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Are Trump’s Bush-Era Neocons Trying to Start WW3?

Staged Filming of False Flag ‘Chemical Attacks’ Has Begun in Idlib: Russian MoD

Source: Zero Hedge

Russian state media channels, in a near simultaneous blitz of information, have issued breaking alerts this morning that anti-Assad insurgents in Idlib have begun filming “fake footage of chemical attacks” based on Russian Ministry of Defense (MoD) statements. The Russian Center for Syrian Reconciliation says the “fake footage of chemical attacks” is expected to be delivered to various TV channels and Western journalists before the end of the day Tuesday.

Russia’s Sputnik News indicates based on official Moscow sources:

According to the information received from inhabitants of Idlib province, militants are now filming a staged provocation in the city of Jisr al-Shugur, where “chemical weapons” are depicted as being used by the Syrian army against civilians. The film crews of several Middle Eastern TV channels arrived in Jisr al-Shugur in the morning, as well as the regional affiliate of one of the main American television news networks”, the Reconciliation Center said.

Idlib residents have begun donning ‘protective gear’ according to an Al-Jazeera report. Image source: Reuters

Jisr al-Shugur is a key al-Qaeda held town in Idlib Province, specifically under the control of Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (formerly Nusrah Front, or al-Qaeda). There have been international journalists inside Jisr al-Shugur over the past weeks.

Official Russian military sources also say two containers of a chlorine-based toxic substance have been brought to Jisr al-Shugur; however, the sources did not cite any specific intelligence or provide evidence to back the claim.

The Russian MoD described, per Sputnik:

The plot envisages staged scenes showing ‘activists’ of the Civil Defence (“White Helmets”) ‘helping’ the residents of Jisr al-Shughur after the Syrian army allegedly used the so-called barrel bombs with poisonous substances,” the center said.

Meanwhile Russian channel RT also featured the charges in breaking news, describing:

Several Middle East TV channels and a local branch of a leading US news channel have been sent to the city of Jisr al-Shughur in Syria’s Idlib governorate to produce the footage needed for the provocation.

This comes the same morning as a new Wall Street Journal report confirms that the White House is now in direct talks with the U.K. and France over plans for a possible third round of coordinated strikes on Syria should the Syrian Army use chemical weapons during its Idlib assault.

Speaking to reporters after a major speech on Monday, US national security advisor John Bolton slammed Moscow’s allegations of an impending staged “chemical provocation,” saying “That has to be, in the history of propaganda in the 20th and 21st centuries, one of the most outrageous claims that I can think of,” according to the WSJ.

* * *

Meanwhile in Idlib, some truly strange theatrics have already begun, with Al Jazeera depicting locals preparing paper cups, bags and cotton, which are somehow supposed to serve as “chemical protective” gear. Reuters has also promoted some of the images of residents with plastic bags over their heads in recent coverage.

The Al Jazeera (AJ+) report aired late last week, and ranks as one of the more bizarre propaganda stunts we’ve seen from the Qatar-based channel.

For starters, nerve agents are absorbed through the skin, and quite obviously a little cotton and charcoal can do nothing to protect from a real gas attack.

The Al Jazeera filmed stunt seems to point to — at least on an anecdotal level  early conscious attempts by the armed groups controlling Idlib to stage exaggerated theatrics, and further points to international media’s willingness to promote such stunts with no critical review whatsoever.

Bolton Warns Next Chemical Attack By Assad Will Lead To Much Stronger Strike On Syria

Source: Zero Hedge

Update: Trump’s national security advisor John Bolton indicated during a speech on Monday that the United States, Britain, and France have agreed that another use of chemical weapons by Syria would be taken “very seriously” and will require a much “stronger” and harsher response

His remarks came during what’s being described as his first major speech since joining the Trump administration at an event hosted by the conservative Federalist Society at a Washington, D.C., hotel.

National Security Advisor John Bolton speaks at a Federalist Society luncheon at the Mayflower Hotel. Image source: AP

Meanwhile Turkey has also weighed in regarding the ongoing Russian and Syrian allied assault on Al Qaeda-held Idlib, which began days ago when Russia initiated a bombing campaign ahead of an imminent and massive Syrian Army ground offensive.

Turkey’s defense minister has called for all air and ground attacks on Idlib to stop immediately, calling for an urgent ceasefire to be established, according to Turkish state media.

Bolton’s warning of a “third chemical attack” today comes on the heels of a Sunday Wall Street Journal story citing unnamed U.S. officials who claim to have intelligence showing Assad “approved the use of chlorine gas in an offensive against the country’s last major rebel stronghold.”

It appears the Trump White House is now signalling that an American attack on Syrian government forces and locations is all but inevitable.

