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The Emerging Story Around Gaia/Gaiam TV

Source: Starship Earth: The Big Picture

There are a lot more details coming out about GAIA TV, the owner/operators and their activities and agendas, and some of it is pretty “out there”, as I discuss later on.

Sarah Westall hosted a show with Laura Eisenhower and Patty Greer, who fleshed out the situation from their perspective. The two videos are below and I found them very informative.

Greer, in particular had some very interesting information about her experiences just prior to the release of Wilcock’s letter to Gaia seeking release from his contract.

Oddly enough, Patty’s social media accounts were bombarded by messages from the group going by “GEM”; GAIA Employees Movement.

GEM supposedly comprises 14 individuals working at GAIA who became fed up with the appropriation of researchers’ material and the control/suppression of it; the surveillance, Satanic leanings, gag orders, and more.

The concensus is that the management of GAIA is trying to control disclosure AND has been sliding Luciferianism in subtly until now, as Wilcock wrote in his letter. It seems they felt the urgency to throw it in the faces of the public at this time and the employees are not okay with that.

GEM members reveal that rooms were bugged with microphones and cameras were everywhere at the studio. The latest threat was that every GAIA TV employee would soon have a “black box” in their home. GEM drew the line there and decided they had to act and stop it.

Patty also discussed her attack by electromagnetic/DEW weapon. You may have heard that quite a few attendees at UFO conferences recently have been attacked by these handheld devices. These may be related to the sonic weapons so many have suffered injuries from recently, but that’s another blog post.

Alfred Webre did a piece on these exotic weapons last week on News Inside Out that goes into the details about the founder of GAIA TV and suggests that Paola Harris who does the Starworks conferences is Vatican-connected and that the anti-disclosure community is targeting UFO enthusiasts attending these conferences and working to control disclosure.

He details the apparent murder of a researcher, Craig Lang in February 2018, as well, that goes beyond a traditional assassination.

There is sufficient evidence from many people to back up these EMF/DEW attacks with handheld devices and Patty Greer was severely debilitated at the last conference as she relates to Sarah Westall. Patty had done some groundbreaking research of her own and was putting it out there.

Of the GAIA TV management and related parties, Webre writes:

Jirka Rysavy & – A Czech national with known Satanic practices, who arrived to found in 1988 a year after the Harmonic Convergence radio program out of Boulder CO NPR station dedicated to a new positive post 2012 timeline, is photographed at a Contact in the Desert event CITD next to JJ Buckner. In the photo, JIrka Rysaviy, who as its 1988 founder, owns 30+% of stock, is also seen next to one of the speakers at a CITD event whom he has targeted with a hand-held DEW. Rysavy managed to elude Security called by the speaker, as well, ran the CITD, and well, Rysavy ran the contractor Security….s Adds up to what action the Police, District Attorney and FBI going to take in their investigation of the links among JJ Buckner, Paola Harris, Jyrka Rysavy and the probable DEW attack on Craig R. Lang in the elevator of IUFO Congress Hotel [Was the DEW release through the elevator ventilation system? From an interdimensional portal by malevolent Portal ETs?]

Fiancée: Exopolitics/UFO investigator Craig R. Lang was targeted & murdered at the February 2018 International UFO Congress using exotic weapons to stop his disclosure investigations
Listen to TrueTube-NewsInsideOut Interview:

Read the rest of the article…

More of those “silent weapons for quiet wars”. People need to be aware of these weapons as an attack can manifest in many ways and destroy lives as Webre details in his article around the death of Craig Lang.

We know there are factions who are attempting to control disclosure of the secret space programs, the extraterrestrials, real science and physics and the nature of our reality. It appears GAIA TV involves at least one of those factions of the Illuminati.

Patty goes into this with respect to her work with crop circles and it’s easy to understand from the little she reveals, why they would want to control her research and its release to the public. It will shatter a few paradigms.

As I alluded above, the oddest part of her story centers around the communication she had from GEM. They sent very cryptic messages, as she shows the audience, and—wait for it—included the words, “Fight! Fight! Fight!” and “Boom. Boom. Boom.” Sound familiar?

QAnon followers need no introduction. Why is this relevant? Is GEM related to QAnon or are they just using Q lingo because they think it’s cute? They lost me there, but they are the ones who released the letter from Wilcock to select people for distribution.

GAIA members concur that the once benign GAIA TV is no longer hiding the Satanic agenda and is using their reach to aggressively put it out there to the public. We know that has been the goal for some time now; to “normalize” Satanism and all their practices.

We also know that the dark took what was good, and sacred, and turned it upside down and inside out, tainting it, and trying to make it theirs—particularly where it involves the Divine Feminine. Using the name GAIA for their organization is a perfect example, as is the use of ISIS for a terrorist group. They plan all this decades in advance and unfurl their agenda so gradually only the most astute will notice.

These people are actors, and can spin a yarn that will have you eating out of their hands and lining their pockets while defending them to the death. Trust no one. GAIA TV subscribers are now paying to have Satanism delivered to them every time they watch a film.

I highly recommend the discussion below, in two parts, as they touch on a lot of different topics and facets to this story.  ~ BP

David Wilcock Resigns from GAIA TV; Letter to Executive

Source: Starship Earth: The Big Picture

As Thomas Williams reiterated on the THI Show last night, David Wilcock and Corey Goode were warned who runs GAIA TV long ago. They ignored the warning and joined the organization regardless.

Interesting letter.  ~ BP


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