Focus Sessions: Hurricane Irma

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Quick Scan of Hurricane Irma

Source: Focus Sessions

Q. I wanted to ask you something that might potentially be catastrophic.  Given that we now know that Harvey was manufactured, and there is a culling or draining, and collecting, harvest of sorts, and we have the full moon coming up, and out of nowhere we have another hurricane, something seems off to me.

Seeing that Irma looks to be heading towards Florida, and directly to Miami, and that you have been predicting the ‘black sky’ scenarios playing out in these times, am I looking at the ‘black sky’ catastrophe here in Miami with this hurricane?

Do you see the hurricane hitting us here in Florida? Can you look into this please, Lynn? Please let me know if you see anything happening, and if you DO see it hitting here, any advice on what to prepare for would be greatly appreciated.

A. I wanted to look at this as many people are concerned and watching.

First, when I tune into this it does feel like these hurricanes are being manufactured.  I hear that HAARP is “cooking them up in the Atlantic.”  When I ask Why? and for What Purpose? I get that it is to get troops on the ground and make people desensitized to FEMA and government assistance in preparation for a false flag event tied to North Korea (that reading coming within a few days).  Not only are people vulnerable, detached from their possessions (guns, ammo, meds, food) and displaced, the news story creates a huge distraction.    I hear this is like a magic trick, and these hurricanes (first Harvey, now Irma, and another is coming) are the “smoke and mirrors.”

I do see this hitting land in Florida, but it does look to lose momentum in the Caribbean (I hear the hurricane loses some speed as it hits the “friction of Caribbean Islands”????).  The southeastern portion of Florida looks to be the most affected, and I get people will be evacuated from those areas.   If you are in the Keys, please considering leaving now because the traffic looks to get bad, and I see the bridges being closed sometimes Saturday.  I also see a street sign that says “A1A” with an arrow showing to get out now.  It doesn’t look to be as destructive as Harvey, but there does look like high winds, lots of debris, flooding and pockets of power outages.

Please be safe and if you can leave, you may want to leave soon before the traffic is too congested.  Mentally think of things you could potentially need and gather them (insurance policies, birth certificates, ID, passports, deeds, pictures, hard drives, things that are difficult to replace if stolen or damaged).  Put other valuables (that are logistically possible) up high and hidden in case of looters (attics, upstairs, on top of kitchen cabinets, etc).  Take a quick walk around your house taking a video or pictures of everything in the event you need to make an insurance claim (things can be forgotten, and picture can be worth a thousand words). Start to think now, so you don’t feel rushed or in a panic (I hear to always have a plan in case of an emergency).

Love and light to all of you


Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Hurricane Harvey 

Q. The recent hurricane Harvey seemed to come out of nowhere and was on or near The 12th anniversary of Katrina. Was this manufactured? If so, was there something about the timing of it that was intentional and why? Was this one of those disasters meant to get FEMA and the federal government involved there? Texas has been famous of late for resisting federal influence, even talking secession. Is there meaning to any of this or is this a case where a hurricane is just a hurricane? Thank you.

A.  When I focus on this, I do get that this is a manufactured hurricane.  I see there is significance to the name “Harvey” and get they are being hit with an “iron fist”. ??  Of all the states, Texas has one of the strongest, energetic feelings of being very strong, armed and willing to secede at a moments notice.  They want to have control, are are willing to fight which threatens the PTW (Powers That Were), so they needed to be subdued.  This was not only a warning to Texas, but to other states that may be looking to follow Texas.  The PTW wants to send a clear message that Texas NEEDS to be in the union, and they NEED federal help (create a problem, and be the solution).

Texas also has a Republican vibe, and houses a lot of Trump supporters (some silent, many not so silent) which is the nemesis of the PTW.  They are trying to break their spirit, and refocus their concerns.  I, however, see this as a devastating setback, but there is an element of love and strength that looks to allow them to bounce back even stronger.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Please send love and light to these families.  They need our positive thoughts and support now more than ever.


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