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DeusNexus_Avatar_NEWAbove all, balance in all things – this blog strives for a thoughtful, balanced presentation of spiritual, historical, political, and esoteric information.  It strives for a balanced perspective between the weightless light of a New Age site, and the heavier darkness of a conspiracy site, believing that we must keep our feet planted firmly on the ground while we reach up to the stars to ascend. It strives to maintain a positive, Service-to-Others spiritual perspective, inline with the principals set forth in the RA Material, known as “The Law of One.”

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About David Nova


David is a truth-seeker and a Wanderer who awakened prematurely in college, but then fell back to sleep and has been trying to reawaken ever since, gently coaxed by a persistent, yet distracting catalog of Synchronicity. David is the author of the metaphysical fiction series the Season of the Serpent, part metaphysical fantasy, part social satire, part conspiracy-thriller.

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I am an enigma without a name.  I am a traveler cast ashore, homesick for a home I have never known.  I miss the company of people    I have never met.  I long  for their conversation, to speak with my mind instead of my lips, in a language beyond words, alien to this world.  Thoughts, emotions, and experience transmitted in waves hiding nothing, no confusion across translation, no misunderstanding,  no walls of ego.  Fear dissolves away.  In another’s thoughts I see the reflection of my own.  We are separate, we are one, we are never alone.

I am the dreamer who is not asleep, who has awakened within the dream.  I walk within a landscape of symbol and sign.  There is a song on the wind for those with ears to hear.  It carries a riddle, buried in rhyme, composed by the universe.  There are signs along the road for those who have eyes to see.  They direct all who seek the truth, leading them blindly to a paradox which can be neither fully understood nor explained.

Cosmic poetry written in the verse of subatomic physics, the casual connection between mind and matter, the magic of unknown science.  It composes the lyrics of our faith.  We are both the author and the audience, the creator and the creation.  When we listen for God, we listen at the door of a house we are predestined to build and inhabit.  God sends a telegram from our future, the blueprints of our destiny which we stumble blindly to fulfill.

We are the child in a womb of consciousness yet to be born.  Our psychological clock is counting down.  The astrological calendar is running out.  We have slept through the long night, only to awaken minutes before daybreak.  Naked in the blinding light, stripped of illusion, the sleeper will rise on a razor’s edge.  And yes, some must awaken prematurely, to clear the dangerous path ahead for those who still sleep.

– “Advent of Awakening,” by David Nova
(deleted material from Season of the Serpent: Book One)


Consider a Tree
The Symbol of Life
One living totality of consciousness
The Oneness of being to which we all belong
Always connected, never separate or apart
The trunk as our Creator, the Source of all Life
The divine dividing branches, our soul family, our connection to source
Each individual twig, a unique soul, our higher selves
The roots below ground, invisible helpers, our guides on the other side
A vital support system providing nourishment and growth
And the leaves that bloom each spring, our human incarnations
Fragile and green, beautiful to behold, but short lived
That shed every autumn, only to be reborn anew every spring
Yet it is our destiny, our mission, our greatest purpose
As collective branches on this Tree of Life
To evolve, to be transformed, and Ascend
To become … Evergreen
Shining with an inner light

– “Consider A Tree,” by David Nova




18 thoughts on “About Deus Nexus

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  8. Hi David, I am finally taking a few days off as once again someone has entered my life under false pretense in order to stop me from spreading the truth about so much. This is the third time and although it always hurts it makes me more determined to seek out and find the “Real Truth”.

    I too was awakened before during the 9-11 event and after 2 years of trying everything I could to get people to see what actually went down I gave up and fell back asleep. It took losing nearly everyone and everything I ever believed in to finally slap me out of the heavy black fog. The Lord, my Dad and Mom finally came to me and acknowledged I had been right and that I needed to continue my mission on exposing the truth.

    A lot of good souls have come and gone along the way and some come back over and over again to help give me strength. I wanted to let you know after a few months now that my prayers are still with you and your family as I see your life similar to mine. We have a job to do. Mine brought me from death in this plane back to finish a job for Jesus. Sometimes its great sometimes it just sucks! None the less I have committed my services in respect to all the Lord had done for my family and me.

    I have been saying for some time I believe July and August are big event times where huge change will be seen. Is it guaranteed and am I always right? No. I meditate gather information from around me and through visions I hit maybe 65% My Mom was a much better see’er than me. I spend a lot of extra time from my business trying to help others on here and just wanted to share some thoughts with you. I know you are a good soul and are doing a very noble job here offering awakened folks a place to collaborate and grow with the ascension instead of against it. Like myself you have gone through some trying times and I pray that they have gone as well as possible for you.