But this time the stakes are higher as Russia has built up an unprecedented number of warships in the Mediterranean Sea along the Syrian coast in response to prior reports that the U.S., France, and Great Britain could be preparing an attack.

* * *


At this point there’s not even so much as feigning surprise or suspense in the now sadly all-too-familiar Syria script out of Washington.

The Wall Street Journal has just published a bombshell on Sunday evening as Russian and Syrian warplanes continue bombing raids over al-Qaeda held Idlib, citing unnamed US officials who claim President Bashar al-Assad of Syria has approved the use of chlorine gas in an offensive against the country’s last major rebel stronghold.”

And perhaps more alarming is that the report details that Trump is undecided over whether new retaliatory strikes could entail expanding the attack to hit Assad allies Russia and Iran this time around.

That’s right, unnamed US officials are now claiming to be in possession of intelligence which they say shows Assad has already given the order in an absolutely unprecedented level of “pre-crime” telegraphing of events on the battlefield.

And supposedly these officials have even identified the type of chemical weapon to be used: chlorine gas.

The anonymous officials told the WSJ of “new U.S. intelligence” in what appears an eerily familiar repeat of precisely how the 2003 invasion of Iraq was sold to the American public (namely, “anonymous officials” and vague assurances of unseen intelligence)  albeit posturing over Idlib is now unfolding at an intensely more rapid pace:

Fears of a massacre have been fueled by new U.S. intelligence indicating Mr. Assad has cleared the way for the military to use chlorine gas in any offensive, U.S. officials said. It wasn’t clear from the latest intelligence if Mr. Assad also had given the military permission to use sarin gas, the deadly nerve agent used several times in previous regime attacks on rebel-held areas. It is banned under international law.

It appears Washington is now saying an American attack on Syrian government forces and locations is all but inevitable.

And according to the report, President Trump may actually give the order to attack even if there’s no claim of a chemical attack, per the WSJ:

In a recent discussion about Syria, people familiar with the exchange said, President Trump threatened to conduct a massive attack against Mr. Assad if he carries out a massacre in Idlib, the northwestern province that has become the last refuge for more than three million people and as many as 70,000 opposition fighters that the regime considers to be terrorists.

And further:

The Pentagon is crafting military options, but Mr. Trump hasn’t decided what exactly would trigger a military response or whether the U.S. would target Russian or Iranian military forces aiding Mr. Assad in Syria, U.S. officials said.

Crucially, this is the first such indication of the possibility that White House and defense officials are mulling over hitting “Russian or Iranian military forces” in what would be a monumental escalation that would take the world to the brink of World War 3.

The WSJ report cites White House discussions of a third strike — in reference to US attacks on Syria during the last two Aprils after chemical allegations were made against Damascus —  while indicating it would “likely would be more expansive than the first two” and could include targeting Russia and Iran.

The incredibly alarming report continues:

During the debate this year over how to respond to the second attack, Mr. Trump’s national-security team weighed the idea of hitting Russian or Iranian targets in Syria, people familiar with the discussions said. But the Pentagon pushed for a more measured response, U.S. officials said, and the idea was eventually rejected as too risky.

A third U.S. strike likely would be more expansive than the first two, and Mr. Trump would again have to consider whether or not to hit targets like Russian air defenses in an effort to deliver a more punishing blow to Mr. Assad’s military.

Last week the French ambassador, whose country also vowed to strike Syria if what it deems credible chemical allegations emerge, said during a U.N. Security Council meeting on Idlib: “Syria is once again at the edge of an abyss.”

With Russia and Iran now in the West’s cross hairs over Idlib, indeed the entire world is again at the edge of the abyss.


‘ICC is dead to us’: US to use ‘any means’ to shield citizens & allies from war-crime probes

Source: RT

The US will fight back using any means necessary if the International Criminal Court ever dares to probe an American or Israeli, and will punish those who cooperates with war-crime investigations, John Bolton is set to announce.

“The United States will use any means necessary to protect our citizens and those of our allies from unjust prosecution by this illegitimate court,” Donald Trump’s national security adviser, John Bolton, is expected to say, according to a draft speech seen by Reuters. “We will not cooperate with the ICC. We will provide no assistance to the ICC. We will not join the ICC. We will let the ICC die on its own. After all, for all intents and purposes, the ICC is already dead to us.”

The vigorous speech, titled ‘Protecting American Constitutionalism and Sovereignty from International Threats,’ according to the Washington Post, will be delivered to a conservative group in Washington on Monday.

The Trump administration will retaliate if the ICC proceeds with a formal investigation into alleged war crimes committed by US forces in Afghanistan. The ICC is considering an official probe after it received 1.17 million allegations from Afghan citizens of atrocities at the hands of the Taliban, local security forces and warlords, as well as the US-led coalition.

