher realms (meaning both higher Ds and also the Divine realm).

        But on top of that, then one finds themselves amongst other brainwashed humans, who have been programmed by the paradigm here so one’s own programming begins.

        So, one has much to wake up to, both the “Heavenly” and the mundane.

        So then consciousness to me has to do with sheer awareness and includes yep, both the mundane lower-mind / logical sort of awareness / knowledge but also a higher-mind / intuitive sort of awareness.

        And, well, I’ll just say that it all tends to remain rather subtle (but there are exceptions). Ya get better at “hearing” (or whatever sense you’re tapping into) that subtle guidance.

        So… ET types who are in higher Ds (dimension / density) are not under the 3D consciousness veil, but I’m going to caution – don’t interpret that to mean they are “all knowing”. They have their own issues “upstairs” and so some have a nasty way of getting in their own way and separating themselves from God purely through their choices and way of being… although, to me, ALL dimensional experience is veiled, just a matter of degree.

        (Yes, I can see my response to Mary’s article. Time to refresh your browser? Clear history maybe?)

      • GAF, let’s start with your post that’s back now. *wink*

        People are crazy sometimes and we, like Zeus and the Olympian gods/goddesses, get a front seat row to all this!

        Don’t Zeus and his partners in crime sound somewhat like the cabal? Pulling strings right and left, forming reality around mortals… without the mortals usually being aware of what’s really going on?

        Sometimes it’s fun to entertain such thoughts… although it’s a bit tragic.

        You said:
        And so why aren’t we allowed to let folks know what we ourselves have done?

        I’d say it’s got to do with self-preservation. I think most people are just in a state of fear to express their full authentic Self due to the threatening society we live in today.

        I was focusing on spiritual growth, while you were focusing on showing others what they can do. Two different things. I think spiritual growth should precede showing others what they can do, although we can do both concurrently. From a *strategical perspective* there are opportunities for spiritual growth which humility can offer that simply diving headfirst into being *ALL YOU CAN BE* may not provide. Look at children, for example. They can be full of mischief. Their mischief with lack of insight into others could end up harming others. So they undergo some humility (discipline) from parents to teach them to be more responsible in their actions towards others, then they can *be all they want to be* after that. That’s somewhat what I was trying to get at.

        There are children who develop into adults without proper guidance (discipline/humility) and retain some mischief (or dysfunction like being triggered). For example, the narcissistic adult. They need to be spiritually mature first, or things won’t turn out well. After spiritual maturity, you can *unleash* all of who you are. So… even if you’re 95% awakened with 5% immaturity remaining, humility (e.g., allowing yourself to accept gracefully what others tell you about your weaknesses, and learn from their harsh words) is still a perfect learning *tool* to get rid of the last 5% (such as being triggered), expanding your inner attunement — then you’ll have attained a full spiritual awakening and will be of an even higher vibration, shining like the Sun instead of Venus.

        You said:
        I’ll say it as many times as I need to – I want to inform people about the GODS that they are, not refresh the “humans are dust / lowly” program that the cabal has had going on for so long.

        You’re correct. Empowerment is crucial. I’m not talking about having a low sense of worth or seeing yourself as lowly compared to others, but about being 100% open-minded to negative input about yourself. Or you could go the “disguise” route, such as if you’re *extremely wealthy* and want to find out what it’s like being of a lower class. So you don lower quality clothes and hide your identity, subjecting yourself personally to the hardships (making yourself vulnerable), in order to develop empathy and compassion.

        You’d be getting invaluable spiritual lessons related to something you’ve never experienced before. Overall, that’s what I was getting at about using humility as a key *tool* for spiritual growth.

      • “I’d say it’s got to do with self-preservation. I think most people are just in a state of fear to express their full authentic Self due to the threatening society we live in today.”

        First, not talking about walking down the street with a loud speaker.

        Second, we draw to us what we fear. Release the fear and watch whatever you once feared no longer be drawn to you.

        “I was focusing on spiritual growth, while you were focusing on showing others what they can do. Two different things. I think spiritual growth should precede showing others what they can do, although we can do both concurrently.”

        I’m talking about both really. And what we Be and what we Do are tied together.

      • You’ve gotten a bit quiet. Could it be a misunderstanding of something I said?