    I don’t believe you get as much credit as you deserve for what you are doing for humanity and specifically the awakened folks so please accept my sincere thanks and appreciation for giving so much of your time and energy for the good!

    Lords Blessings and my thoughts and prayers I extend to you and your family…..thank you…..mike

  9. ” The Harbinger” a MUST READ !!!! David, It was ” happenstance” that I came across your site !!! I was trying to find out info on “a strange flickering,color changing,”star” that I have seen in the sky periodically. Now, I believe ,after reading A LOT of your writings,I am being ” awakened from a very long nap !” I am so very hungry to read ALL of your writings & pass them on…..” pay it forward” if you will, to other ” nappers” in my ” circle” of loved ones & friends !! Thank you for your insight and eye opening,greetings !!!! I am truly enjoying wiping away the proverbial ” eye boogers” with your wise words !!!! may ADONAI bless and keep you and yours,my friend !!!!

    • Thank you Christie, for your wonderful comment. I am always gratified when my site can be of service and aid others in the awakening process. There are so many of us working to transform the world for the better, and that work often begins by simply getting more people to open their eyes.

  10. Hi David, forgot to mention (elsewhere) that I read your book – only the first one though, I really liked the beginning of the story and then you lost me. So I never made it to book two (yet?). But I do like your writing-style and obviously your website (or else I wouldn’t check it from time to time). Just mentioned you on mine. Thanks for doing good research and using/caution to use discernment when posting your articles

    • Thanks for the support Gia. And I’m glad that you enjoyed the first part of the book at least. I’m planning on posting a study guide for “Season of the Serpent” as it is a complex esoteric story designed to both entertain and enlighten. Book One reveals the “Chaos” side of duality. Book Two finishes the story and completes the “hero’s journey” with an enlightening spiritual message.

  11. Hi, I just want to say I loved your books! I just read both of them within two days. By the end of the of the second book, I was crying a bit only because everything said by Paul’s doppelganger is what I have found to be true through my own experiences with synchronicity. I have been fascinated by the concept of synchronicity for about a year now. Knowing about the subject at hand is a lot more different than actually experiencing it though. It has affected me greatly and I have never felt more connected to the universe.
    Within a few pages of the first book, my mind was at a standstill because once again another synchronicity occurred. I had just read your synchronicity experience with Pink Floyd when I couldn’t stop thinking about the book Childhood’s End because my friend just told me about the mini-series on syfy. I have never read nor watched it, but I was so curious about the plot I wanted to look up the summary. Right as I was typing it in, Childhood’s End Pink Floyd appeared. I had no idea Pink Floyd had a song by that title. I noticed immediately that there were parallels between your book and Childhood’s End concerning the Cold War once I read the book’s summary as well as children having unique gifts.
    Another synchronicity that occurred was when the serpent mentions a quote by William Blake concerning The Doors of Perception. It spoke to me because I just read Brave New World by Aldous Huxley this week. The back of the book details the other books he has written and one them is The Doors of Perception which I wasn’t aware existed. It’s these strange experiences that make me think I’m on the right path. Anyway, thank you for your thought provoking books and wonderful website.

    • Jessica, thank you for your wonderful comments. They are greatly appreciated. It is always gratifying when my novels touch another person’s life, as they were a labor of love. I recently wrote a metaphysical study guide for the books that might be of interest to you: Season of the Serpent: A Hero’s Journey, which illustrates the spiritual path presented in the books. If you feel so inclined, please consider leaving a review for the novels on Amazon, as that certainly helps to spread the word.

      Synchronicity can be a wonderfully inspiring, yet also a profoundly confusing phenomenon, like a sign post without much explanation. I believe it is often just the Universe’s (and our higher self’s) way of getting our attention. So savor these wonderful experiences of connection. I was unaware that Pink Floyd had written a song about Childhood’s End until very recently, as I just wrote a post about the book and miniseries. It was one of my favorite books as a teenager, however I have since discovered quite a different meaning inside Arthur C. Clarke’s seminal work. Huxley is another fascinating author to read. I’m sure you can tell I’m a huge fan of classic science fiction. I’ve written a post about Huxley’s Brave New World along with Orwell’s 1984.

  12. I love your poem ‘Consider A Tree,’ is it possible to share it on my website ‘Spiritual Quotes To Live By? I would, of course, place a link to this wonderful site that I have today come across and can’t wait to explore more. 🙂
    Love, Light & Blessings

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