In addition, Bolton will vow to protect all American allies from similar probes – in particular Israel, which is being accused of perpetrating war crimes against Palestinian civilians. “The United States will always stand with our friend and ally, Israel,”says Bolton’s draft text.

The potential US sanctions against judges, prosecutors and those who cooperate with such a probe might include banning those individuals from entering the US, freezing their assets, and trying them in American courts.

The United States (as well as Russia) signed but never ratified the 2002 Rome Treaty that established the International Criminal Court. The body has since been widely criticized as a “political tool,” especially after The Hague-based court failed to examine NATO’s illegal intervention and bombings of Belgrade in the case of the former Yugoslavia, instead only going after former president Slobodan Milosevic. Nevertheless, the US exerts some influence over the court via European governments, which are dominant in the administration of the ICC. So, even if the ICC were to launch a probe, let alone find US forces guilty of war crimes, it is doubtful that Washington would take any notice of such rulings.

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Globalists Triggering Regional War with False Flag Attack in Syria

Syrian Tinderbox + Neocon Arsonists = WW3 Conflagration

Source: State of the Nation

Never in world history has such a great responsibility fallen on the shoulders of a single nation.  Never have We the People been called to act with all deliberate speed to prevent the outbreak of world war.

Only the American people can end the incessant drive to World War III that the Neocon cabal is determined to trigger.

Quite unfortunately, however, Neocon Zionist warmongers control much of the mainstream media, as they do the National Security State.  The powerful forces within Deep State are vastly arrayed against the U.S. citizenry.  Even the Trump administration has a nest of warmongers that constitutes a full-blown war cabinet.  As follows:

• US Ambassador to UN Nikki Haley exposes herself as Israel Firster and warmonger
• Neocon Zionist warhawk John Bolton appointed National Security Advisor
• Neocon warhawk Mike Pompeo appointed Secretary of State
• Torture advocate and warmonger Gina Haspel appointed CIA Director

Here are other grim realities concerning America’s ever-stiffening war posture.

Deep State wants war.

The Shadow Government wants war.

The Illuminati want war.

The CFR, Trilateral Commission and Bilderberg Group want war.

The RIIA, LBMA and SERCO want war.

The Committee of 300 and Black Nobility want war.

NATO wants war.

Israel and Saudi Arabia want war.

The United Kingdom and France want war.

The U.S. Intelligence Community wants war.

The Military-Industrial Complex wants war.

Corporate America wants war.

The Neocon Zionist warhawks want war.

The U.S. Congress wants war.

Even the Trump administration is preparing for war.

(Source: THEIR FINAL SOLUTION: Dollar Collapse, Market Crash & World War 3 )

John Bolton said Iran’s government would be toppled BEFORE 2019

Then there is National Security Advisor John Bolton promising a group of rich and powerful Iranian expatriates that the Government in Tehran would be overthrown by 2019.

That Time John Bolton Promised Regime Change In Iran Before 2019 (Video)

This is the guy — John Bolton — who has the ear of President Trump regarding all matters having to do with war-making.  He also firmly believes that the Iraq War prosecuted by W. Bush was a VERY good thing.

Remember, it was also John Bolton who is one of the key architects of the catastrophic Greater Israel project scheme — “The US will attack 7 countries in 5 years” — that was famously exposed by Four Star General Wesley Clark in 2007. See: “The US will attack 7 countries in 5 years” (Video)

Here is John Bolton again advocating regime change in Iran only this time his war pitch was recklessly presented in 2018.

If President Trump has made one disastrous appointment during his term, it is NSA John Bolton.  In so doing, he essentially broke his many campaign promises to work toward world peace and not wage war.  Should another unconstitutional war be fought, these are the VIP investors who investments are being protected in Syria.

Syria: September 2018

All of the pieces are being painstakingly positioned on the global geopolitical chessboard in anticipation of a U.S. invasion of Syria.  The Mideast battlefield is especially undergoing some major changes.  Given Turkey’s recent realignment with Russia and Iran, the Western war plans have been thrown into disarray.

However, that’s not stopping the Neocon Zionist warmongers from implementing their plans for regime change in both Syria and Iran.  That the American people have allowed these criminally insane psychopaths to expend American blood and treasure on such an ill-fated and odious enterprise is quite difficult to comprehend.

The U.S. citizenry has already seen so many Middle Eastern wars and revolutions that were started by the C.I.A./MOSSAD and facilitated by the U.S. Military.  How can the people not see that yet another unprovoked war of naked aggression is being waged against an innocent populace IN THEIR NAME and WITH THEIR TAX DOLLARS.  Will they permit these Neocon Zionists, who are directly responsible for multiple foreign policy failures across the planet, to further dictate a patently illicit war agenda?