        Second, we draw to us what we fear. Release the fear and watch whatever you once feared no longer be drawn to you.

        Yes, of course. But is that an absolute truth? If you walked down the street with a loudspeaker, despite not having any fear… will what you once you feared be drawn to you?

        Otherwise why did you mention not walking down a street with a loudspeaker? It’s like there’s some fear that’s still not being acknowledged. If it’s possible to release *all* fear and you believe nothing you fear will be drawn to you, then go ahead and walk down the street with a loudspeaker. See what happens. I don’t like it either, but that’s how it really is.

        You said:
        I’m talking about both really. And what we Be and what we Do are tied together.

        You can grow at the same time while showing others and be that example to them (which is why I used the word concurrently in a whole boldfaced sentence *because* I actually knew you’d say something like this!). But there may be undesired effects on others depending on our spiritual maturity (e.g., do any of our negatives really overshadow our positives). And so enters humility (as I defined it) to accelerate our spiritual growth, at which later point we can exhibit to others an even better example of how to Be. I’m concentrating on the best way, humility (as per my ‘non-lowly’ but 100% open-minded definition), to *accelerate* self-growth/vibration/ascension and provide even stronger impact on others. Make sense?

      • Starlight & GAF. I know you are enjoying the conversation. However, I will be taking an extended vacation over Labor Day weekend, and I may not be moderating comments very often. So if you both agree, I can forward your email address to one another.

      • Sure. As I told you a while back, I understand what you are talking about, I wouldn’t call it humble / humility or lowly. Not my choice of words.

        No, not so quiet. If I were to address all you’ve said, I’d just start repeating myself about being present, Responding / taking Responsibility, not all situations are the same, etc.

      • Starlight, I came over here and interjected a flavor of something, that being Power and Responsibility go hand in hand and that a person has control over their own choices and no one else’s.

        We did address some detail, but as we’ve all said, ya can’t like develop some play book for all situations, but if folks understand some empowering and healing concepts, then they and the Divine can work out the details. Empowerment.

      • Now addressing your comment covering William Bates.

        The other eye doctor whose book you read… well, he probably was teaching “eye exercises” that would strengthen the eye muscles. Eye exercises are not what Bates taught – I didn’t see him mention any such thing in all 1,000+ pages of his publications.

        Bates simply studied the eye habits of people who had normal sight (20/20 or better) and discovered that people with myopia (like us both) practice different eye habits (like blinking less, straining to see more often, etc). He taught all his imperfect sighted patients to use the correct habits of normal-sighted people, and included other relaxation methods like palming the eyes and using the imagination to achieve relaxation. That’s about all there really is to it.

        What you experienced with your glasses doesn’t surprise me. They force your ocular muscles to adapt to an unnatural state, causing unnecessary tension (depending on the strength of the correction). Wear ‘strong’ corrective glasses enough and it becomes a chronic issue with permanent vision loss. That’s my understanding based on what I read of his work. You can demonstrate what the strain/tension is doing because right after you take off your glasses, you’ll notice that everything around you seems more blurry than before.

        No, I don’t read Gaia Portal. But I checked it out. Poems of 4 lines each containing a message… very interesting. Enjoyed it too.

      • Thanks GAF. Sometimes I do overthink things and sound more serious than I really am, but I do think you make some really good points. Btw, I have things in real life I need to focus on, so let’s wrap up our conversation here… especially since David will be taking an extended vacation soon. It’s been a real pleasure discussing those things with you… I think you helped me achieve a record for longest participation in a thread 😉

      • Yeah, that sounds good. It may be at least a “recent” record for me too. 😉

        Thanks to you too Starlight. It’s been a pleasure. Blessings to you on your journey.

  5. I am going through this now with a couple of different situations. Ultimately, my Spiritual adult concedes, but only after I throw a fit. I bow down to The Most High CREATOR and give thanks for the hell and torment I am going through. I don’t feel any better, it’s just excersise. I just hope that when I finally do die, it is in gratitude for the life I was given.

    • Thank you. And this is probably one of the best compliments we can get in the comments section, the recognition of managing a conversation in a mature and courteous fashion. It’s certainly not the norm, unfortunately.

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