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Dr. Steve Pieczenik: The Storm Already Happened, It was Trump

Introduction by David Nova

Here are the nuts and bolts of the Trump Revolution, how it started, why we are here. Apparently, it all began with 9/11.

An Inforwars interview with Dr. Steve Pieczenik (below) explains the history of how military and intelligence patriots fought against the Deep State and installed Trump as president.

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Some people still view this Trump Revolution as yet another aspect of the false right/left, conservative/liberal, republican/democrat, divide-and-conquer, duality trap. In the past, I’ve written quite extensively about false duality and duality programming. However, with the so-called Trump Revolution, I feel we are looking at something entirely different.

As I discussed in my last post, Is The Awakening Being Helped Or Hijacked By The Right/Left Duality Divide?, it’s obvious that Trump has been openly fanning the flames of the political duality bonfire. The question is why – to what end?

Evaluating in hindsight, everything Trump tweets seems to be absurdly strategic. When Trump first tweeted that the Obama administration had been (illegally) spying on his campaign, there was no proof. Everyone thought he was completely nuts to make such a public accusation. And yet for over a year, the evidence has been building up, showing that the Obama Administration did exactly that. Just like Q Anon, Trump has been systematically dropping huge breadcrumbs. Despite appearances, there is nothing random or impulsive about Trump’s tweets. He seems to be spinning the duality game to his own advantage, toward his own goals.

Instead of following the formula of PROBLEM-REACTION-SOLUTION, Trump seems to be engaging in INSTIGATION-REACTION-EXPOSURE. Is he turning the tables on their Hegelian Dialectic?

We also need to take a fresh look at the evolution of the Democratic and Republican duality game, as played by the Deep State. If the Clinton and Bush crime family dynasties were the public face of the Democrat and Republican duality game, two sides of the same duality coin, then where does that put Trump, who defeated both Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton?

These days, professional Republicans and Democrats look almost identical, walking in lock-step against Trump. The old, false political duality parties are both naked, Neo-Con, free-trade, Russia-fearing globalists. They are no longer even pretending to be different. They are equally outraged by whatever Trump does, like hold diplomatic talks with Vladimir Putin.

The fact that Trump is Republican and conservative is probably symptomatic of the fact that more conservatives have taken the lead in waking up and fighting back against the Deep State than liberals (who are deeply asleep). And I suspect the root of this revolution grew largely from traditional Christian beliefs and values, those who have been quietly waiting for the anti-christ to reveal itself (the anti-christ is not one individual, but the spirit of the entire Lucifarian cabal).

Unfortunately, I believe that 3D humanity will continue to have a residual duality problem, even after this revolution is complete. There will still be fundamental spiritual lessons to learn and societal problems to solve. The core of this duality problem will still be the conflict between Chaos vs. Order, between individual freedom and social responsibility – the repeated lesson humanity faced during both the Spanish Inquisition and the Salem Witch Trials – how to face the dark truth of cabal Chaos and crimes without creating a new tyrannical Order. How to find spiritual balance? However that shall be the subject of a future post.

Commentary by Starship Earth: The Big Picture

This is an outstanding interview with Dr. Pieczenik.

You may recall a video I shared shortly after Donald Trump was elected where Steve outright said he was part of the Deep State. Not everyone is aware there are multiple factions of the Deep State, and they’re not all working against Humanity.

A little background for those not aware…

Steve has an impressive CV and admittedly orchestrated regime changes before. To correct the suicide course America was on, he teamed up with positive elements of the Intelligence Community (IC) and positive military and broke the power chain of the dark cabal aspect of the Deep State, ensuring Donald Trump would be elected.

We believe it was done lawfully by foiling the corrupt practices of the Bush/Clinton cabal and preventing them from installing HRC in the oval office. She would not have been “elected” in the democratic sense of the word.

We’re told the voting machines programmed to spit out votes for HRC were replaced at the last moment, as an example, according to Steve. I marvel at the manpower that would have required in many states, and many polling stations. This was no small operation, and failure was not an option.

They were confident of the outcome—but so were Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, the media, and everyone on the dark team. Not even a concession speech!

Like so many presidential elections before, Hillary Clinton was “selected” and that crime family would do whatever was necessary to make it look like she had won an election because Americans voted for her. In fact, for decades they cheated and lied to maintain control over America and as Steve revealed, the IC and military realized they could not allow that to happen again or America was doomed.

Steve mentions Julian Assange and his key role in the “soft coup” as he once referred to it, and suggests Trump should make Assange an honourary American citizen. First, you’d better make sure he isn’t erased, Steve. I want to know what’s being done about that. Since you are confident this is all a done deal and the drama we see now is minutia, I will try to accept his safety is a done deal, as well. I recall Alex Jones’ dramatic video assuring us that Assange is indeed dead.

In closing, Steve suggests the truth about 9/11 will eventually be addressed, but in large part depends on the willingness of the public to accept the truth at such time as the New York Times and Washington Post admit they made a mistake and state the truth about that momentous event.  ~ BP







2 thoughts on “Dr. Steve Pieczenik: The Storm Already Happened, It was Trump

  1. One of the best articles written lately about Trump and waking up the mass population. I’ve said before that Trump is playing a brilliant game of high stakes chess…..and he is winning. And so is America, it is going to take some time and I’m good with that.

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