Idlib Represents the Total Failure of the Neocon Zionist Control of America’s Mideast War Policy

It would seem that the shining righteousness of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is all that has kept him alive all these years…much less undefeated in the face of the CIA-supported ISIS, Al-Qaeda, Al-Nusra terrorist juggernaut.  Why don’t the American people with conscience see that?  More importantly, how would New Yorkers or Californians, Texans or Floridians feel about bombs being dropped on their homes and businesses by Syria?!

Truly, it all comes down to Syria this September and October.  Either a major regional war will break out, or the Western troops will go home forever.  With the Neocons in charge of Trump’s foreign policy, it looks like the former.  And only because the American people gave their implied consent to yet another illegal and undeclared war of conquest. See: Why is the US military sending 100 marines to Syria? Is there a declaration of war in effect? Did Assad attack the USA?

Idlib, Syria

As for ground zero of this rapidly escalating regional war, Idlib, Syria is it.  Idlib is another glaring example of the total failure of Neocon war policy.  Unfortunately for Trump, this is one foreign policy fiasco he cannot afford, especially at this delicate time. Idlib Represents the Total Failure of the Neocon Zionist Control of America’s Mideast War Policy

Should he approve an unlawful invasion of Syria, the midterm elections will not go well for him.  His core constituency voted for peace, not war, and they will not show up to vote in the middle of a new armed conflict.  The war averse and peacemaking patriots will also be extremely offended if Trump’s justification for war is another false flag chemical attackhoax.

It’s Official: U.S. Military will bomb Syria again after staging yet another false flag chemical attack

Trump’s war cabinet is now so desperate to implement the commands of their masters in Tel Aviv that they are literally making up stories out of thin air about an Assad-ordered chemical attack in Idlib.  These pathological liars have worked out a scheme by which they will launch a pre-emptive attack on Idlib so as to protect their legions of terrorist groups. See: Nikki Haley Falsely Predicts Yet Another Chemical Attack in Syria, She Indicts Assad Before the False Flag Operation is Conducted by US Coalition

Over 10,000 al-Qaeda-linked terrorists now enjoy safe haven in Idlib because of the protective umbrella of the U.S. military.  Idlib is not only a “the stronghold of the al-Qaeda-linked terrorist group Hayat Tahrir al-Sham, as well as other radical Salafi and armed gangs’, it’s also the last bastion of rebel terror groups that act with CIA-conferred impunity.  That is, until now.

Greater Israel project

Ever since Putin’s Russia first short-circuited the Western engineered Syrian War in October of 2015, the Neocons have been fuming.  No matter how hard they have tried to goad the world community of nations into war in Syria, their plans have crashed and burned.  Clearly, President Vladimir Putin did not enter the Syrian theater of war to lose.  The Kremlin is well aware of the true design behind the notorious Greater Israel project and is quite committed to terminate it, once and for all.

Putin’s Russia Blows Up Scheme For ‘Greater Israel’

Nevertheless, all the Neocons Zionists live for is the fulfillment of the ‘Greater Israel’.  This is why it’s gonna get ugly — very ugly — in Syria!  The warmongers will simply not accept defeat.  No matter how long it takes them, they will attempt to overthrow Assad as a prelude to a takeover of the government in Tehran.  Every hardcore Zionist knows that all roads lead to Tehran where it concerns the ultimate establishment of ‘Greater Israel’.


President Trump is now facing the greatest challenge of his term.

There’s only one right path to take.

However, Deep State has quite deliberately wedged him between a rock and a hard place with no wiggle room whatsoever.

All the intrigue that’s has been taking place in the West Wing, in the White House, inside the Beltway as well as sensationalized soft coup by the CIA’s Mockingbird Media has set him up—BIG time!

Perhaps he sees it; perhaps he may not.

His countless enemies throughout Deep State know that if he wages war, he’s toast in 2020.  His base will not be happy.  On the other hand, if he attacks Syria and then Iran, his close alliance with Tel Aviv will be strengthened.  He knows in his heart that, were it not for the support of Israel and the wealthy Zionists is the USA, he would not be POTUS today.

Let’s see what he decides to do with this Sword of Damocles hanging over his head.

Action Plan

All true Christians and Conservatives, Patriots and Nationalists, Tea Partiers and Libertarians, Independents and Republicans are highly encouraged to pray at this critical moment.  The President urgently needs clarity — moral clarity especially — more than ever before.  Pray that he makes the right decision about Syria for the sake of world peace.  The fate of humanity now hangs in the balance, as does the future of the planet.

State of the Nation
September 10, 2018

[1] What to do about 10,000 al-Qaeda-linked terrorists in Idlib?

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